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Finish like fernando torres (3)


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Finish like fernando torres (3)

  1. 1. In association withPERFORMANCE Coerver Coaching is the world’s number one soccer skills teaching method Follow @CoerverUKPLAY LIKE SPAINFINISH LIKE FERNANDO TORRESLearn to defend from the front as well as rattling the ball into the back of the net withTorres-like precision, thanks to this shooting exercise from the experts at Coerver Coaching TORRES A2 SHOOTIN ’ G Drill No.3 30 yds A1 B1 20 yds SET UP ACTION HOW IT HELPS Set out a 30 x 20-yard box with A1 dribbles towards the cone furthest Aside from the focus on dribbling and a mini-goal at each end and away from their starting point. Once shooting, this exercise has a defensive two cones in the middle, they reach the cone, they shoot at goal. element. When Spain lose the ball, they positioned as illustrated As soon as they have shot, B1 dribbles press high up the pitch and work hard to above. Split the players into towards the opposite cone and shoots get it back, which is exactly what you’re two groups and give them upon reaching it. After shooting, A1 has asking of the players in this drill. a ball each. to try and tackle or block B1. If they EVEN MORE ONLINE succeed, their team scores a point. A1 now joins the back of their queue Want to learn more from the pros? and B1 defends against A2. The Get online for exclusive interviews as sequence continues. You can progress the game’s stars give their guidance, the drill by introducing goalkeepers. plus more drills from the experts.