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Predictive Analytics [UTC]


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Presentation on Predictive Analytics at UTC.
You can find some of my articles about Business Analytics on my blog:

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Predictive Analytics [UTC]

  1. 1. Matous Havlena Maricela Gomez Herrera Maria Isabel Hernandez Eguibar Predictive Analytics UTC UniversityProduction and Operations Management
  2. 2. Why does itWhat is it? Case Studies matter?
  3. 3. What is Predictive Analytics?Data Information Decision
  4. 4. Intelligence vs. AnalyticsWhat happened? Why did it happen? Who? When? Will it happen again? How many? What will happen if we change x? ...historical predictive...
  5. 5. Why does it matter? Revenue Costs Competitiveness IBMs CFO study36% growth in revenue or more2X more likely to outperform peers IBM/MIT study
  6. 6. Crime Prediction Memphis Police Departmentpositions resources more likely to encounter problems before crimes are committed reduction in27% serious crimes drop in15% violent crimes
  7. 7. Predictive Customer Analytics First Tennessee Bank optimizes its marketing resources increase in3.1% marketing response overall return600% on investment
  8. 8. Matous Havlena Maricela Gomez Herrera Maria Isabel Hernandez Eguibar cyt536@mocs.utc.eduThank you!