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Matrix vision presentation


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Matrix vision presentation

  1. 1. Warm Welcome
  2. 2. The Agenda VISION Family Technical Specifications Key Features Target Customers
  3. 3. Matrix VISION VISION FamilyVISION Standard VISION Premium 308S 309P The Office Communicator
  4. 4. Technical Specifications VISION Standard VISION Premium Hardware 308S 309PTotal Ports 11 12Number of Trunks (FXO) 3 3Analog Extensions (FXS) 8 9*Analog Input Port (AIP) --- 1Analog Output Port (AOP) --- 1Digital Input Port (DIP) --- 1Digital Output Port (DOP) --- 1RS232C Port --- 1Internet Ready Port 1 1Door Phone Port (2 - Wire) --- 1Security Dialer --- 1Voice Module --- 240 SecSpeech Path 7 7Real Time Clock (RTC) Yes Yes* Including Door Phone Port as an Extension
  5. 5. Technical Specifications Specification VISION 17 x 28 x 6cmDimensions (WxHxD) 6.69”x9.25”x2.36”Power Supply Input 90-265VAC, 47-63HzExternal Battery Interface 12VDC, 7-10AHPower Consumption (Typical) 10WWeight 2kg (4.4lbs) SLIC based Design SMT Hardware Design CLI Reception-DTMF
  6. 6. VISION308S EXT:21 TWT 1 (CO)PSTN TWT 2 (CO) TWT 3 (CO) EXT:28 Modem Computer
  7. 7. VISION309P Modem COMM. Port DATA Port EXT:21 TWT 1 (CO)PSTN TWT 2 (CO) TWT 3 (CO) EXT:29 SLT AIP AOP DIP DOP Door Phone Ext. Music PAS Sensor Relay
  8. 8. Key FeaturesAllowed and Denied List Internet ReadyAlternate Number Dialing Least Cost RoutingAuto-Attendant Live Call SupervisionAuto Call Back Public Address SystemAuto Redial-Multiple Number Relay PortCaller Line Identification Scheduled DialingExternal Call Forward Security DialerCLI based Routing Station Message Detail RecordingDial-by-Name Voice MessagesExternal Music Port
  9. 9. Auto-Attendant Built-in Feature Call Status Information Supports Dial by Name Available with VISION309P
  10. 10. Allowed and Denied List Allows/Restrict Dialing of Specific Area Codes or Numbers  Up to 8 Programmable Allowed and Denied List  Maximum 16 Entries per List and each of 16 Digits Length Prevents Misuse of Long Distance/International Dialing Facility A Very Useful Cost Control Parameter
  11. 11. Alternate Number Dialing General Manager The Number Calling Busy on Another Dialed Number… You have Dialed General Manager Call 222222 is Busy PSTN 222222 333333Caller VISION 444444 Redial 555555
  12. 12. Auto Call BackWhen Boss Answers Calling... As Secretary Becomes Free, Dialed Extension Auto Gives RBT Call Back PBXSecretary Extension PBX Generates Ring at Boss’s Extension Busy toEnabled Secretary Ringing End RingingBoss Secretary VISION Already in Conversation Employee
  13. 13. Auto Redial-Multiple Numbers No Need not Redial a Busy Extension Repeatedly VISION Redials a Busy Extension till It gets Through, and gives you Ring When Call gets Connected Three Number can be Set for Auto Redial
  14. 14. Caller Line Identification-DTMF Caller’s Number is displayed on the LCD Screen of the Telephone CLI is Displayed in following Communications:  Trunks Calls  Internal Calls  Transferred Calls
  15. 15. CLI based Routing Incoming Call Incoming CLI With PBX Checks First Lands On the the Numbers Stored in Operator’s Extension and then Programmed CLI Table and Transferred to the Appropriate Directly Extension it to the Transfers Respective Extension Caller gets Connected Directly to the Desired Extension No Need of Operator to Route Calls Ideal Route PSTNMD’s Residence MD’s Extension VISION Operator Actual Route Scenario 1: Normal Routing Scenario 2: CLI based Routing
  16. 16. External Call Forwarding Forwarding GM Desk GM is at Delhi to Calls to Delhi Office Attend Meeting. All Calls are forwarded to Delhi Office PSTNDesk - General Manager GM at Delhi Office VISION Calling GM Sales Manager
  17. 17. Dial by Name Enter Desired Person’s Name In case Extension Number is not known Saves Operator’s Time and Effort in transferring a Call
  18. 18. External Music Port Smoothen the Feeling of Wait For a Caller on Hold Music from External Source such as Tape Recorder can be Played External Music Port is an Analog Input Port Available with VISION309P External Music Source VISION
  19. 19. Internet Ready User Need not require to Dedicate an Extension for Internet Connection Modem directly gets Connected to Trunk Line hence Reducing Noise and Improving Data Transfer Speed Internet Ready Modem Computer Port EXT: 21 PSTN EXT: 29 VISION SLT
  20. 20. Least Cost Routing Logic that Ensures Cheapest Outgoing Call LCR helps to reduce Telephone Bill by Selecting the most Economical Call Route Types :  Time Based  Number Based  Mixed (Time and Number)
  21. 21. Least Cost Routing (LCR) Which Network to choose Calling Using LCR to make an outgoing call? Mobile No. Routing Table PSTN or GSM? 9876543210 (Programmable) PSTN TWT 1EXT:201 (CO) 0265-2630555SLT PHONES TWT 3 (CO) GSM EXT:208 9876543210 GSM FCT VISION Calling Landline Number 0265-2630555
  22. 22. Live Call Supervision Get the Information of Calls Made/Received by an Extension being Supervised on Your CLI Telephone Information can be Acquired During a Live Call or On Need Basis Very Useful Feature for Organizations where Privacy is Essential
  23. 23. Public Address System (PAS) Port Very Useful in Factories and Offices to Address to a Mass of People An Audio Output Port for Public/Personal Address Very Useful in Emergency Situations Available with VISION309P Amplifier VISION Loud Speaker
  24. 24. Relay Port External Electrical Devices can be Operated through Relay Port i.e. Fluorescent Tube Light, Incandescent Lamp etc. Devices should Confirm with Specifications of this Port Available with VISION309P VISION
  25. 25. Scheduled Dialing 8 Different Numbers can be Dialed out at Pre-defined Time Locking Codes for Local / Long Distance Facility can be Dialed Out At a Scheduled time
  26. 26. Security Dialer In case of Emergency, System Dials out 3 Different Numbers with Pre-recorded Messages and Waits for Answer System Dials out Numbers One by One Until Answer is Received Movement Detector, Smoke Detector, Glass Break Sensor etc. can be Connected to DIP for Emergency Detection Available with VISION309P
  27. 27. Security Dialer VISION Police PSTN Fire StationSensor This is an Emergency Call From XYZ Hospital Apartment, India “Rush Immediately”
  28. 28. Station Message Detailed Recording (SMDR) Vey Useful Monitoring and Cost Control Parameter Stores and Prints Details of the External Incoming and Outgoing Calls Filters like Call Duration, Calling Number, Trunk, Extension etc. help in Call Analysis Buffer of 250 Incoming and 500 Outgoing Call Records Available with VISION309P
  29. 29. Voice Message Applications Guide the Caller in Various Call Making Situations Such as:  Day/Night Greetings  Wrong Number Dial/Dial-by-Name  Initial Guidance  Busy/Transfer/No Reply Store Messages Up to 240 Seconds with 16 Parts of 15 Seconds Each Message Can be Recorded from Telephone or Music Source One Message is Played at One Time
  30. 30. Voice Message Applications Voice based Music-on-Hold Voice Greeting for Alarms Voice Guided help for DID and DOSA Voice Message for Auto Redial Voice Message for Night Mode Voice Message for Emergency
  31. 31. Target Customers Small and Medium Businesses Manufacturing Units Branch Offices Banks and Financial Institutions Consultants, Doctors, Architects and Chartered Accountants
  32. 32. Feature: Benefit CLI based Get Accurate CallProfessional Call Reduce Calls Bill Incoming Call Handling Analysis Routing Network Alerts For Quick and Easy Various Conference Emergency Dialing to Clients Announcement ET ER N PE ITY Busy Bu sy
  33. 33. Thank You
  34. 34.  Type of Presentation: VISION (SOHO-PBX) Product Introduction and Features Number of Slides: 33 Revised On: April 14, 2010 Version-Release Number: V1.R2For Further Information Please Contact:Email ID: Info.Telecom@MatrixComSec.comMobile: +91 85111 03107Visit us at