Tips on How to Avoid the Slap (Google and You Tube)


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Tips on How to Avoid the Slap (Google and You Tube)

  1. 1. For online marketers there are several important thingsyou will want to closely pay notice to. These will allow youlasting existence in the market and enhance your business success.
  2. 2. A few online advertisers may not be informed of Googles advertising rules same with YouTubes. These Terms ofService and Advertising Policies need to be studied fromtime and time again, just so you know and be aware thatthey exist. These will also help you from having a Google or a YouTube slap.
  3. 3. A slap is what small businesses commonly term for the damaging steps Google is taking for a non-compliant online advertising. Google uses Adwords to assist entrepreneurs advertise their page and eventually translate important searches to potential cash flow. This cost them like US $0.30-0.61 per click on their ad. However, when Google finds out that the webpage is notthat relevant or not able to provide sufficient information, it can increase the amount to US $10 per click, which is way too expensive for small businesses. Google can alsomodify your Page Ranking (PR) thus would boost your cost per click or disallow your ad and worse, disconnect your account without due warning.
  4. 4. Here are four ways to avoid the Google and YouTube slap.
  5. 5. 1.Have high quality content. Nothing discounts highquality content. It has increased from the 250 to 400-wordcontent at the least to provide meaningful information on the ad. However, text content must be relative to the videos, as having more video ads with lesser text or the other way around makes your webpage appear like a spam.
  6. 6. For YouTube, choose keywords that target your videos. Do not use many different keywords all at the same time. Make your videos correspondent and do not use your videos to boost your business too aggressively.
  7. 7. 2.Get ready to provide proof of verification. Watch out for the terms "best", "No. 1", "Free", or any other superlatives. Make sure you have third-party proofaccessible in your website. The verification must be from someone independent. Make certain your ad passesthrough online verification and these services are offered by DoubleVerify, AdSafeMedia and AXPose.
  8. 8. For YouTube, simply access your YouTube Content Verification Application Program.
  9. 9. 3.Establish external links on your page. It is not enough to have internal links alone on your webpage. Its beneficial to have peripheral links which help form your webpagescredibility. This allows you and some other web owners toexchange links, which help advance the desired traffic. You may see some available online help tips on how to set up these links.
  10. 10. 4.Abide by the policies and instructions. AdWords PolicyCenter summarized Googles Advertising Principles. Theseare the things to carefully consider when it comes to your ads: 1.Positive Experience to Users - relating to the recommended Ad format, Website Functionality and Usefulness 2.Truthful and Accurate Advertising - referring to the contents Relevance, Clarity and Accuracy 3.Legal - compliance to all laws and regulations 4.Safety andSecurity - guarding against user trustworthiness and spamtechniques to use 5..Transparency and Privacy - adherence against violation of users trust or privacy 6.Brand - compatibility with Googles brand decisions.
  11. 11. YouTube also provides a detailed explanation of thepolicies under the Community Guidelines where onlineadvertisers must ensure conformity with the technical guidelines and the terms of use.
  12. 12. These are just four of the countless other ways offered to avoid the slap. They are simple to remember and will provide useful tips for your business.
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