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Children of the refugees


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Final result of the Pathshala-Bjerkely Workshop 2010
Mats Estensen © 2010

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Children of the refugees

  1. 1. Children of the refugees Mats Estensen – Group 1
  2. 2. This mother fled from Burma more than ten years ago. Her son is now growing up in Himchori, Cox’s Bazar.
  3. 3. The children of these Burmese refugees sell fish in the local market to earn money to their families. 30 BDT a day is what one person averagely has to live for in a day.
  4. 4. In small and primitive huts, as many as 6-8 people live together. They’re grateful if they can manage a meal a day to everyone in the family.
  5. 5. Rafia, 6 months old sleeping in the cradle her mother made
  6. 6. As minors, many of them take the acting role as parents. Even in a young age, the responsibilities are completely different than other children’s.
  7. 7. Both sorrow and happiness is to be found in the daily life in this small settlement where twenty families reside.
  8. 8. The beach along Cox’s Bazar is the worlds longest, and also their playground.
  9. 9. Humans and animals live together in coexistence, living off the same resources nature has to offer.
  10. 10. Children without the opportunity to attend school do work at home every day, like this girl washing her brothers clothes.
  11. 11. The ocean is one of their biggest resources. A blessing from god, they say themselves.
  12. 12. An uncertain future awaits the families as the Bangladeshi government constantly threats with evictions from the area.
  13. 13. Thanks to Sawkat (translator) Pathshala tutors and students Tomal Group leader Tamana and rest of group 1 The families that let me into their lifes in Himchori during the assignment Mats Estensen © Dhaka, 14.10.10