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Moodle cdn

for the presentation iMoot 2012

This software was changed its name to 'Acfvideo' standing on Amazon Cloud Frond .
The source is here .

English presentation is here .

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Moodle cdn

  1. 1. Activity Moduleto use HTML5 video on Amazon CDN w w w . e - l e a r n i n g . c o . j p
  2. 2. Who am I ?● Takeshi Matsuzaki ● ●● CEO of e-learning corporation ltd. ● Established 2000. ● For IT engineers contents ● e-learning Solution Provider for corporations and schools.● Experienced the other LMS for a long time● Our contents consists of many videos.● Newbie for Moodle 2
  3. 3. Problems Moodle as new LMS 1 Cheap CDN 2 Prohibit direct link 3 Multiple devices 4 Ease to Use 3
  4. 4. Our Solutions Problems Solution  Cheap CDN Amazon Cloud Front Contents Delivery Network Edge location is available in Japan. Scalable, Stable Prohibit direct link Time Limited URL Videos URL is invalid after the time past.  Multiple Devices HTML5 Video & Player MP4 for Safari, Android, IE9 WebM for Firefox Flash fallback for IE7, IE8  Easy to use Activity Module toshimi 4
  5. 5. Actors videos CDN administrator amazon cloud front student 5
  6. 6. How it works(1/5) H.264/AAC(mp4) IE9, Chrome, Safari on iPad/iPhone, Android Browser videos CDNadministrator WebM amazon cloud front 1. Convert your videos Firefox XMedia Recode Free Software toshimi student 6
  7. 7. How it works(2/5) CDN S3 amazon cloud front administrator videos2. Put them on Anazon cloud front Cloudberry Explorerand make them the private contents. Free Software ket/myvideo.mp4 toshimi et/myvideo.mp4? Expires=1337847726& Signature=HcRkjso_& Key-PairId=APKxxxxxx 7
  8. 8. How it works(3/5)Install toshimi to Moodle.With toshimisconfiguration, set Amazonaccount information, publickey and private key file. Open Source Software Open Source Software 8
  9. 9. How it works(4/5) administratorAdd toshimisinstance as Activitymodule.Set videos url. 9
  10. 10. How it works(5/5) CDN amazon cloud front Direct link student 10
  11. 11. Public Version• Saving number of viewing a video.• Copying multi instances – http://*****/linux{{n}}.mp4 – n is automatically increased • http://*****/linux1.mp4 • http://*****/linux2.mp4 • http://*****/linux3.mp4 11
  12. 12. As newbie for Moodle• Lots of good information to develop• Easy to develop . f.e Moodle Form, etc...• Dispersion of information• Experience is important• Few information in Japanese• Thanks for excellent software. 12
  13. 13. MoLee: Mobile Learning Engine Single Source, Cross-Platform, and Multi-Device Content Management and Delivery System Enables FLASH content utilization on iPad/iPhone/Android/PC ‘MoLee’ is a Cross-Platform and Multi-Device content system that enables Flash contents to run on iPad, iPhone, Android and PC ‘MoLee’ consists of a Viewer Application for the User/Learner and a Learning Management System Urlscheme Interface for the Content Administrator Viewer Application allows the download of Flash contents assigned by an administrator to the user, view these contents, and logs usage and other relevant data LMS Urlscheme interface enables an Moodle’s administrator to manage content delivery (Online Content, Offline download Content) and analyze user data from logs FLASH Contents MoLee Moodle User Administrator Contents Viewer Contents Delivery Urlscheme Interface PC Tablet Smartphone User iOS technology and platform Independent framework Android Environments Win/Mac Contents Data E& T Application Sales Presentation FLASH/AIR Area Marketing Research HTML5 Execution Learner Sales Research LPTC Mail: 13
  14. 14. Develop High Quality Low Cost Multi-Devices Contents FLASH No ProgrammingPDF/HTML/Video No Debugging High Quality Low Cost COMMAND STORAGE open http openOnline MoLee Urlscheme Interface : molee://command https download app-storage upload app Content Accessibility independent of technology or platform 14
  15. 15. Thank You!A n y Q u e s t i o n s ?

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  • nslender

    Sep. 17, 2013

for the presentation iMoot 2012 This software was changed its name to 'Acfvideo' standing on Amazon Cloud Frond . The source is here . English presentation is here .


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