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  • Benefit: Connectivity to ISDN Network & its rich features.
  • Benefit: Advantage of Cost reduction & with increased Mobility & hence Global connectivity in local network.
  • Benefit: Connectivity to GSM/3G/CDMA (Mobile) Network & its Mobility features.
  • Benefit: User can attend the messages in his absence, avoid communication gape in crucial cases.
  • Benefit: 1) Efficient & effective ‘Call reception’ & Reduce Burden on Operator, hence influence the efficiency of organisation. 2) Save Callers Telecom Bill 3) Make Professional Image of the Company 4) Helpful During Non Working Hours and Holidays
  • Benefit : Feel pleasant to the caller & also keep amused till attended.
  • Benefit: Helps to implement discipline for telecom-resource usage & also in Cost reduction.
  • Benefit: Help to indentify the caller in-prior & respond accordingly
  • Benefit: Automated & effective ‘Call Routing’ of predefined callers without others’ intervention.
  • Benefit: 1) Expansion of existing PBX resources without replacing it (Cost Saving). 2) Using this Networked PBXs work as a Single Entity.
  • Benefit: 1) Help to solve shared matter in Faster & Effective way. 2) Avoid frequent travelling of remote workforce & hence Saves Cost .
  • Benefit: 1) Faster call reception. 2) Effective distribution & execution of incoming calls .
  • Benefit: Mentioned in the slide
  • Benefit: Mentioned in the slide
  • Benefit: 1) Work as Mobile Extension to make & receive the calls with all basic features of PBX. 2) Allow Remote Programming.
  • Benefit: Extension Numbers can be chossen Easy to remember & dial.
  • Benefit: Cost Saving
  • Benefit: Important calls can be Forwarded to VMS and Attend also.
  • It is a gray area. Making a VoIP call using service provider/Peer to peer are allowed. However, once you make a call on TWT and kept called party on hold and make a VoIP call and put them in conference that is not legal. Bridging of two network TWT/GSM/ISDN PRI or any of the network should not bridge (Voice Network) to VoIP Network. Hence, We call in India this technology as Net to Phone and not Phone to Net. To achieve this we have implemented Four categories. You can put any of the trunk in any category and program accordingly. By default it is not allowed.
  • Benefit: Very helpful for installation, support & troubleshooting by technician/ engineer.
  • Matrix dgs&d presentation

    1. 1. Presentation onDGS&D Business
    2. 2. About DGS&D Business Director General of Supply and Disposal : Central Purchase and Quality Assurance Organization of Government of India under Ministry of Commerce Processes of Registration and Rate Contract An Organization and its specific Products can be Registered to DGS&D after meeting stipulated Quality Standards (Three Year Cycle) Rate Contract has been awarded to the Organizations for the Registered Products after online Tendering (One Year Cycle)
    3. 3. Why DGS&D Business? Ready Platform: Product Approval and RC already made by Matrix Less Marketing Efforts and Quick Results Avoid Tendering Process: Win-win Situation  Government: Do not require to go through approval process  Easy and Faster Purchase Decisions by Departments  Partner: Supply EPABX on DGS&D rates and earn margins in addition to the other accessories requires to be complimented to EPABX  Enhance Customer Credentials  Enhance Profitability by Creating one More Business Vertical
    4. 4. Why DGS&D Business? Offers ample Opportunities Accelerated Growth Can supply products other than PBX An entry point to Key Government Accounts Government is a Large Buyer – Frequent Orders Less Competition : Sufficient Margins beside other Benefits
    5. 5. Potential of DGS&D Business Total Yearly Estimated DGS&D PBX Business is 17 Crore Estimated DG&D PBX Business up to 512 Ports – 7 Crore Growth of India at the rate of 9% GDP High Investment of Government in Infrastructure Projects Telecom Equipment are inseparable part of any Infrastructure Government is a large and frequent buyer – Can not Ignore
    6. 6. Challenges Entry to Government Accounts Persistence and Patience Reaching to Right Person Public Relations Initial Time and Manpower Investment
    7. 7. Conquer the Challenges Target Specific Government Accounts Invest in Manpower to Visit them and Develop PR Identify the Influencer or Decision Maker Identify Contractors/Agents Motivate them to Work for you - Easy Entry
    8. 8. DGS&D Business – Benefits in Association with Matrix More Margins – Special Prices devised for DGS&D Business Case Specific Technical Help from Business Manager Marketing and Sales Support from Matrix Business Manager Full Margins on Accessories Full Share of Recurring Service Revenue Full Share of Margins Supplied other than Matrix Transparent Business Policies Timely Payments – Margins and Credit Note
    9. 9. DGS&D Business – Benefits in Association with Matrix Reliable and Feature Rich Products Indigenous R&D : Can meet Customer Needs Faster Owns Manufacturing : On Time Delivery and Better Quality Product Made in India Advantage Dedicated Multi-Channel Technical Support Centre Joint Marketing and Promotion Efforts to Promote this Business Ready Dedicated Marketing Collaterals and Presentation
    10. 10. Matrix ETERNITY The EPABX with Seamless Mobility andUniversal Connectivity
    11. 11. DGS&D Requirements Reliable and Superior Technological Product Prompt and Efficient After Sales Service Support User Friendly, Quick to Install and Easy to Program Proficient Call Handling Multi-party Conference Dialing Restrictions Directory Dialing Maximum Up-time VoIP/ISDN BRI-PRI Compatibility
    12. 12. Matrix PBX Platforms - ETERNITY DGS&D Configuration Platform 4/12 Expandable up to 24 with one Operator Console ETERNITY GE6SETERNITY 8/16 Expandable up to 64 with one Operator Console ETERNITY GE6SGE6S 8/24 Expandable up to 96 with one Operator Console ETERNITY GE6SETERNITY GE12S DGS&D Configuration Platform 4/48 Expandable up to 128 with one ETERNITY GE12S Operator Console DGS&D Configuration Platform 16/64 Expandable up to 256 with one ETERNITY MEETERNITY ME Operator Console 24/128 Expandable up to 512 with one ETERNITY ME Operator Console
    13. 13. Key Aspects Flexible and Scalable Converged Communication Platforms Rich Features and Functions Intuitive User Interface Flexible Call Management Easy Installation and Setup Comprehensive Monitoring and Management Reports Universal Connectivity Mobility All-In-One High Integration A Perfect Blend of Innovation, Intelligence and Integration
    14. 14. CertificationsTEC: Telecommunication Engineering Centre Conformité Européene FEDERAL COMMUNICATIONS COMMSSION Restriction of Hazardous Substance
    15. 15. ETERNITY - Universal Connectivity Analog Phones Mobile GSM/UMTS ExtensionsSIP Proxy (3G) CO ISDN - BRI Digital Key Phones PSTN T1/E1/PRI IP Extensions IPSIP Proxy Mobile SIP Client IP Phone Softphone WLAN Remote IP Extensions Router
    16. 16. ETERNITY: Built-in Interfaces ETERNITY ETERNITY ETERNITYSystem Resources Description GE6S GE12S MEAnalog Input Port To Connect External Music Device 1 1 1Analog Output Port To Connect Public Address System 1 1 1 To Connect Sensors or PanicDigital Input Port 1 1 1 Switch To Connect External Devices, DoorDigital Output Port 1 1 1 Lock etc To Connect Computer or Printer forRS232C (COM) Port 2 2 2 SMDRVoice Module Auto-Attendant, Voice Help, Voice 16 16 16 Tones(16 Seconds Each) Configuration, PMS, SMDR, SystemEthernet Port 1 1 1 LogConference Number of Conference Participants 15 15 21
    17. 17. ETERNITY: Optional Interfaces System Resources DescriptionSLT Ports To Connect to Single Line Analog TelephonesDKP/DSS Ports To Connect to Proprietary Digital Key Phones or DSS ConsolesTWT Ports To Connect to Two Wire Trunk LinesBRI Ports To Connect to ISDN BRI Network or ISDN Compatible DevicesT1/E1/PRI Ports To Connect to T1/E1/PRI Network or Compatible DevicesMobile Ports(GSM/3G) To Connect to GSM/3G NetworkVoIP Channels To Make VoIP(SIP) Calls Using Internet or IntranetIP Clients To Register VoIP Phones, Soft phones and Mobile SIP ClientsE&M Ports To Connect to E&M NetworkVoice Mail System Voice Mail System with Auto-Attendant and 512 Mail BoxesMagneto Ports To Connect to Magneto Phones
    18. 18. Key Differentiators
    19. 19. ISDN BRI and T1/E1 ISDN PRI  ISDN BRI Card – Offer Two Channels  Common Card for T1/E1 ISDN PRI  Maximum 32 BRI Ports per System  Maximum 8 PRI Ports per SystemSupports  Incoming Channel Bundling  DDI Numbers  Q-SIGNALING  Video Conferencing  Networking of PBXs  Closed User Group
    21. 21. IP-Extensions (VoIP) Connectivity SIP Based VoIP Server Card Supports Up to 16/32 SIP Trunks (Accounts) Supports Peer-to-Peer Calls Supports 999 entries in Peer-to-Peer Table Supports Networking of PBXs (VoIP) Supports Closed User Group Multiple Gateway Support Option of 16/32 Channel VoIP Card
    22. 22. VoIP Connectivity ETERNITY MEETERNITY GE6S/12S
    23. 23. GSM/3G (Mobile) Connectivity PBX with In-Skin GSM Card Offers Direct Connectivity to GSM Network Avoid External FCT Boxes Single Antenna per 4 GSM SIMs Faster Processing of GSM Calls GSM Calls Routed through the Cheapest Service Provider Not Covered under DGS&D RC
    24. 24. Multi-Port GSM/3G (Mobile) GSM8 ETERNITY ME GSM4 GSM4ETERNITY GE6S/12S
    25. 25. Voice Mail System In-Skin Card for Voice Mail Handles 16 Calls Simultaneously Configure as 8 or 16 Ports as per Requirement 512 Mail Boxes Up to 72 Hours of Recording Time with default 4 GB Pen Drive USB Flash Memory to Store Messages Easy Transfer of Messages to Computer through FTP
    26. 26. Voice Mail System Card ETERNITY MEETERNITY GE6S/12S
    27. 27. Software Features
    28. 28. ETERNITY Salient Features
    29. 29. Auto-Attendant/Direct Inward Dialing Built-in Feature Handle 5 Callers at a Time Call Status Information Supports Dial-by-Name Various Message Options User can Reach Desire Station by Dialing a Station Number
    30. 30. Auto-Attendant – An Illustration 1 Call to Joseph 2 PSTN Welcome Caller Welcome to Matrix Telecom ! Greetings Dial Extension Number 7-Dial by Name 3 0 8-Leave a Message 5-Listen Promotional Scheme 9-Go to Operator The Person you wish to talk is not # available. Please dial 1 Calling Activity:End 1 to retry Dialed Extension Number: 501 4 9 to go to operator Dial by Name: Joseph, Dial 567 ETERNITY IP-PBX 0 to go to initial node # to disconnect 8 Call Established 5 9 7 6 Joseph 501 Smith 502 Operator No Answer User Busy Sara 503
    31. 31. Background Music on DKP/SLT Listen Music from the Music Player Connected to AIP of ETERNITY Played on a Speaker Phone Music Stops Automatically and Changes to Ring Tone on an Incoming Call Available both on DKP and SLT Make Workplace a Pleasant Experience
    32. 32. Call Duration Control Calls can be Disconnected after a Pre-defined Time Effective Sharing of Telephone Resources Controls Time Spent on Phone System gives Alert Tone before Disconnection
    33. 33. Caller Line Identification (CLI) Supports CLI on Analog, Digital, GSM and VoIP Trunks Supports DTMF and FSK Analog CLI Displays CLI on Normal Analog, Digital and IP Phone Time and Date Display on FSK CLI of Analog Phone CLIR for Internal Calls
    34. 34. CLI based Routing Route Incoming Call from a Specific Number or a Destination to a Pre-assigned Number No Need of an Operator or Auto-Attendant Assistance to Route a Call Calls will not be Matured, if not Answered 400 Numbers can be Programmed Incoming Calls can be Routed on SLT, DKP, CO, GSM, VoIP and ISDN BRI-PRI
    35. 35. CLI based Routing – An Illustration If Called Number fromSystem Check This MD’s Residence,Number in its CLI Route Call Directly toTable MD Call From a MD’s Residence
    36. 36. Multi-Site Connectivity Networked PBXs work as a Single Entity Connects More than one PBX Location through E&M, T1/E1 or VoIP Interfaces To Call Between Locations Dial Just a Station Number Station Number should be Unique Operator and Auto-Attendant can be By-passed
    37. 37. Multi-Site Connectivity– An Illustration GSM T1/E1/PRI/VoIPISDN PRI 3001 3100 2001 2100 PSTN  Call Users of the Exchange with Extension Number  Exchange can used System Resources of other , if Programmed
    38. 38. Conference Bridge Maximum 21 Parties Conference is Possible with ETERNITY ME Maximum 15 Parties Conference is Possible with ETERNITY GE12S/GE6S Multiple Conferences are Possible Supports Conference Dial-In
    39. 39. Multiple Multi-Party Conference Logistics & Transportation GSM /3G Reception 00 Local LANFactory Workers Internet Sr. Manager-Production ETERNITY IP-PBXField Sales Person PSTN(Mobile SIP Client) Sr. Manager-Sales Technical Support Team
    40. 40. Conference Dial-In  All the Parties are informed about Scheduled Conference Prior to the event  By dialing Conference Dial-In code, relevant Parties can join Conference with ease Logistics & Transportation GSM/3G/ 15/21 People can be included in single Dial- Reception in Conference Local LANFactory Workers Internet Sr. Manager-Production ETERNITY IP-PBXField Sales Person PSTN(Mobile SIP Client) Sr. Manager-Sales Technical Support Team
    41. 41. Department Group Maximum 16 Department Groups Each Department Group can have 16 Stations Incoming Calls can be Routed to a Department Group Any station in the Group can Answer the Call Station Log-in and Log-out Facility Log-in and Log-out Details can be Printed
    42. 42. Digital Input Port Useful for Various Control Applications External Devices Like Alarm Sensor, Smoke Sensor, Glass Breaking Detector can be Connected Optional Interface Sensors
    43. 43. Digital Output Port Useful for Various Control Applications External Devices Like Door Lock, Relay can be Connected Support DISA Operation Built-in Interface Door Lock
    44. 44. Dual Ring Attend your Desk Calls on your Mobile Simultaneous Ringing on Internal Extension as well as on Mobile Whichever Answers First, other Disconnects Not Applicable when Call Routed through TWT and E&M Boon to the Government Officers who Keeps on Traveling and yet can Attend their Desk Calls
    45. 45. D Magneto GSM CDMA TWT ISDN - BRI PSTN ISDN - PRI Internet VoIP E&M VSAT
    46. 46. External Call Forwarding Calls to a Station can be Forwarded to Another Station or Destination Forward Incoming Calls to External Destination Forward Internal Calls to External Destination CLI based External Call Forwarding is Possible Simultaneous Ringing on Internal Station as well as Forwarded Destination is Possible
    47. 47. External Call Forwarding 99250 99250 Call is Forwarded on External Number 99250 99250 Network Extn: 225User Dial 0265-2630555 Extn: 225
    48. 48. Flexible Numbering Users can Select Numbers of their Choice Options to Select One, Two, Three and Four Digits Number Both on SLT and DKP 9 20 201 3001
    49. 49. Universal Routing with Least Cost Comprehensive LCR 3 Types:  Time  Number  Service Provider to Service Provider Combinations also Possible Automatically selects the Cheapest Route to Call Call Made Outside the Organization at Least Possible Cost
    50. 50. Live Call Screening Work with Voice Mail System Card Feature is available only on DKP Station can Interrupt and Speak to Caller while Leaving a Message to the VMS Forward calls to VMS and Attend, if Important
    51. 51. Logical Partitioning Calls from VoIP to PSTN and Other Networks are Not Allowed Calls from VoIP and other Trunk Ports Like TWT, DS1, BRI, E&M and GSM can be Restricted
    52. 52. Logical Partitioning– An Illustration Magneto GSM CDMA TWT ISDN - BRI PSTN ISDN - PRI Internet VoIP E&M VSAT
    53. 53. Call Detail Records Call Details can be downloaded to a Computer Buffer Supports up to 12,000  For Outgoing Calls – 6,000  For Incoming Calls – 5,000  For Internal Calls – 1,000 Support Various Filters for Call Analysis
    54. 54. Video Conferencing ISDN BRI/PRI TE BRI/PRI NT ISDN BRI Ports used for Video Conferencing
    55. 55. Voice Mail System
    56. 56. Voice Mail System - Overview Avail in the form of an Expansion Card 16 Port Voice Mail Card Up to 512 Mailboxes 254 Message or 999 minutes per Mailbox USB Flash Drive as a Storage Media Storage capacity of 72 Hours with 4 GB USB Flash Can be expanded up to 576 Hours with 32 GB USB Flash Ethernet Port for Programming
    57. 57. VMS - Benefits In-skin Expansion Card - No Moving Parts No need of Extra Space for the System – Effective Utilization of Real Estate Easy Message Delivery and Retrieval Easy to Install and Use Easy Configuration Programming through Web-based GUI Greet your Callers with same Warmth Personalized Greetings for Each Mailbox User Attend your all calls effectively 24x7 Productivity Booster and Convenience Enhancing Features
    58. 58. VMS Benefits – To Govt. Department Reduce burden of Operator Reduced Human Error Answer Caller Immediately – Saving on time of Caller Assist Multiple Calls Simultaneously and Effectively No Dropped Calls – Better Service to Public Round the Clock Assistance to Public Productivity and Convenience Enhancing Features - Such as Voice Mail to Email, Broadcast Message, Redirect Message, Listening Message from anywhere will increase efficiency of the enterprise by leaps and bounds.
    59. 59. VMS Benefits – To Caller Uniform Treatment for Each time call is made No call queues - Saving on Time Access to Information at any time No need to redial – Leave a Message and ensure the communication at the very first call No need to remember Extension Number - Dial by Name
    60. 60. VMS Benefits –Mailbox Owner Reach to Mailbox from anywhere Reach to Customers/Callers anytime Personalized Greetings Keep your focused without missing important calls – Live Call Screening Multiple Mailboxes on Single Extension Message Wait Indication Message Receipt Notification
    61. 61. VMS at your Service
    62. 62. VMS at your Service Message Notification Services Message Delivery ServiceIncoming Call Transfer Service Attendant Services Email Mailbox Services
    63. 63. Attendant Services – An Illustration 1 Call to Joseph 2 PSTN Welcome Caller Welcome to Matrix Telecom ! Greetings Dial Extension Number 7-Dial by Name 3 0 8-Leave a Message 5-Listen Promotional Scheme 9-Go to Operator The Person you wish to talk is not # available. Please dial 1 Calling Activity:End 1 to retry Dialed Extension Number: 501 4 9 to go to operator Dial by Name: Joseph, Dial 567 ETERNITY IP-PBX 0 to go to initial node # to disconnect 8 Call Established 5 9 7 6 Joseph 501 Smith 502 Operator No Answer User Busy Sara 503
    64. 64. Web based Programming Web based GUI Programming over Internet Access Level for System Engineer and System Administrator Upgrade System Software Takes Back-up SMDR Reports
    65. 65. Accessories
    66. 66. Accessories Digital Key Phone Direct Station Selection (DSS) Console IP-Phone
    67. 67. Digital Key Phone – EON48S 2x24 LCD with Swivel, Backlit and Contrast Control Message Wait Lamp Ringer Lamp 24 Programmable Keys & DSS Keys More Direct Station Keys on Optional Attachment (DSS16x4) Desk-Top and Wall Mounting Call Log Adjustable Ringer Volume and Speech Level Executive and Operator Functionality Last Dialed Calls Message Paging Tri Colour LEDs for Port Status
    68. 68. Direct Station Selection – DSS16X4 Two Units can be Attached with Each EON48S 64 keys for Direct Station Selection DSS16X4 uses 1 DKP Port Dual Color LEDs for Port Status
    69. 69. IP Phones – SETU VP 3 SIP Accounts 2 Ethernet Ports Programmable Keys Auto Answer with Headset Interface Conference DHCP, PPPoE, NAT and STUN Peer-to-Peer Calling Dialed, Received, Missed and Rejected Call Logs G.711, G.722, G.723, G.726 and G.729AB LAN and WAN Ports Message Wait Indication Multiple Call Handling (4 Calls) Phone Book with 100 Entries Web Configuration
    70. 70. DGS&DCustomer List
    71. 71. DGS&D Customer ListGovernment Organization CityCommissioner of Central Excise ChennaiCommissioner of Central Excise, Customs & Service Tax MysoreCentral Horticultural Experiment Station BhubaneswarDirectorate of Enforcement LucknowThe Collectorate JabalpurMunicipal Corporation BhilaiGarrison Engineer (P), Kirkee PuneThe Chief Engineer, BSF Head Qtr. BikanerCMP Centre and School BangaloreHeadquarters Madras Engineer Group & Centre BangaloreDefence Research & Development Organisation, Govt. of India, Ministry Bhuvaneswarof Defence
    72. 72. DGS&D Customer ListGovernment Organization CityInstitute of Technology KorbaCentral Tool Room & Training Centre BhuvaneswarRegional Vocational Training Institute for Women, DGE&T, Govt. of India AllahabadDirectorate of Technical Education & Training OrissaGujarat Vidyapith AhmedabadUniversity Institute of Engineering & Technology (UIET) KurukshetraNational Institute of Technology AgartalaGujarat Ecological Education & Research Foundation, Dept. of Forest, GandhinagarGujaratDept. of AYUSH, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Govt. of India New DelhiRegional Referral Hospital, Dept. of Health & Family Welfare, Govt. of NasikMaharashtraChief Commissioner of Income Tax - I Vadodara
    73. 73. DGS&D Customer ListGovernment Organization CityCommissioner of Income Tax - I KolhapurChief Commissioner of Income Tax TrivendrumPrasar Bharati, Broadcasting Corpn. Of India, All India Radio / Doordarshan JabalpurPrasar Bharati, Broadcasting Corpn. Of India, Doordarshan Kendra Kohima Dibrugarh,Assam Power Generation Corpn. Ltd., AssamNational Power Training Institute (Ministry of Power, Govt. of India) GuwahatiPhysical Research Laboratory AhmedabadBhabha Atomic Research Centre MysoreNational Technical Research Organization New DelhiCommissioner of Income Tax - I KolhapurChief Commissioner of Income Tax Trivendrum
    74. 74. DGS&D Customer ListGovernment Organization CityBrihan Mumbai Municipal Corporation MumbaiBureau of Indian Standards Mumbai MaharashtraDirectorate of Vocational Education & Training (44 Locations)Directorate of Technical Education GandhinagarDept. of Health & Family Welfare GandhinagarIndian Coast Guard (Indian Navy), Min. of Defence DamanSachivalay Complex, Ele. Division, R&B Dept. GandhinagarCompetition Commission Of India New DelhiMinistry Of Home Affairs, North Block New DelhiNational Institute Of Health & Family Welfare New DelhiWomen Hospital DehradoonRoad Transport Organisation Mumbai Chandrapur,Zila Parishad Maharashtra
    75. 75. DGS&D Customer ListGovernment Organization - Education CityRajasathan Teacher Eligibilty Test AjmerNational Institute of Technology AgartalaNational Institute of Technology AgartalaGovt. Science College AhmedabadGujarat Vidyapith AhmedabadKrishi Vigyan Kendra AntaCMP Centre and School BangaloreKrishi Vigyan Kendra BanswaraRani Channamma University BelgaviKrishi Vigyan Kendra BhilwaraCentral Tool Room & Training Centre BhubaneswarCollege of Agriculture BikanerKrishi Vigyan Kendra Bundi
    76. 76. DGS&D Customer ListGovernment Organization - Education CityKendriya Vidyalaya ChandkhedaKrishi Vigyan Kendra ChittorgarhIndustrial Training Institiute DehradunKrishi Vigyan Kendra DungarpurDirectorate of Technical Education Gandhinagar GandhinagarEducation BoardCentral University of Himachal Pradesh HPSri Mata Vaishno Devi university J &KKrishi Vigyan Kendra JhalawarSKN College of Agriculture JobnerNorth Eastern Institute of Science & Technology JorhatAhmedabad Municipal Corporations Dental College KhokhraKrishi Vigyan Kendra Kota
    77. 77. DGS&D Customer List Government Organization - Education CityKendriya Vidyalaya MankhurdDirectorate of Vocational Education & Training MumbaiDirectorate of Vocational Education & Training MumbaiAgriculture University NavsariNational Institute of Health and Family Welfare New DelhiDirectorate of Technical Education & Training OrissaIndustrial Training Institute PithoragarhKrishi Vigyan Kendra RajsamandKrishi Vigyan Kendra SirohiDirectorate of Extension Education UdaipurHeadquarter EME School VadodaraOffice of the Commandant, EME School Vadodara
    78. 78. DGS&D Customer ListGovernment Organization - Defence CityDirector General Armed Forces Medical Services New DelhiAir force BelgaumDefence Research & Development Organization, Ministry of Defence BhubaneswarAir force ChandigarhAir force DadriController of Defence Accounts Guwahati39 Mtn DOU Jammu28 Mtn DOU JammuCantonment Board Kirkee, PuneAMC Centre & College LucknowAMC Records LucknowWeapon Acceptance Trial Team MumbaiAir force NagpurAir force NasikForce HQRS Sashatra Seema Bal New DelhiSashatra Seema Bal Shimla
    79. 79. DGS&D Customer ListGovernment Organization - Health CityGujarat State AIDS Control Society AhmedabadMedical College BhavnagarPublic Health Department CuttackCivil Hospital GandhinagarTaluka Hospital, Kanjirapally KottayamMedical College PatanCivil Hospital SilvassaCivil Hospital ThaneGovernment Organization - PolicePolice Radio Officer A&NSuperintendent of Police BikanerDy. Commissioner of Police, East DelhiDy. Commissioner of Police, North DelhiDCP Outer District DelhiDCP West Dist. DelhiADG Police Gandhinagar
    80. 80. DGS&D Customer ListGovernment Organization - Police CityUP Police LucknowCommissioner of Police New DelhiDelhi Police, South East New DelhiDy. Commissioner of Police, New Delhi New DelhiDy. Commissioner of Police, North East New DelhiDy. Commissioner of Police, South West New DelhiDy. Commissioner of Police, West New DelhiResident Commissioner (Maharashtra Sadan) New DelhiGovernment Organization - MediaVigyan Prasar NoidaAll India Radio AhmedabadPrasar Bharati, Broadcasting Corpn. of India, All India Radio /Doordarshan JabalpurPrasar Bharti New DelhiNational Technical Research Organization New Delhi
    81. 81. DGS&D Customer ListGovernment Organization - Research/Laboratories CityForensic Science Laboratory AhmedabadSpace Physical Research Lab AhmedabadElectronics Regional Test Laboratory (East) KolkataTata Institute of Fundamental Research MumbaiBhabha Atomic Research Centre MysoreRegional Forensic Science Laboratory RajkotMain Cotton Research Station Surat Government Organization - Banks CitySBI MumbaiState Bank of Hyderabad Tirupati Government Organization - Others CityDepartment of Space AhmedabadMSME Development Institute AhmedabadConsumer Disputes Redressal Commission AhmedabadTolmap Bhavan AhmedabadPublic Works Department Ajmer
    82. 82. DGS&D Customer ListGovernment Organization - Others CityCommander Works Engineers (AF) AllahabadGujarat Pollution Control Board AnkleshwarEmployees Provident Fund Organization AurangabadBhilwara Zila Doogdh Utpadak S. S. Ltd. BhilwaraTejaswini R. W. E. Program BhopalMP rajya Pichhada Varga Aayog BhopalRailtel Corporation of India Ltd. BhubaneswarAirport Authority of India ChennaiCommissioner of Central Excise ChennaiCentral Warehousing Corporation ChennaiNational Bio Diversity Authority ChennaiSouth Chennai Vehicle Main Depot ChennaiMunicipality DahodMinistry of Home Affairs DelhiGovt. of National Capital Territory of Delhi DelhiAirport Authority of India Dibrugarh
    83. 83. DGS&D Customer ListGovernment Organization - Others CityAssam Power Generation Corpn. Ltd. Dibrugarh, AssamCommander Works Engineers Dibrugarh, AssamCentral Water Commission GandhinagarCircuit House GandhinagarDirectorate of Sainik Welfare & Resettlement Board GandhinagarElec. Sub Dn No.2 GandhinagarDepartment of AYUSH HyderabadWaghur Dam Division JalgaonCircuit House JunagadhCommissioner of Income Tax KolhapurSarvajanik Udhyam Bureau LucknowDiversified Agriculture Support Project LucknowDepartment of Atomic Energy MumbaiDirectorate of Aviation MumbaiWater Supply Department MumbaiGovt. Central Press Mumbai
    84. 84. DGS&D Customer ListGovernment Organization - Others CityBrihan mumbai Municipal Corporation MumbaiRoad Transport Organization MumbaiMunicipal Corporation MumbaiJilla Shalya Chikitshak NasikCentral Bureau of Narcotics NeemuchMinistry of Agriculture New DelhiTown & Country Planning Organisation New DelhiNational Medicinal Plants Board New DelhiDistrict Court PatanMunicipality PindwaraZoological Survey of India PuneMeghalaya Industrial Dev. Corp. Ltd. ShillongMunicipality, Abu Road SirohiMunicipality SirohiChief Commissioner of Income Tax TrivandrumChief Commissioner of Income Tax Vadodara
    85. 85. Thank You
    86. 86.  Type of Presentation: DGS&D Presentation Number of Slides: 84 Revised On: September 5, 2011 Version-Release Number: V2.R1For Further Information Please Contact:Email ID: pbx@MatrixComsec.comVisit us at