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  1. 1. +++ pelhof Airport Tem ücke 5Pla tz der Luftbr Berlin +++ Inter- natIonal DesIgn FestIval BerlIn june 01-05 2011 p Exhibitions, Symposium, Awards, Workshops, Designer Talks, Pecha Kucha and Satellite Events
  2. 2. How can a product be shown in an innovativeenvironment in order to reach out to a newgroup of consumers?DMY introduces new opportunities to showcase aproject, reveals fascinating manufacturing processes,and provides an open, direct communication platformbetween product, press, manufacturers and visitors.
  3. 3. DMY International Design Festival Berlin / June 1st – 5th, 2011 Index04 1.0 about DMY Berlin 25 2.6 Knowledge transfer, Communication A Gateway to the Markets of Europe, Asia and the Americas and learning Exploring New Horizons of Conduct and Understanding06 2.0 DMY International Design Festival Berlin 2011 New Talents, Innovation, Knowledge Transfer 31 2.7 B2B enterprises for the Professional Field Inspiration and Development for the Creative Sector09 2.1 venue and Businesses Berlin Tempelhof Airport - One of the World’s most Iconic Building 34 2.8 Berlin Design Week Satellite Exhibitions present Design throughout the City11 2.2 exhibition showcases The Young and the Established - Processes and 37 3.0 the Festival in numbers Accomplishments 40 4.0 Communication tools of the Festival16 2.3 Country Focus Rare Insights into Inspiring Design Habitats 55 5.0 Media Coverage18 2.4 thematic Focus 60 6.0 Contact Current Issues touching on the Values of the Design System 61 7.0 Copyright20 2.5 events3 DMY Berlin
  4. 4. 1.0 aBout DMY BerlIn Tarmac
  5. 5. DMY International Design Festival Berlin / June 1st – 5th, 2011 1.0 About Berlin1.0 aBout DMY BerlInA Gateway to the Markets of Europe, Asia and the AmericasDMY Berlin is an international platform for contemporary international trade fairs and festivals such as the Milanproduct design, founded in 2003 by a visionary circle of Furniture Fair, Designtide Tokyo, Taiwan Design Expo,leading creative thinkers from the Berlin design scene. Seoul Design Fair or Mes de Diseño (Buenos Aires).Annually, DMY presents the DMY International Design Exhibitors and institutions from more than 30 nationsFestival in Berlin. As a breeding ground for young participate in the International Design Festival Berlindesigners and a unique business platform for professio- thanks to this widespread partnership network.nal designers and companies, the festival has organically What began in 2003 as a Berlin design platform hasgrown into a key event for contemporary and conceptual grown into a genuine design hub that today forges linksdesign and is the largest of its kind in Germany. between Europe, Asia and the Americas.Since 2005 DMY has built a sustainable, global networkby promoting and introducing novel design solutions in5 DMY Berlin
  6. 6. 2.0 DMY InternatIonal DesIgnFestIval BerlIn
  7. 7. DMY International Design Festival Berlin / June 1st – 5th, 2011 2.0 New Talents, Innovation and Knowledge Sharing2.0 neW talents, InnovatIon anD KnoWleDge sharIngA Platform for the Design Community The DMY International Design Festival Berlin provides a point of intersection between the general public, businesses, the press and new generations of talented creative people. The festival offers insights into the contemporary design practice and emerging currents. It is a platform for showcasing design, communicating and cooperating, discussing and sharing knowledge – as well as for making design. DMY focuses on product and industrial design as well as adjoining areas of professional activity. Research, innovation and multidisciplinary approaches are strongly encouraged. A pivotal role is awarded to critical and experimental approaches.DMY 20107 DMY Berlin
  8. 8. DMY International Design Festival Berlin / June 1st – 5th, 2011 2.0 New Talents, Innovation and Knowledge SharingConceptually, the festival places a focus on design as Internationally renowned designers Werner Aisslinger,a process: thinking, making, discussing and reflecting Jurgen Bey and Jerszy Seymour represent the perma-current and future practices. It endeavours to reflect the nent jury, with two additional prestigious personalitiesdesign ‘system’ as a whole - a process of interlocking yet nominated as festival jurors each year in spring.idiosyncratic development stages, mapped in thephysical as well as theoretical realms. The International Design Festival Berlin supports young talents with an unparalleled rate subsidy policy forDMY is a curated event. Participants are admitted selected upcoming designers. Paired with the participantfollowing a review of a five member expert jury jury admission, the design festival continues to followconsisting of acclaimed trade professionals. its high quality standards, living up to its reputation as a major platform for protagonists that will shape our future world.8 DMY Berlin
  9. 9. 2.1 venueBerlin Tempelhof Airport - One of the World’s Most Iconic Buildings
  10. 10. DMY International Design Festival Berlin / June 1st – 5th, 2011 2.1 Venue2.1 venueBerlin Tempelhof Airport - One of Most Iconic Buildings Worldwide Following last year’s resounding success, the main festival venue shall again touchdown in the colossal architecture of former airport Tempelhof in central Berlin. Its majestic entrance hall, spacious and light-flooded aviation hangars, not to mention the sheer endless open space will again provide an impressive backdrop for events and exhibitions. The festival will once again occupy more than 11.000 sqm with an enormous potential for growth in the coming years. above: Aerial View, Tempelhof Airport below: Exterior View, DMY International Design Festival Berlin 201010 DMY Berlin
  11. 11. 2.2 exhIBItIon shoWCasesThe Young and the Established - Process and Final Results
  12. 12. DMY International Design Festival Berlin / June 1st – 5th, 2011 2.2 Exhibition Showcases2.2.1 DesIgn DeveloPMent Clusters Placing curation, clarity and accessibility in the foreground, the exhibition structure will be conceptualized around clusters that reflect the design process and its different developement stages and approaches. The visitor is lead on an exciting journey along concepts, prototypes, one offs and serial products in the fields of furniture, interior accessories, lighting, industrial design and multidisciplinary endeavours. above: NETwork, 3d stitching furniture, Design: Werner Aisslinger, 2010 below: Vondom@BERLINRODEO, Design: BERLINRODEO interior concepts, 201012 DMY Berlin
  13. 13. DMY International Design Festival Berlin / June 1st – 5th, 2011 2.2 Exhibition Showcases2.2.2 seleCteD neW talents With over 6000 sqm dedicated to selected young talents, the International Design Festival Berlin will once again retain its name as one of Europe’s most vibrant and concentrated places to see the accomplishments of the upcoming generation of designers and to meet the young blood in person. An unsurpassed platform for fresh ideas and surprising concepts, the ‘Youngsters’ will once again make hearts beat faster along with interactive installations, events and DJ showcases in a pleasant festival atmosphere. above: For those who see, Design: Daniel Schulze 2010 below: IKARUS, Design: Kayser / Metzner, 200913 DMY Berlin
  14. 14. DMY International Design Festival Berlin / June 1st – 5th, 2011 2.2 Exhibition Showcases2.2.3 leaDIng DesIgn sChools Design schools from all over Europe and beyond take center stage in Berlin. As incubators of conceptual innovation and research excellence, their process driven and highly inspiring showcases add progressive thrust to the festival and open a window towards the approaches of tomorrow’s design talents. above: ETH Zürich, 2009 below: Geneva University of Art and Design (HEAD), 201014 DMY Berlin
  15. 15. DMY International Design Festival Berlin / June 1st – 5th, 2011 2.2 Exhibition Showcases2.2.3 InnovatIon InDustrYFrom Processes, Tools, Materials to Products Emerging talents account for just one side of the coin. The International Design Festival Berlin offers ample space for forward thinking product developments of accomplis- hed brands and renowned protagonists. In line with our perception of the design ‘system’ meaning a holistic cycle of conception, experimentation, research, production, utilization and communication, we encourage professional showcases to include not only furniture and interior accessories but also product, tooling, material and process innovation – as well as awarding ample room for local producers. MYON, Neurorobotik Lab HU Berlin, Bayer MateriaScience, Design: Frackenpohl Poulheim, 201015 DMY Berlin
  16. 16. Designer Dinner, Food Concept by: Proof / Marije Vogelzang, Dutch Design Focus 2009 2.3 CountrY FoCus Rare Insights into Inspiring Design Habitats Give me MoreGlass, Exhibition by Designhuis, Exhibition by. EPFL/ECAL,Curated by: Lidewij Edelkoort, Dutch Design Focus 2009 Swiss Design Focus 2010
  17. 17. DMY International Design Festival Berlin / June 1st – 5th, 2011 2.3 Country Focus2.3 CountrY FoCusOne of the annual highlights are the jointly curated Following up to the partnerships with The Netherlandsreviews and presentations of a nation’s design habitat. and Switzerland, the 2011 festival edition is looking forward to host the design habitat of Finland.Via individual and group showcases, expert contributions,public and professional programes as well as events, The festival will reveal many little-known aspects of oura guest nation’s institutions, designers and curators team northern partner’s acclaimed design community to theup to provide little known aspects and firsthand insights international visitors – from innovative products andinto foreign design philosophy and outstanding accom- services over new approaches in education to emergingplishments. A matchmaking dinner marks the highlight talents as well as a rare chance to preview and getof a country focus. The gala events inspire guests through involved with the ambitious programes of the Worldsurprising local delicacies and fresh food design concepts. Design Capital Helsinki 2012.17 DMY Berlin
  18. 18. 2.4 theMatIC FoCus Current Issues influencing the Values of the Design SystemChinese stools – Made in China copied by Dutch,design by: Wieki Somers, 2007
  19. 19. DMY International Design Festival Berlin / June 1st – 5th, 2011 2.4 Thematic Focus2.4 theMatIC FoCusCopying vs. InspirationWe believe that current and critical themes in design We would like to raise questions about the roots andneed further exploration. Each year the festival organi- implications of the value system built around thezers propose a theme that is explored through curated original, as well as discuss its future relevance in ashowcases as well as through panel discussions and future of co-working and sharing. At the same time weprofound talks in the festival’s Design Symposium. will look into the other side of these arguments by exploring the reasons and realities behind copying,In 2011 the thematic focus will be build around the imitation and inspiration.polarising topic of copying. Has today’s design shifted from a discipline originallyThe area of tension that immediately builds up when founded on universal values for the population to thespeaking about this issue proves its up-to-date furnishing of a status society?relevance and explosive potential – not only in thefield of design. The question where inspiration ends The 2011 design festival will prepare the sparringand copying begins can be assessed from personal, ground for inspiring and committed discussionscultural, moral but also from commercial and legal besides inviting selected showcases to underlinepoints of view. controversial aspects of this thematic complex.19 DMY Berlin
  20. 20. Pecha Kucha Night, 2009DMY Award, 2010 2.5 events DMY Award, Designer Dinner, Klublabor, Pecha Kucha NightDMY Klublabor, 2009 Deisgner Dinner, 2008
  21. 21. DMY International Design Festival Berlin / June 1st – 5th, 2011 2.5 Events2.5.1 aWarD Apart from evaluating exhibitor applications, the festival jury nominates ten outstanding projects that have the abili- ty to illustrate the jury’s set of values regarding the design profession and practice. The jury visits and discusses all ten nominees, consequently selecting three award winners. The award ceremony takes place before the traditional Designer Dinner, forming the core evening event of the entire five-day program. above: DMY Award, 2009 below: Festival Jury Members Hella Jongerius and Patrick Reymond, 201021 DMY Berlin
  22. 22. DMY International Design Festival Berlin / June 1st – 5th, 2011 2.5 Events2.5.2 PeCha KuCha A public favourite, the annual Pecha Kucha Night features inspiring presentations from contemporary international speakers in the original 20 images x 20 seconds Pecha Kucha format. In this casual and unusual rapid-presentation-event the border between stage and audience, speaker and listener is blurred; networking, mingling and connecting are a natu- rally outcoming process. above: Yuri Suzuki, Pecha Kucha Night, 2009 below: Audience, Pecha Kucha Night, 200922 DMY Berlin
  23. 23. DMY International Design Festival Berlin / June 1st – 5th, 2011 2.5 Events2.5.3 DesIgner DInner Part of the country focus program, the exhibitor and guest dinner unites networking with hospitality and national local food with eating design in an exclusive, yet relaxed atmosphere. Placed in the central exhibition venue, accessible for invited guests and designers only, the dinner creates a strong synergy between selected exhibitors, representatives of culture and industry, as well as the design elite, media and press. above: Food Concept, Designer Dinner, 2009 below: Eating Designer Marije Vogelzang, Designer Dinner, 200923 DMY Berlin
  24. 24. DMY International Design Festival Berlin / June 1st – 5th, 2011 2.5 Events2.5.4 KluBlaBor A fixed institution is the legendary DMY Klublabor. Here the festival expresses its liveliness in the interplay of all elements. Well-known clubs, labels and party series such as WMF, Cookies, Tresor, Click (Hamburg), Nitsa (Barcelona) or A-Gogo (Maastricht) have been hosts at DMY events. In return, DMY visited the night-creatures in their hiding places: 103 Club, Weekend or Bar 25. The DMY Klublabor offers a select choice of international DJs and VJs in a pulsating style-frenzy night programme in unmistakable Berlin style. above: Festival Opening Party, 2008 below: Klublabor at WMF, 200924 DMY Berlin
  25. 25. Design Symposium, 2010 Lucas Verweij, Arik Levy, Design Symposium 20092.6 KnoWleDge sharIng,CoMMunICatIon anD learnIngExploring New Horizons of Conduct and UnderstandingLidewij Edelkoort,Symposium Speaker 2009 Open Source Bookwriting Workshop, 2010
  26. 26. DMY International Design Festival Berlin / June 1st – 5th, 2011 2.6 Knowledge Sharing, Communication and Learning2.6.1 DesIgn sYMPosIuM The Design Symposium is the festival’s main discussion forum. During an entire day program leading industry professionals and experts present insights into the festival’s thematic focus and publicly discuss related concepts thereof. Past speakers include designers such as Jurgen Bey, Jerszy Seymour, Marije Vogelzang, Arik Levy or Fiona Raby; researchers such as Ralf Ketelhut (cradle to cradle), Nicolas Henchoz (augmented reality), Prof. Reto Wettach (interac- tion/interfaces) or Prof. Frans Vogelaar (hybrid spaces); cultural experts such as Matt Cottam, Dingeman Kuilman or trend researcher Lidewij Edelkoort. above: Haiyan Zhang, Interaction Designer, IDEO London, 2010 below: Fiona Raby, Designer Dunne & Raby, 201026 DMY Berlin
  27. 27. DMY International Design Festival Berlin / June 1st – 5th, 2011 2.6 Knowledge Sharing, Communication and Learning2.6.2 oPen talKs Adding further layers of knowledge and exchange, the Open Talk series evaluates current topics, unveils bold projects, depicts precedent-setting developments, processes and material developments to the professional audience throughout the festival days. Past speakers include Gert Hildebrand (chief designer, MINI), Dr. Sascha Peters (CEO, haute innovation), Max Fraser (design and craft curator) or Michael T. L. Lin (vice CEO, Taiwan Design Center) and many others. above: Jay Cousins, 2010 below: Audience, Open Talks 201027 DMY Berlin
  28. 28. DMY International Design Festival Berlin / June 1st – 5th, 2011 2.6 Knowledge Sharing, Communication and Learning2.6.3 PuBlIC WorKshoPs Design is about perceiving, reflecting and making – the festival provides the public with access to cutting edge developments, technologies and the persons that shape and influence the field. Starting off with Chris Bangle (former BMW chief designer) in 2008, the festival invites dedicated industry experts to offer inspirational workshops that are open to popular participation. above: Chris Bangle Workshop, 2009 below: Social Media Workshop, 201028 DMY Berlin
  29. 29. DMY International Design Festival Berlin / June 1st – 5th, 2011 2.6 Knowledge Sharing, Communication and Learning2.6.4 MaKer laB The DMY Maker Lab serves as a public experimentation space for accessing new technologies, communication and exchange concepts. Inaugurated in the 2010 design festival, the lab is the first large maker platform in Germany and was enthusiastically received by the press, public and pro- fessionals. The lab unites inventors, geeks, ‘nerds’, designers and visitors in a 300 sqm workshop area fitted with some of the finest technologies and materials available, side by side with low-tech instruments and applications. DMY Maker Lab, 201029 DMY Berlin
  30. 30. DMY International Design Festival Berlin / June 1st – 5th, 2011 2.6 Knowledge Sharing, Communication and LearningEntirely dedicated to open source, collective and co-wor- 2010 Maker Lab participants:king concepts, the lab produced a monument of physical 25 workshop leaders, Premsela Dutch platform foraccomplishments, but above all expanded minds towards design and fashion Amsterdam, V2 Media Laba new understanding of cooperative and creative pro- Rotterdam, Betahaus Berlin, Open Design City Fab Labcesses, sparking off uncounted consecutive projects in the Berlin et al.follow up. Covered fields (selected):Quickly established as a place for foresights into the bio-plastics, 3 D-printing (sintering), laser cutting,things to come, the Lab is bound for further extension in 2 D-printing, digital data processing, analogue motion2011. graphics / filmmaking, Arduino applications, e-textiles, web-based social networking and communication, internet commerce/marketplaces, architecture, curatorial practice, open source book writing etc.30 DMY Berlin
  31. 31. design reaktor berlin 2.7 B2B enterPrIses For the ProFessIonal FIelD Inspiration and Development for the Creative Sector and BusinessesGert Hildebrand, Chief Designer MINI design reaktor berlin
  32. 32. DMY International Design Festival Berlin / June 1st – 5th, 2011 2.7 B2B Enterprises for the Professional Field2.7.1 InnovatIon WorKshoPs Building upon many years of experience and thanks to a vast international network of creative experts the festival will introduce specific workshops for a limited number of participants from design related businesses and the industry. Innovation is a core asset: insiders offer expert advice and inspiration on emerging developments that may shape or even revolutionize the future design industry. Workshop fields include • emerging and grass roots concepts (trade, cooperation, business strategy)Open Source Workshop, DMY 2010 • sustainable future strategies and technologies • new materials • open design and co-working principles • acting and thinking multidisciplinary32 DMY Berlin
  33. 33. DMY International Design Festival Berlin / June 1st – 5th, 2011 2.7 B2B Enterprises for the Professional Field2.7.2 loCal MatChMaKIngForging Ventures between the Creative Sector and Businesses As a design platform rooted in the German capital’s creative habitat, DMY has been dedicated to the development of the local professional field for over eight years. Consequently, a number of B2B projects for designers and local companies will be launched in the 2011 festival edition. Project directions include • matchmaking between designers and businesses • presentation of production capability • linking craftsmanship, design and production • project management; conceptual, design and production management services • marketing and distribution These latest B2B ventures will complete the festival’s design system cycle. Workshops and events will be conceived in coope- ration with DMY partners within the design industry, the creative habitat and professional associations.Images: design reaktor berlin33 DMY Berlin
  34. 34. Porca Miseria, Ingo Maurer, 2010 2.8 BerlIn DesIgn WeeK Design as the City’s Common Themeel ultimo grito, 2008 Karim Rashid, 2008
  35. 35. DMY International Design Festival Berlin / June 1st – 5th, 2011 2.8 Berlin Design Week2.8 BerlIn DesIgn WeeKDesign as the City’s Common Theme DMY is currently initiating the founding of a Berlin Design Week that shall act as an umbrella organisation and communication platform for all design related activities set around early June. With the major Berlin based design organisations acting as founding members, the design week shall provide an open structure and extended event period to strengthen and diversify the capital’s annual design events. Set already for summer 2011, the Berlin Design Week will include the main event DMY International Design Festival as well as a steadily growing number of exhibitions in museums, galleries, studios, showrooms and temporary locations - relieving and extending the existing festival satellite exhibition program.Red Dress, Design: Aamu Song, 200835 DMY Berlin
  36. 36. DMY International Design Festival Berlin / June 1st – 5th, 2011 2.8 Berlin Design Week The public will be invited to step into exhibitions and events organised by local, national and international institutions, companies and design groups - or quite simply to visit open studios and ateliers and to get acquainted with the designers’ daily work. The number of satellite venues is expected to grow steadily from past year´s over 50 participants.Appel Design Gallery, 200936 DMY Berlin
  37. 37. 3.0 the FestIval In nuMBersFacts and Figures
  38. 38. DMY International Design Festival Berlin / June 1st – 5th, 2011 3.0 The Festival in Numbers2010 • Creative minds, industry specialists and promoters• Visitors Main Exhibition from the international design community (1 venue, 2 hangars, 11.000 sqm): 20.680 • Representatives from economic,• Visitors Satellite Exhibitions (50 venues): ca. 4.500 political and cultural sectors• Visitors further Events • International press (Klublabor, Pecha Kucha Night): ca. 1.800• Exhibitions and Showcases: 221 2009• Participating Designers: > 710 • Visitors Main Exhibition (2 venues, 9.000 sqm): 15.650• Participating Nations: ca. 30 • Visitors Satellite Exhibitions (52 venues): ca. 5.760• Press Accreditations: > 500 • Exhibitions and Showcases: 175 • Participating Designers: > 570Visitor Profile • Participating Nations: 26• 2% National and International Press • Press Accreditations: > 400• 25% International visitors• 45% Local visitors 2008• 38% Trade Audience • Visitors Main Exhibition (1 venue, 5.000 sqm): 11.860 • Visitors Satellite Exhibitions (36 venues): ca. 4.600Target Audience • Exhibitions and Showcases: 133• 20 – 55 year old • Participating Designers: > 330• Highly educated, well informed, • Participating Nations: 18 design affiliated urbanites • Press Accreditations: ca. 25038 DMY Berlin
  39. 39. DMY International Design Festival Berlin / June 1st – 5th, 2011 3.0 The Festival in Numbers Visitors 26,790 Visitors25,000 8,000 7,060 21,410 7,000 20,68020,000 6,000 16,460 5,130 15,650 5,00015,000 4,000 3,590 11,86010,000 3,000 2,620 2,280 2,000 5,000 1,000 2008 2009 2010 Wed 09.06. Thu 10.06. Fri 11.06. Sat 12.06. Sun 13.06. Visitors Main Exhibition and Satellite Events • Wednesday, 06.09. Opening Night: 3,590 visitors • Thursday, 06/10: 2,620 Visitors Visitors Main Exhibition • Friday, 11/06: 2,280 Visitors • Saturday, 06/12: 7,060 Visitors • Sunday, 13/06: 5,130 Visitors • Total visitors: 20,68039 DMY Berlin
  40. 40. 4.0 CoMMunICatIon toolsoF the FestIvalThe DMY International Design Festival Berlin 2010 has been promotedthrough a broad campaign consisting of various communication tools –in advance and throughout the festival.
  41. 41. DMY International Design Festival Berlin / June 1st – 5th, 2011 4.0 Communication tools of the festivalFestIval Catalogue Our catalogue contains all relevant festival information: from product launches, to introductions into current topics to an overview of all festival modules by our exhibitors. It has surpassed the role of a simple catalogue and is considered to be a precious documentation of contemporary design and hence a valuable collectors item. The catalogue was sold at the fair, and is still available online and in selected bookshops. Circulation: 15.000 Pages: 287 Format: 15,5 cm x 22 cm41 DMY Berlin
  42. 42. DMY International Design Festival Berlin / June 1st – 5th, 2011 4.0 Communication tools of the festivalFestival Catalogue DEsIgN For many, technology is the raison d’être of design. Constantly evolving technologies and materials allow designers and engineers to SYMpOSIuM experiment with, develop and apply new possi- bilities, pushing the boundaries of applications and industrial products. Innovative technolo- gies contain the promises of the ‚new’, and in Are nerds the new designers? fact do change the fundamental conditions of design time and again. Lectures and panel talks by international designers, The evolution from LP to CD to MP3, researchers and cultural experts on the intersections between for instance, had a profound effect on the advanced technologies, social media and design. development and production of music playing INTER- equipment: the turntable turned into the Walkman and later on into the iPod, changing and shaping our everyday habits along the way. Now the same is true for the lighting industry. NATIONAL Due to its energy inefficiency, the usage of the DESIGN FESTIVAL BERLIN 2010 light bulb has quickly faded away and the realm of lighting production – both on a design and DEsIgN SYMpOSIuM engineering level – bursts with new solutions and technological inventions. As new concepts are researched, developed, and applied, we are beginning to see new possibilities in how Technological Dreams Series: No.1, Robots, 2007 by Dunne & Raby lighting equipment can be reinvented and in Photo: Per Tingleff turn change our living and working conditions. 16 17 16 17 FEsTIvAL JurY Invited by DMY to select the festival participants and to award the most outstanding projects the jury members advice serves as an invaluable werner aisslinger hella Jongerius patrick reymond voicefor the festivals future Designer, Studio Aisslinger Designer, Jongeriuslab Designer, atelier oï development. The works of the designer Werner Aisslin- Dutch Designer Hella Jongerius has In 1991 designer and interior-designer ger cover the spectrum of experimental, artistic become known for the special way she fuses Patrick Reymond, Aurel Aebi and Armand approaches, including industrial design and archi- industry and craft, high and low tech, tradition Louis founded the label atelier oï, whose work tecture. He delights in making use of the latest and the contemporary in her works. After gradu- and philosophy is influenced by the many technologies and has helped to introduce new ating at Eindhoven Design Academy she started disciplines and backgrounds of its members. materials and techniques to the world of product her own design company, Jongeriuslab, through When they realize their projects for high-class design. Werner Aisslinger has been developing which she produces projects for clients such clients such as Louis Vuitton, Bulgari, B&B furniture with Italian brands like Cappellini, as Maharam, Vitra or Ikea as well as her own Italia, Ikea or Swatch, the team is crossing the Vienna Design Week Vienna / Austria Now Is Here Design Distributors Bonn / Germany Zanotta, Magis and Vitra. His work is exhibited projects, which have been shown at international disciplinary borders of architecture, design or in the permanent collections of international galleries and museums (MoMA, Moss gallery in scenography. Thereby atelier oï has set complete- Droog, Goods, Ibride, Freedom of Creation, Fredrik Roijé mischertraxler museums such as the Museum of Modern Art New York, Design Museum in London, Galerie ly new standards internationally. www.viennadesignweek, and the Metropolitan Museum in New York and KREO in Paris). the Vitra Design Museum in Weil. 1991 gründet der Schweizer Innen- Now Is Here Design distributor ‚Now Is Here‘ show- Now Is Here Design Distributor ‚Now Is Here‘ Die niederländische Designerin Hella architekt und Designer Patrick Reymond Vienna Design Week Embassy presents Vienna Design Week Embassy präsentiert cases latest projects, products and conceptual studies präsentiert die neuesten Projekte, Produkte und Die Arbeiten des Designers Werner Jongerius ist bekannt für ihre besondere zusammen mit Aurel Aebi und Armand mischertraxler – rumkugelbahn Design couple mischertraxler – rumkugelbahn Das Designerduo from international prestigious design brands. Dutch konzeptionelle Studien international renommierter Aisslinger umfassen experimentelle und Art, Industrie und Handwerk, High- und Louis das Label atelier oï, dessen Arbeit und mischer’traxler (DMY Award Winners 2009) restages mischer’traxler (u.a. DMY Award 2009) setzt design icons from Droog, ‚Metrobowl‘ from Frederik Designlabels: Niederländische Designikonen von künstlerische Ansätze in den Bereichen Low-Tech, sowie Traditionelles mit Zeitgenös- Philosophie vor allem durch die vielseitigen projects resulted during Vienna Design Week. spezielle Projekte der Vienna Design Week in Szene. Roijé, zipperlight ‚Zipp‘ from Goods, as well as wild Droog, ‚Metrobowl‘ von Frederik Roijé, Reis- Industriedesign und Architektur. Durch den sischem in ihren Arbeiten zu verbinden. Nach Kompetenzen seiner Mitglieder geprägt ist. The ball path is a reminisence of Vienna´s Prater and its Zu sehen ist eine Rumkugelbahn als Reminiszenz creatures from Ibride. Freedom of Creation, pioneering verschlusslampe ‚Zipp‘ von Goods sowie ‚wilde Einbezug neuer Technologien hat er dazu ihrem Abschluß an der Design Academy in Bei der Realisation ihrer Projekte für hoch- typical sweet and candies. Feel invited to join this year’s an den Wiener Prater und sein Zuckerwerk. design and research company and specialized in rapid Kreaturen‘ von Ibride. Freedom of Creation, ein beigetragen, neue Techniken und Materialien Eindhoven gründete sie ihre eigene Firma, rangige Kunden wie Louis Vuitton, Bulgari, festival October 1 – 10. On display are products by Gezeigt werden Produkte von Breaded Escalope, manufacturing technologies will design and manufac- zukunftsweisendes Design- und Research-Unter- in der Welt des Produktdesigns zu etablieren. Jongeriuslab, mit der sie sowohl Aufträge für B&B Italia, Ikea oder Swatch, überschreitet Breaded Escalope, Casali, Marco Dessi, dottings, Max Casali, Marco Dessi, dottings, Max Lamb, ture stunning new products live at DMY using a 3D nehmen aus Amsterdam, welches sich auf Rapid Aisslinger entwickelte Möbel mit Firmen wie Kunden wie Maharam, Vitra oder Ikea, als das Team die disziplinären Grenzen von Lamb, J.&L. Lobmeyr, Mühlbauer, Augarten, POLKA, J.&L. Lobmeyr, Mühlbauer, Augarten, POLKA, printer. Manufacturing-Technologie spezialisiert hat, schafft DMY ALLSTArS Cappellini, Zanotta, Magis und Vitra. Seine auch eigene Projekte produziert, die in inter- Architektur, Design und szenographische Posenanski, RiessKELOMAT, Adrien Rovero, Robert Posenanski, RiessKELOMAT, Adrien Rovero, Robert bei DMY live mit einem 3D-Printer atemberaubende Arbeit ist u.a. Teil der permanenten Ausstel- nationalen Galerien und Museen (MoMA, Darstellung. Damit hat das atelier oï inter- Rüf, soda designers, Vösslauer, Wittmann. Rüf, soda designers, Vösslauer, Wittmann. Design-Objekte. lung des Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) Moss Gallery in New York, Design Museum national neue Maßstäbe gesetzt. Der Mini-Vergnügungspark lädt ein, von 1. bis 10. und Metropolitan Museum NYC sowie des in London, Galerie KREO in Paris) ausgestellt Oktober 2010 selbst in Wien dabei zu sein. Vitra Design Museums in Weil. werden. 58 59 32 34 33 35 58 5942 DMY Berlin
  43. 43. DMY International Design Festival Berlin / June 1st – 5th, 2011 4.0 Communication tools of the festivalFestival Catalogue The Swiss Design Focus is supported by Design Fokus Schweiz wird unterstützt von Hotel partners Schweiz. Hotel Partner The DMY Berlin design platform is supported by the Berliner federal initiative Projekt Zukunft, co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) Die Designplattform DMY Berlin wird gefördert durch die Berliner Landesinitiative Projekt Zukunft, kofinanziert durch den Europäischen Fonds für regionale Entwicklung (EFRE) Media partners Special thanks to the co-operation partners of the DMY International Design Festival Berlin 2010 Medienpartner Besonderer Dank geht an die Kooperationspartner des DMY International Design Festival Berlin 2010 FEsTIvAL pArTNErS DMY International Design Festival Berlin 2010 is supported by the institutions Online partners FEsTIvAL pArTNErS DMY International Design Festival Berlin 2010 is supported by Onlinepartner Das DMY International Design Festival Berlin 2010 wird institutionell unterstützt von Das DMY International Design Festival Berlin 2010 wird unterstützt von 284 285 282 282 283 283 284 28543 DMY Berlin
  44. 44. DMY International Design Festival Berlin / June 1st – 5th, 2011 4.0 Communication tools of the festivalFestIval PrograM The festival program gave a detailed overview of all the event modules and served as a guide for visitors at the festival. It was available for free at all festival venues and also in selected bars, clubs, cafés, restaurants, book stores, design shops, cinemas, galleries, museums and other cultural sites of Berlin. Circulation: 25.000 Pages: 72 Format: 15,5 cm x 22 cm44 DMY Berlin