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Ebureau escore datasheet

  1. 1. D A T A S H E E TeScoresService Overview eScores also take the pain and wait out of predictive analytics. With eScores, highly customized and effectiveeBureau has reinvented predictive scoring with eScore, a solutions can be developed and deployed in days,service that enables rapid development and deployment rather than months, and allows organizations to quicklyof customized statistical scores. With eScore, companies realize eScores’ benefits. Customers enjoy all of therealize the benefits of highly predictive scores for their performance gains without the high cost and lengthymost important decisions, including: development cycles required in traditional custom • Marketing Response modeling approaches. With eScores, companies don’t need to hire specialized resources or invest in expensive • Fraud Prevention data warehousing and analytic tools. • Credit Risk Assessment • Accounts Receivable Management Key Features and DeliveryeScores are valuable to virtually any business-to- eScores are highly effective because they areconsumer enterprise or government agency that wishes developed and customized for the particular needs ofto leverage data and analytics to improve decisions your business. With eScores, there’s no need to useand results. sub-optimal “off the shelf” generic scores. eScores are developed with eBureau’s patent pending technologiesCustomer Benefits that outperform generic scores and nearly all existing custom scores. Here’s why:Once a custom eScore is developed, the quantifiablebenefits become immediately evident. eScores clearly A Massive Data Warehouseshow how you can increase revenues, reduce costs, eScores leverage eBureau’s vast data network thatimprove profitability and gain a competitive advantage. seamlessly integrates billions of records acrosseScores help marketers and online advertisers increase thousands of databases that cover nearly all US adultsresponse rates and customer acquisition. They help and households. eBureau adds over 3 billion newfinancial institutions and online retailers improve records each month and maintains a current version offraud and risk decisions and they help receivables each data source as well as monthly historical versionsmanagement firms increase recoveries and profitability. in a single online system. This gives eScores access to critical information including: ®
  2. 2. D A T A S H E E TeScores • Summarized consumer credit data Thousands of Modeling Variables • Real property and asset records Traditional model development is performed manually by • Household demographic information statisticians in an offline environment. As a result, most traditional score developments start with a few hundred • Multiple files containing name, address, telephone and date of birth information variables or less. The limitation of variables reduces score performance and ultimately, business results. • Internet, catalog and direct marketing purchase histories • Various public records such as bankruptcy and With eScores’ automated statistical modeling software, over deceased files 25,000 variables are commonly incorporated in the model development process, generating superior score performance.Since eScores have access to online historical records, there’s eBureau’s highly scalable system allows the number of modelingno need for time consuming and error prone data appending attributes to grow as eBureau’s data resources expand. Within offline warehouses. Further, incorporation of retrospective more data – and more variables – eScores consistently providedata improves the validity and accuracy of eScores. greater predictive power and results compared to scores builtDevelopment of eScores is highly flexible, additional client using traditional development methodologies.information or credit bureau data can be seamlessly woveninto the development process. eScores Provide Greater Predictive “Lift” 110%Rapid Custom Score Development 100% 90%eBureau’s patent-pending score development software enables Cumulative % Response 80%“one pass modeling” which automatically develops custom 70% 60%scores in one streamlined computer-driven pass. The embedded 50%statistical software utilized by eScores transforms the score 40% 30%development process from a complicated, expensive and 20%time-consuming process to one that is fast, efficient and 10%extremely effective. 0% 0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100% % of Population eBureau Score Existing Custom Score Conversion Generic Score Model/Score to Final Data Appending Development Production Code Immediate eScore AvailabilityManual eScores’ model development system generates production-Approach ready code that makes custom eScores immediately available 40 days using team of experienced statisticians for use. Once developed, eScores can be delivered througheScore batch processing or through system-to-system integrations. 1 day using eScore Most companies can be up-and-running with custom eScores in a matter of hours. eBureau’s data processing center leverages state-of-the-art computational, storage and networking technologies to ensure that eBureau’s services are delivered quickly, reliably and accurately. info@ebureau.com 320-534-5000 www.twitter.com/ebureau www.ebureau.com/blogCopyright 2010 eBureau, All Rights Reserved rev. 0610