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Presentation Kutch


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Post earthquake 26th Jan 2001 i embarked my journey to kutch, Gujarat India.
I developed a complete igp,programme for the marginalized communities identified by Behavioural Science Centre ,anNgo based in Ahmedbad which aims at working with the marginalized ,tribal communities in Gujarat in the area of human rights,Ahmadabad during their relief and rehabilitation period in 2001.
The presentation talks about the different stages of the project.
This was a 4 year programme and we build a brand for the women Sankhali.
It was a very enriching experience to work in kutch with grassroots communities ,and addressing various issues in the field and developing the programme.I was exposed,to rural life,culture and traditions of kutch then and i have never turned back since then.
As a result i initiated "matsya" which is an extension of my work where i continue to build ,network with artisans from Kutch,Maharashtra ,West Bengal and many more in Mumbai.India.

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Presentation Kutch