Student centered learning


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Student centered learning

  1. 1. student-centered learning whoever does the work does the learning
  2. 2. last thing you learnedwhat was your motivation?how did you learn it?do you choose how to learn it?if not, did that make it harder to learn?
  3. 3. how does learning work?behaviorism - stimulus response scenarioscognitive psychology -from external learning environment tointernal processessocial cognitivism - relationship between informationconstructivism - individually building understanding
  4. 4. little gold safety pin
  5. 5. rolesStudents Teachers decision makers scaffolding designers group goal setting set rules and processes assessment workers discipline
  6. 6. Defining Love
  7. 7. assessmentwhat do you want to know?what is the goal?does it have to be a secret?could students create their own assessment?could students see the test before they start?
  8. 8. motivationwhy learn?help students provide their own contextcreate their own relationships between informationautonomy, mastery, purposeZPD - Vygotsky