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  1. 1. Warm Welcome
  2. 2. ETERNITY NEThe Next Generation IP-PBX for Small Businesses
  3. 3. ETERNITY NEPresentation Outlook• Single IP-PBX for All Networks• Modular Architecture• Solution Overview• Advance IP Features• Mobility Features• Intelligent Functions• Voice Mail System• Simplified Management• Productivity Boosting Features• Cost Control Features• Product Ordering Information Confidential
  4. 4. Back to ContentsSingle IP-PBX for All Networks Confidential
  5. 5. ETERNITY NESingle IP-PBX for All NetworksKey Features ETERNITY NE integrates the legacy and new-generation communication• Key Attributes technologies to offer a converged solution. It offers connectivity to all• Variants sought networks – CO, GSM, UMTS (3G) and VoIP on a single platform.• Trunks-side Connectivity The small businesses can now use the cost-effective Voice over IP (VoIP)• Extensions-side Connectivity networks for long-distance calling. Mobile networks can be leveraged to• Overall Connectivity avail the benefits of cost and connectivity and the reliable CO networks still• Hardware Capacity remain an integral part of the communication system• User Terminals Confidential
  6. 6. Single IP-PBX for All NetworksKey Attributes• Analog, GSM/UMTS(3G) and IP Converged Platform• Modular Architecture• IP Trunks and Extensions• GSM/UMTS(3G) Trunks and Extensions• Enterprise-Grade Features• Off-Site Mobility with Mobile and IP Extensions• Integrated Auto-Attendant• Integrated Voice Mail• VoIP Call over UMTS (3G)• Web-based Remote Management• Compact Footprint Confidential
  7. 7. Single IP-PBX for All Networks Variants ETERNITY NE6 > 6 CO (TWT) Lines > 2 Digital Phones > 14 Single Line Telephones > Up to 16 IP Extensions ETERNITY NE4 > 4 CO (TWT) Lines > 2 Digital Phones > 10 Single Line Telephones > Up to 16 IP Extensions ETERNITY NE3 > 3 CO (TWT) Lines > 2 Digital Phones > 6 Single Line Telephones > Up to 16 IP ExtensionsETERNITY NE2> 2 CO (TWT) Lines> 2 Digital Phones> 4 Single Line Telephones> Up to 16 IP Extensions Confidential
  8. 8. Single IP-PBX for All NetworksTrunk-side Connectivity GSM SIP Proxy UMTS (3G) CO (TWT) ETERNITY NE IP SIP Proxy Confidential
  9. 9. Single IP-PBX for All Networks Extension-side Connectivity SLT 1 Analog Phones GSM/UMTS Mobile SLT 14 (3G)Extensions DKP 1 Digital Key Phones DKP 2 IP IP Extensions Mobile Remote IP Extensions SIP Client IP Phone Softphone WLAN Router Confidential
  10. 10. Single IP-PBX for All Networks Overall Connectivity SLT 1 Analog Phones Mobile GSM/UMTS Extensions SLT 14SIP Proxy (3G) DKP 1 Digital Key Phones CO (TWT) DKP 2 IP IP ExtensionsSIP Proxy Door Door Phone Lock Mobile SIP Client Remote IP Extensions IP Phone Softphone WLAN Router Confidential
  11. 11. Single IP-PBX for All NetworksHardware Capacity ETERNITY NE NE2 NE3 NE4 NE6 CO Ports 2 3 4 6 Single Line Telephones 4 6 10 14 Digital Key Phones 2 2 2 2 VoIP Trunks* 4 4 4 4 IP Extensions* 16 16 16 16 GSM/UMTS(3G) Trunks* 2 2 2 2 Simultaneous VoIP Calls 8 8 8 8 Door Phone with Relay* 1 1 1 1 Voice Mail System* 4 Channels 4 Channels 4 Channels 4 Channels 37 Mail Boxes 37 Mail Boxes 37 Mail Boxes 37 Mail Boxes Voice Messages 16 Messages of 14 Seconds Each For Auto-Attendant, Voice Prompts, Voice Help Ethernet Port 1 1 1 1 Power Supply External Adaptor - 24DC, 1.5A * Optional and Field Pluggable Module Confidential
  12. 12. Single IP-PBX for All NetworksUser Terminals NEO10 EON48 Analog Phones (SLT) Digital Key Phones (DKP) Mobile Phones as Extensions SETU VP IP Phones Mobile Phones with SIP SIP Client Soft phones Confidential
  13. 13. Single IP-PBX for All NetworksUser Terminals - IP Phones• 3 SIP Accounts• Multiple-Programmable Keys• 6x24 and 2x24 Character Display SETU VP248P• Auto Configuration• Multiple Call Handling• Peer-to-Peer Calling• PoE (Optional)• Phone Book• Voice Mail Key SETU VP248S Confidential
  14. 14. Single IP-PBX for All NetworksUser Terminals - Digital Key Phones• 6x24 and 2x24 Character LCD Display• 16 Programmable Keys• 17 Touch-Sense Keys EON48P• Touch-Sense Keys• Full Duplex Speaker Phone• Headset Interface• LCD Contrast and Brightness Control• 3-Position Desktop Mounting EON48S Confidential
  15. 15. Single IP-PBX for All NetworksUser Terminals - PC based Digital Key Phones EONSOFT EONSOFT with DSS Confidential
  16. 16. Single IP-PBX for All NetworksUser Terminals - Single Line Telephones• Phonebook Entries: 80• 76 Caller ID Memory• Message Wait Indication• Battery Free Operation of CLIP• Speaker Phone• Handset Volume Control: 4 Levels• One-Touch Speed Dial• Cellular Phone RFI Noise Immunity NEO10• Data Port with RJ11 Jack• Colors: White and Black Confidential
  17. 17. Single IP-PBX for All NetworksThird-Party Terminal Support• Single Line Analog Telephones• SIP based VoIP Phones• SIP based VoIP Softphones• SIP based VoIP Door Phones• Mobile Phones/PDAs with SIP Client Confidential
  18. 18. Back to ContentsModular Architecture
  19. 19. ETERNITY NEModular ArchitectureKey Features ETERNITY NE comes in a standard configuration of CO (TWT) lines and• VoIP Server Module analog and digital extensions to satisfy initial basic requirements of start-up• GSM Module businesses.• UMTS (3G) Module Its Modular design offers the flexibility to integrate GSM, UMTS (3G) and• Door Phone Module VoIP on the same platform in form of optional field-pluggable modules.• Voice Mail System Moreover, Voice Mail functionality and Door Phone connectivity can also be availed as an optional module. An Organization can thereby choose its own preferred mix of communication technologies and functionality and integrated them as and when desired. Confidential
  20. 20. Modular ArchitectureVoIP Server Module• VoIP Server Card with Built-in SIP Registrar and Proxy Server• 8 VoIP Channels• 4 VoIP (SIP) trunks• 8 IP Extensions Built-in, Expandable up to 16 with IP8 License• Audio Codec: G.711A/µ, G.729A/B, G.723, GSM-FR, iLBC Confidential
  21. 21. Modular ArchitectureGSM Module• GSM Port for Voice Calls• Maximum 2 Modules at a time• Quad-Band Operation Frequency Band (MHz): GSM850, EGSM900, DCS1800, PCS1900 Confidential
  22. 22. Modular ArchitectureUMTS (3G) Module• Make Calls with Superior Voice Quality over UMTS (3G) Network• Make VoIP Calls with Registering Proxy Servers over UMTS (3G) Network• UMTSA Module UMTS (3G) Port for Voice Calls for USA and Compatible Networks Frequency Band (MHz) - Tri-band: WCDMA 850/1900/2100• UMTSE Module UMTS (3G) Port for Voice Calls for Europe and Compatible Networks Frequency Band (MHz) - Tri-band: WCDMA 900/1900/2100• Maximum 2 Modules at a Time Confidential
  23. 23. Modular ArchitectureDoor Phone Module• Module to Connect a 4-Wire Door Phone• A Relay Contact to connect Relay Activated Device (I.e. Door Lock/Release device)• Physical Connector Type: RJ45 Confidential
  24. 24. Modular ArchitectureVoice Mail System• Mail Boxes for Individual Users• Greets Four Callers Simultaneously• Support up to 576 hours of Conversation Recording• Onboard USB Port to enable Voice Mail System• 2 GB USB Flash Drive supplied as default with VMS License• Expandable Up to 32 GB (576 Hours) Confidential
  25. 25. Back to ContentsSolution Overview
  26. 26. Solution OverviewApplication Scenario Mobile Workers GSM/UMTS(3G) Network Teleworkers: Australia Mobile IP Extensions India Office Office Employees: SLT & DKP IP Phone IP Employees working DKP from Home CO (TWT) SLT Mobile Workers ETERNITY NE Softphone CEO’s Desk IP Softphone GSM/UMTS(3G) GSM/3G Mobile Extensions Network Confidential
  27. 27. Solution OverviewOffice Communication Solution• Enterprise-Grade Features Reduces Administration Time and Increases Overall Productivity• Variety of User Terminal Options to suit Flexible Working Environment Analog Telephones, Digital Key Phones, IP Key Phones, SIP Phones, IP Softphones• Variety of Trunk Options to make Calls via Cost-effective Networks Reduces Telephony Cost CO Trunk Lines, GSM, UMTS (3G) and VoIP (SIP) Trunks• Multi-Party Conference Enhances Collaboration and Speeds up Decision Making• Forward Calls on Mobile Phone ensures No Lost Opportunities• Forward Voice Mail on Email in Non-availability in Office
  28. 28. Solution OverviewTeleworkers Solution• Extended Office for Employees Working From Home or Remote Site• Make and Receive Office Calls from Convenient Working Location• Transparent Functioning as if working from Office• Access to IP-PBX features from User Location• Anywhere Access to Voice Mail via Email Notification• Boon for Overseas Employees or Remote Site Workers
  29. 29. Solution OverviewMobile Workers Solution• Office Communication on the Go• Ideal Solution for Employees who keep Travelling across the Geography• Use GSM or UMTS (3G) Mobile Phones as Office Extensions• Use Mobile Phones with SIP Client as Office Extensions• Use all IP-PBX features – Make and Receive Calls, Access Voice Mail and Directory, Conference etc.
  30. 30. Back to ContentsAdvanced IP Features
  31. 31. ETERNITY NEAdvanced IP FeaturesKey Features ETERNITY NE is an all-integrated IP-PBX with embedded Registrar, Proxy• Call Forking and Presence Server. Up to 16 local or remote IP extensions can be• Portable Extensions registered with Registrar Server. The integrated Proxy server performs• Presence and IM various call control functions. NE can also register itself as a client with the• VoIP Call over UMTS (3G) SIP proxy of a service provider. The services availed thereby can be• Dynamic DNS shared among the various IP Users i.e. IP key phone, Softphone or any• Peer-to-Peer Calls device with SIP client. Confidential
  32. 32. Advanced IP FeaturesCall Forking• Same credentials such as User name and Authentication Password can be entered in three different IP terminals• All three devices now works as a single extension to make/receive calls• In event of an incoming call, all three devices rings• User can attend call from convenient device Laptop with Softphone PSTN/GSM /UMTS(3G) /VoIP Employee not at Desk ETERNITY NE The same desk call is Attempted on two IP devices with same credentials Mobile with SIP Client Confidential
  33. 33. Advanced IP FeaturesPortable Extensions• Carry Same Contact Number across the Globe• Register IP extension for anywhere in the World• IP extension can be IP Phone, Softphone or Any mobile with SIP Client• Seamless Feature Deliver y over Remote IP Extensions• Accessibility to IP-PBX features same as Local Extension Confidential
  34. 34. Advanced IP FeaturesPresence and IM• Identify the Presence and Mode of Communication just before you Make a Call• Status of Availability - Online, Offline• User’s Willingness to Participate - Busy, Available on Mobile, Our of office etc.• Preferred Mode of Communication - Call, Text Messaging• Reduce the Number of Failed Call Attempts• Integrated Presence Server of NE maintains and distributes the Status of all IP users Confidential
  35. 35. Advanced IP FeaturesVoIP Call over UMTS (3G)• Make VoIP calls via over UMTS (3G) SIM inserted in ETERNITY NE• VoIP calls can be Made in Absence of Wired Internet Connectivity• Remote Workers can User DISA to use this Facility ITSP Proxy GSM/UMTS (3G) ETERNITY NE Confidential
  36. 36. Advanced IP FeaturesDynamic DNS (DDNS)• Automates the Discovery and Registration of the Server’s IP Address on the Public Network• Fluctuating Dynamic IP of the Server is Mapped to a Unique Domain Name (DNS)• Remote Users can Connect to the Server Using the Non-Altering DNS• Benefit: Prevents Reconfiguring of Systems Every Time a Network Infrastructure Changes Useful When Remotely Accessing the IP-PBX Connected to Ones Home or Office IP Connectivity, Usually Configured for a Dynamic IP Confidential
  37. 37. Advanced IP FeaturesPeer-to-Peer Calls• Place VoIP calls without Involving a Proxy Sever• End User devices can be SLT, DKP or IP extensions located at anywhere in the world• IP Addresses of Various SIP Devices Can be Programmed in a Peer-to-Peer Table• 900 Such Entries Can be Programmed• Shorter Extension Codes Can be Defined in Place of Long Number Strings/Addresses SLT DKP WAN IP WAN ETERNITY NE Router Router IP Phone 302 IP Phone Confidential
  38. 38. Advanced IP FeaturesPeer-to-Peer Table 2001 2002 2010 Confidential
  39. 39. Back to ContentsMobility Features
  40. 40. ETERNITY NEMobility FeaturesKey Features Business today has crossed geographic boundaries and so organizations• Mobility Extensions tend to have more and more branch offices along with the workforce• Dual Ring (Mobile Twining) roaming in-between the branches. These mobile workers leave back their• DISA – Automatic extensions at the office desk and stay disconnected or user multiple• Call Back on Mobile devices and contacts – work, home and mobile phone numbers. The more• SIM Balance Inquiry/Recharge devices one use, the more contact-IDs need to remember. ETRENITY NE offers mobile extensions for field workers to facilitate with seamless mobility and office communication on the go to improve the productivity. Confidential
  41. 41. Mobility FeaturesMobility Features• Mobile Phones as PBX Extensions• Field Users can access Telephony Features from their Mobile Phones• Access to PBX features such as Making and Receiving Calls, Transfer, Forward, Conference Calls, Access to Voice Mail, etc. while Roaming 201 DKP 230 202 SLT GSM/UMTS(3G) Network Coverage 228 IP Phone ETERNITY NE231 229 232 IP Softphone Field Mobile Workforce Office Confidential
  42. 42. Mobility FeaturesDual Ring (Mobile Twinning)• NE Routes Incoming Call on Desk phone to a User Mobile on the Go!• Both Desk phone and Mobile Rings Simultaneously• User can Pick up the Call from any of the Two Terminals Desk Phone CO/GSM Caller /UMTS(3G) VoIP Mobile Phone Confidential
  43. 43. Mobility FeaturesDISA - Automatic• Automatic Access to System Features and Facilities from Remote Location• User can Call on DISA enabled Trunks and access following Features: Make Calls to Internal Extensions Make Calls on External Numbers using System Trunks Activate/Deactivate Features Programming/Administer the System• No need to dial DISA login code and Station Number-password• 999 Numbers can be Programmed in DISA – CLI Authentication Table Confidential
  44. 44. Mobility FeaturesCall back on Mobile• When a Caller places a Missed on Any of the Trunk (CO, GSM/3G or VoIP), NE Automatically Gives a Call back• On Receiving the Call, User is provided with Options viz. DID, Follow Auto-Attendant or Call Routed to the Operator• Caller’s Numbers should be Programmed in Trusted Caller’s List Caller Leaves Missed Call on Any of the NE Trunks Port and PSTN/GSM System Initiates Auto Call back /UMTS(3G) /VoIP Auto-Attendant Sales Person Operator ETERNITY NE DID Confidential
  45. 45. Mobility FeaturesSIM Balance Inquiry and Recharge• No Need to Remove SIM from GSM/UMTS(3G) Module for Balance Inquiry or Recharge• Recharge / Inquire the SIM Balance from Web-based Management *141* *123*04# just Rs3/Day. To act, dial Dial *44*26# Ckt scrore at Local-30p/min, 30days. 32.5350. RC26, V2V Current balance is Balance Inquiry Number Provider Reply from Service 56# 901234 345678 *140*12 Numbe Recha Confidential
  46. 46. Back to ContentsIntelligent Functions
  47. 47. ETERNITY NEIntelligent FunctionsKey Features ETERNITY NE delivers all advance features and functions to small• Auto-Attendant businesses such as remembering access codes for easy and speed• Automatic Number Translation dialing, forwarding calls to desired extension, establishing conferencing• Caller-ID based Routing circuits for multi-party conversations, re-attempting calls at unsuccessful• Door Phone Connectivity trials, screening live calls, recording conversations and many other.• Incoming CLI Modification Incoming calls can be automatically directed to specific users or distributed• Least Cost Routing among a group. Outgoing calls are attempted via the most cost-effective• Logical Partitioning network and dial plans can be flexibly assigned for different users as per• Off-Hook Alert time of calling.• Return Call to Original Caller• Scheduled Call Forward• Live Call Supervision• Voice Message Applications Confidential
  48. 48. Intelligent FunctionsAuto-Attendant• Eliminate the Need of an Operator to Route Calls, Auto-Attendant does it all• Keep your Organization Running 24x7• Enhance the Customer Calling Experience• Greet your Customers in Local Language• Greetings as per Time of the Day – Morning, Evening and Off Hours• Enable Customer to Enjoy the Self-service Experience• Customers can Reach to Desired Extension without the help of an Operator Confidential
  49. 49. Intelligent Functions Auto-Attendant 1 Calling Joseph PSTN 2 GSM/UMTS /VoIP Caller Welcome Welcome to ABX Inc. ! Greetings Please Dial Extension Number 7-Dial by Name 3 8-Leave a Message 5-Listen Promotional Scheme 9-Go to Operator 0 Calling Activity: 1 4 Call The Person you wish to talk is Dialed Extension Number: 501Disconnect not available. Please dial… Dial by Name: Joseph, Dial 567 # 1 to retry 9 to go to operator Call Established 8 Presenting Other Options 5 0 to go to initial node # to disconnect Joseph 9 7 6 501 Smith 502 Operator No Answer User Busy Sara 503
  50. 50. Intelligent FunctionsAutomatic Number Translation• No Need to Remember Additional digits to be Added or Removed while Placing a Call• Modify the Dialed Number by adding Specific Area Code or Country Code Automatically• Simply Dial Large Numbers by Entering String of Short Numbers Confidential
  51. 51. Intelligent Functions Caller-ID based Routing NE Checks Incoming CLI with the Incoming Call First Lands On the Operator’s Extension and then Numbers Stored in Programmed CLI Table and to the Appropriate it Transferred Directly Transfers Extension to the Respective Extension Caller gets Directly Connected to Desired Extension Ideal Route PSTN ETERNITY NEMD’s Residence MD’s Extension Operator Actual Route Scenario 1 Normal Routing No Need of Operator to Route Calls Scenario 2 CLI based Routing Confidential
  52. 52. Intelligent FunctionsDoor Phone Connectivity• An Option of Connecting Single 4-Wire Door-Phone and Relay Activated Device• On Pressing Button provided on Door Phone, the Programmed Extension Rings• User can Talk to the Person at the Door• If Door Lock Release device is Connected with DOP, the User can Open the Door and let the Visitor in• Interface via Optional Door Phone Module• Physical Connector Type: RJ45 Confidential
  53. 53. Intelligent FunctionsIncoming CLI Modification• Insert Area Code, Country Code or International Prefix before the Dialed Number Automatically• Users need not Remember complicated Region Codes• Shortens the dialing of Lengthy Numbers Confidential
  54. 54. Intelligent FunctionsLeast Cost Routing• Automatically Selects the Most Economical Route for Each Outgoing Trunk Call• Comprehensive LCR• 3 Types of LCR:  Time based  Number based  Combination of Time and Number based• Call made Outside the Organization are always at Least Possible Cost VoIP 6 987 7 6 899 +15 +15768999876 09998396496 2630555 263055 5 PSTN 0 99 98 3 964 ETERNITY NE 6 9 GSM/3G Confidential
  55. 55. Intelligent FunctionsLogical Partitioning•Allow or Deny Calls in-between CO, Mobile or VoIP networks•Comply Country Specific Telecom Regulations Confidential
  56. 56. Intelligent FunctionsOff-Hook Alert• NE generates Error Tone on User Extension if not Placed Properly• Users with DKP and IP Phones gets Text Message ‘Hang Up’ on Screen• For Users with SLT, Off-hook alert is given to Operator Extension Confidential
  57. 57. Intelligent FunctionsReturn Call to Original Caller (RCOC)• Boon for the Big Organization where Group of Trunks shared by Number of Users• If the Called Person does not Pick up the Call in event of Missed Call or Busy• Called party can Directly Reach to the Concern person without any Delay• Bypass Operator and Auto-Attendant• Saves time of the Caller and Reduces Hassel for Operator to ask who has Called• Supported on GSM/UMTS(3G) and VoIP(SIP) Trunks GSM /UMTS(3G) /VoIP 301 System Stores Calling Party’s no. with its When the User Calls Back, Call Gets Extension Port Routed to the Same Extension Confidential
  58. 58. Intelligent FunctionsScheduled Call Forward• Forward Desk calls to Different Number as per Day or Night Time• Destination Numbers can be Other Extension, External Number or Voice Mail• For example: Desk calls can be Forwarded to User’s mobile during Day time, Residence number at Night Time Confidential
  59. 59. Intelligent FunctionsLive Call Supervision• Get the Information of Calls Made/Received by an Extension being Supervised on Your CLI Telephone• Information can be Acquired During a Live Call or On Need Basis• Information of the Last Dialed Call can also be Displayed on Monitoring Station Confidential
  60. 60. Intelligent FunctionsVoice Message Applications• Guide the Caller in Various Call Making Situations such as:  Day/Night Greetings  Wrong Number Dial/Dial-by-Name  Initial Guidance  Busy/Transfer/No Reply• 16 Voice Messages of 14 Seconds each can be stored in Internal Memory of NE• Messages can be Played in Events such as Music-on-Hold, Alarms, DISA, Auto Redial, Night Mode and Emergency Confidential
  61. 61. Back to ContentsVoice Mail System
  62. 62. ETERNITY NEVoice Mail SystemKey Features An efficient Voice Mail System can work wonders for your organization• Voice Mail to Email productivity. The one that can provide efficient call management and• Conversation Recording accurate messaging saves precious time of your employees, yet allowing a• Personalized Greetings non-interfering work environment.• Message Notifications The Integrated Voice Mail in ETERNITY NE is designed to deliver all• Call Taping possible voice applications which typically require an external Voice Mail,• Live Call Screening such as personalized greetings, voice mailboxes for individual users,• Broadcast Message multiple message notifications, voice mail to email, conversation recording etc. Confidential
  63. 63. Voice Mail SystemVoice Mail to Email• Incoming Voice Mail is forwarded to User’s Email account• Notification can be made With or Without Attachment Confidential
  64. 64. Voice Mail SystemConversation Recording• The User can Record his Conversation in his Personal Mail Box• The User can Listen Recorded Conversations Stored in the Mail Box along with other Messages• Extremely Useful Feature for Organizations that works on Verbal Commitments Confidential
  65. 65. Voice Mail SystemPersonalized Greetings• While Leaving a Voice Mail, Caller hears Greetings/Messages Personalized by Mailbox User• Different Greetings/Messages can be played according to 4 different Time Zones• Each Caller is Greeted with Pre-recorded Messages as per prevailing time of the Day i.e. Morning, Afternoon, Evening• Different Greeting Messages can be Played/Recorded for Working, Non-working hours, Holidays or Festivals Confidential
  66. 66. Voice Mail SystemMessage Notifications• Notify a User about incoming Voice Message by Following ways: LED Indication on Dedicated Voice Mail Key Shattered Dial Tone Voice message on Off-Hook Email Notification• Immediate Notification Instant Notification about new Message in his Mailbox Every time on arrival of New Message• Scheduled Notification Notification for 3 times per Day as per User Defined Time and Number only on arrival of New Voice Mail• User can log on to the Mailbox and Retrieve the Messages• Notifications can be sent to Different Numbers during different Time-zones Confidential
  67. 67. Voice Mail SystemDISA - Automatic• Calls To/From Specific Numbers can be Taped if Required• One Call can be Taped at one time• Separate Mailbox can be defined for Taped Call Storage Confidential
  68. 68. Voice Mail SystemLive Call Screening• A Station can Interrupt and Speak to Caller while Leaving a Message to the VMS• Forward calls to VMS and Attend, if Important• Feature is Available on IP Key Phone and Digital Key Phone Confidential
  69. 69. Voice Mail System Broadcast Message • Broadcast Message to All or Multiple Number of Mailboxes at the Same time • Broadcast Messages such as Sudden Holiday Announcement, Hosting of an Event, Seminar etc. CO/GSM/ Internet UMTS/VoIPGeneral Voice MailManager Broadcast Teleworkers Voice Mail Head Office Employees Confidential
  70. 70. Back to ContentsSimplified Management
  71. 71. ETERNITY NESimplified ManagementKey Features The Enterprise-grade features and functionalities offered by ETERNITY NE• SMDR Reports (CDR) with Cost requires no special training or high-level of expertise. Calculation ETERNITY NE comes with built-in web server functionality making it• CLI Detection possible to configure the system from remote location, saves time and cost• Ease of Installation of providing essential technical support. Multiple Languages and Country• Localization specific parameters helps configuring NE quickly and easily and dedicated• Remote Management RJ11 ports simplifies connectivity and cabling hassles.• Flexible Numbering Plan• System Status Confidential
  72. 72. Simplified ManagementSMDR with Call Cost Calculation• Call Detail Record of Outgoing, Incoming and Internal Calls• 6000 Outgoing, 5000 Incoming and 1000 Internal Calls• Filters like Call Duration, Calling Number, Trunk, Extension etc. helps in Call Analysis• Structured Call Charges – based on the Outgoing Trunk used for Dialing• Options of Fixed, Unit wise and Percentage wise Service Charge• Charges on Special days can be Defined• Call Rates can also be Defined based on the Time-Zone• Print SMDR Reports can be Printed in Online and Offline Mode Confidential
  73. 73. Simplified ManagementSMDR Report - Sample Confidential
  74. 74. Simplified ManagementCLI Detection• NE Supports CLI on CO (TWT), GSM, UMTS(3G) and VoIP Trunks• Supports DTMF and FSK Analog CLI• Displays CLI on SLT, DKP and IP Key Phones• Time and Date Display on FSK CLI• CLIR for Internal Calls Confidential
  75. 75. Simplified ManagementEase of Installation• Easy Installation makes it possible to handle NE even by End Users• Compact and Foot Print to suit Every Work Environment• Convenient Mounting Options: Wall Mount Table-Top 19” Rack Mount• Dedicated RJ11 ports for Plug-n-Play Operation Confidential
  76. 76. Simplified ManagementLocalization• ETERNITY NE can be Configured to Meet the Telecom Standard where it is Installed• Language support: English, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Portuguese and Italian• Configured for:  Time Zones  Day Light Saving  Date-Time Format  ISDN Variants  CLIP Variants  Impedance Confidential
  77. 77. Simplified ManagementGlobal User Groups• Multiple Extensions can be Grouped under a User Group• Incoming Call the Extensions Ring as per the Assigned Priorities• On receiving a Call, the Extensions Rings according to the assigned Priorities• Group Members can Spread across Different Geographic Locations Confidential
  78. 78. Simplified ManagementRemote System Management• Built-in Web-server Functionality for Remote Programming,• Saves Time and Cost of Technical Support• Two Programming Access Modes  System Administrator (SA)  System Engineer (SE)• Supported Languages  English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian Confidential
  79. 79. Simplified ManagementFlexible Numbering Plan• Flexible Extensions Numbering Plan for Simplicity of Use• Extensions Numbers can have Up to 6 Digits• Flexible Numbers can be assigned to Security Extensions, CEOs, Teleworkers and Office Employees Confidential
  80. 80. Simplified ManagementSystem Status• Identify the Status of various Parameters from a Single Window• Status of following Parameters can be Known:  Voice Mail Memory  CO Trunks  Mobile Trunks  SIP Trunks  SIP extensions  Network Parameters Confidential
  81. 81. Back to ContentsProductivity Boosting Features
  82. 82. ETERNITY NEProductivity Boosting FeaturesKey Features ETERNITY NE delivers advanced function and feature to reduce the• Alarms and Reminders administration time and help user to focus on the core business activities.• Auto Answer These features enhances the collaboration among the local and dispersed• Auto Call Back employees and fastens the overall decision making.• Auto-Redial NE can redial a number until it gets connected, form a conference at a• Busy Lamp Field (BLF) scheduled time, indicate the activity status of a user via BLF, identify• Conference (Multi-Party) different callers via distinctive ringing, give priority to calls from important• Conference Dial-in numbers and lot more.• Distinctive Ringing• Priority Confidential
  83. 83. Productivity Boosting FeaturesAlarms and Reminders with Snooze• Set Once/Repeat Alarm for All Users• Alarm Snooze Ensures that no Alarms get Missed• Alarms Types: Automated or Operator Served• Generate Report of Non Served Alarms• Alarm Notification Type:  Voice Mail  Auto Generated Voice Message  Music on Hold  Operator Confidential
  84. 84. Productivity Boosting FeaturesAuto-Answer• Enable an Operator to Answer Incoming Calls Automatically• No need to Pick up the Handset or Press Speaker Phone Key Again and Again• If Headset is used then Incoming Call Speech can be Heard Directly• Saves Time and Effort Confidential
  85. 85. Productivity Boosting FeaturesAuto Call Back• User Need not to wait for a Busy extension to get free• As soon as destination extension number becomes free, NE generates a call back When Boss Answers Calling... AsDialed Extension Free, Secretary Becomes Auto Gives Back PBX Call RBT Extension NE Generates Ring at Boss’s Extension Secretary Busy Enabled toRinging Secretary Extension Ringing Secretary Boss Already in Conversation Employee Confidential
  86. 86. Productivity Boosting FeaturesAuto-Redial• Relieve User from Manual Redialing of a Busy Number• ETERNITY NE Keep Dialing a Busy Number repeatedly till it gets Connected• Whenever Call goes Through it Informs User by giving him a Ring• Three Number can be Set for Auto Redial Confidential
  87. 87. Productivity Boosting FeaturesBusy Lamp Field (BLF)• A Busy Lamp Field is An Array of Extension Status Lamps• An Extension Can Bear Different Statuses Such as:  Busy, Ringing or Idle• If a User’s Class of Service (Cos) is Provisioned, An Extension User Can Monitor the Status of Another Extension• Based on Extension Status, the Operator Can Decide to Either Transfer a Call Directly or Else Pick Up a Call In case Called Extension is Busy Confidential
  88. 88. Productivity Boosting Features Conference - Up to 6 Participants Office Employees GSM Logistics & Transportation UMTS/3G Reception 00 Local LANFactory Workers Internet ETERNITY NEField Sales Person PSTN(Mobile SIP Client) Technical Support Team Confidential
  89. 89. Productivity Boosting Features Conference Dial-in • Callers can join in a conference by dialing a conference dial-in code at a pre-defined time Logistics & Transportation GSM/UMTS 3G Up to 6 People can be Reception included in single Dial- in Conference Local LANFactory Workers Internet Sr. Manager-Production ETERNITY NE CO Field Sales Person (Mobile SIP Client) Technical Support Team Sr. Manager-Sales Confidential
  90. 90. Productivity Boosting Features Priority • Allows Certain Calls to have Higher Priority of Access over Others • Calls from Trunk, Important Extension Numbers can be given Priority PSTN/GSM /InternetSr. Manager Call 2 With Normal Priority Call 3 With Highest Priority Internet Local LAN Call 1 With Normal Priority Customer Care Department Remote Office Sr. Manager’s Call gets through Technical Support-Head Office Confidential
  91. 91. Back to ContentsCost Control Features
  92. 92. ETERNITY NECost Control FeaturesKey Features ETERNITY NE ensures each and every call made outside the office to• Call Budget on Extensions happen at least incurred cost. It delivers comprehensive cost control• Call Budget on Trunks features such as budgeting on Trunks and Extensions, Disconnection of• Call Duration Control Longer Conversations, Free of Cost communication with field employees.• CUG over GSM/UMTS(3G) These features help small businesses to be cost effective in telecom cost• Toll Control and save on telephony bills. Confidential
  93. 93. Cost Control FeaturesCall Budget on Extensions• Control the Use of Trunk Resources• Set Monthly Call Budget for Individual Extension• Exceeding the Budgeted Value, Extension is Barred from Calling Facility• Budgeted Value can be Cleared Manually or Automatically Every Month Confidential
  94. 94. Cost Control FeaturesCall Budget on Trunks• Control the Use of Trunk Resources• Set Monthly Call Budget for Individual Trunks• Trunks – CO, GSM, UMTS (3G), VoIP (SIP)• Exceeding the Budgeted Value, Trunks doesn’t allow Further Outgoing Calls• Budgeted Value can be Cleared Manually or Automatically Every Month Confidential
  95. 95. Cost Control FeaturesCall Duration Control• Cost Control Feature to Limit Lengthy Conversations• Disconnect Ongoing calls after a Pre-defined Duration• User is Notified via a Warning Tone before the Disconnection of Call• Control can be Exercised for All/Selective Users Confidential
  96. 96. Cost Control Features CUG over GSM/UMTS(3G) • Communicate with Field Employees at Zero Call Cost Incoming Number: +91 9999900005 • Insert as many as Two CUG SIMs in Two GSM/UMTS(3G) Modules • Any Call made to Field Employee is routed via CUG SIMs of Module +91 9999900001+91 9999900005 GSM/UMTS +91 9999900002 (3G)GSM/UMTS(3G) Card Confidential
  97. 97. Cost Control FeaturesToll Control• Assign Call Privileges/Permissions to Individual Users• Allow or Deny Certain Numbers to be Dialed• Allow or Deny Calls during Day and Night Hours Confidential
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  99. 99. ETERNITY NEOrdering InformationPRODUCT DESCRIPTIONETERNITY NE2 PBX with 2 CO, 2 Digital and 4 Single Line Telephone PortsETERNITY NE3 PBX with 3 CO, 2 Digital and 6 Single Line Telephone PortsETERNITY NE4 PBX with 4 CO, 2 Digital and 10 Single Line Telephone PortsETERNITY NE6 PBX with 6 CO, 2 Digital and 14 Single Line Telephone PortsOPTIONAL MODULE DESCRIPTIONETERNITY NE VoIP SERVER 8 VoIP Channels to connect 4 SIP Trunks and 8 VoIP UsersETERNITY NE IP8 License to Enable 8 IP UsersETERNITY NE GSM GSM Port for Voice CallsETERNITY NE UMTSA UMTS (3G) Port for Voice Calls for USA and Compatible NetworksETERNITY NE UMTSE UMTS (3G) Port for Voice Calls for Europe and Compatible NetworksETERNITY NE VMS Voice Mail System to Attend 4 Simultaneous Calls with Mailboxes for Individual UsersETERNITY NE 4WDP 4-Wire Door Phone Port with a Relay Contact
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