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FLCC: Core Basics for Site Supervisors


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Walk through of the Request for proposals process for

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FLCC: Core Basics for Site Supervisors

  1. 1. SupervisingFL|CC AmeriCorps VISTA Members The Core Basics for FL|CC VISTA Site Supervisors
  2. 2. FL|CC Mission:Florida Campus Compact advances the public purposes of colleges anduniversities by deepening their ability to improve community life and toeducate students for civic and social responsibility.Goals: To enrich the quality of academic instruction through a broader, more engaged collegiate learning experience. To strengthen academics and civic engagement through reciprocal campus-community partnerships. To support communities in Florida through symbiotic campus- community collaboration. To inspire leadership and civic responsibility for conscientious citizenship in a participatory democracy. To contribute to the development of a better prepared and more knowledgeable workforce.
  3. 3. What is AmeriCorps? AmeriCorps is a Corporation for National and Community Service Federal Program. Each year, AmeriCorps offers 75,000 opportunities for adults of all ages and backgrounds to serve through a network of partnerships with local and national nonprofit groups. Whether your service makes a community safer, gives a child a second chance, or helps protect the environment, you’ll be getting things done through AmeriCorps! AmeriCorps State & National (Direct Service) AmeriCorps VISTA (Poverty Focus & Capacity-Building) AmeriCorps NCCC (full-time residential program for men and women, ages 18-24)
  4. 4. Where does the funding come from? US Congress ↓Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS) /AmeriCorps ↓ FL CNCS Office for VISTA, Volunteer Florida for College Access & Washington Campus Compact for Students In Service ↓ Florida Campus Compact ↓Administered at participating FL|CC member campuses & community partners US Congress funds CNCS. AmeriCorps is a program of CNCS that is organized to promote community service in the United States. Florida Campus Compact applies for grants from CNCS, Volunteer Florida, & WACC to to fund the FL|CC AmeriCorps Programs. Once FL|CC is approved for the competitive grant, FL|CC administers the program in partnership with the participating campus.
  5. 5. FL|CC AmeriCorps Programs Mission“FL|CC AmeriCorps Programs contribute to the mission ofFL|CC and the Corporation for National and Community Servicethrough the implementation of the College Access AmeriCorpsProgram, the Students in Service AmeriCorps Program, and theFL|CC VISTA Initiative. FL|CC places AmeriCorps Members ineach program with colleges, universities and community-basedorganizations to leverage higher education resources to combatpoverty in local communities, provide college accessmentoring, and increase STEM opportunities.”
  6. 6. FL|CC AmeriCorps Education Award Only ProgramsThese are NOT AmeriCorps*VISTA positionsCollege Access & Students In ServicePart of a larger national program called AmeriCorpsthat is sponsored by the Corporation for National &Community Service (CNCS).Education Award Only Programs are for students onlyable to serve 300 or 900 hours over the course of acalendar year (some restrictions may apply) in orderto receive an education award.
  7. 7. FL|CC AmeriCorps Programs Students in Service College students and veterans from all disciplines serve as AmeriCorps members to address local community issues, learn valuable civic and workforce skills, and aspire to a lifetime of civic engagement. College Access The FL|CC College Access AmeriCorps Program is a service program for college students who serve as mentors to at-risk youth with the goal of helping them to gain skills and knowledge needed for their eventual college admission and success. AmeriCorps VISTA
  8. 8. What is AmeriCorps VISTA? VISTA stands for Volunteers In Service To America. It The program has been called a domestic Peace Corps. Anti-poverty focus through capacity building efforts and indirect service. Part of a larger national program called AmeriCorps that is sponsored by the Corporation for National & Community Service (CNCS). VISTA Members serve a full-time 12 month term with no outside obligations. For more information visit http://
  9. 9. Terms, Conditions & Benefits of VISTA Have a college degree or commensurate life/volunteer experience Receive a living allowance equal to the poverty line of income in the county where they serve (approximately $10,000) Are eligible to receive either an education award of $5,550 or a cash stipend of $1,500 upon completion of their service term Receive health care benefits, child care assistance, a relocation allowance when eligible, and may qualify for other public benefits Cannot have part-time jobs or be employed while serving as a VISTA Member and cannot receive monetary compensation for work CAN receive benefits through host site to support basic living needs, i.e., housing assistance to a third party CAN receive gifts as any other staff member would, but not if directly connected to work performed as a VISTA Cannot perform direct service (data entry, answering phones, organizing office supplies, etc)
  10. 10. FL|CC VISTA Initiative Statistics  28 Host Sites  15 Florida Cities  45 VISTA Members  2 VISTA Leaders  1 Program Director
  11. 11. Role of VISTA Members Attend VISTA Pre-Service Orientation and any training events as prescribed by FL|CC and/or CNCS. Participate in national days of service including Martin Luther King Day, National Volunteer Week, Youth Service Day, and Make a Difference Day if projects are organized by the VISTA sponsor or in the local community. Engage students in service-learning and civic engagement activities that build capacity for communities to ameliorate issues related to poverty. Duties must be definable as indirect service (volunteer recruitment, program coordination, training facilitation, etc.). Be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for an entire service year (less applicable personal / sick days)
  12. 12. AmeriCorps*VISTA Member vs. EmployeeSimilarities: Differences: Works in collaboration with  Limited in activities by VISTA staff and community Terms & Conditions. members. Included in staff meetings and  Is not “hired” or “fired.” other events.  Works for multiple Receives regular feedback on stakeholders: performance. community, CNCS, local host Regular workday is site, and FL|CC. defined/structured by local  Does not receive traditional host project site. compensation.  More focus on professional and leadership development.
  13. 13. VISTA as College Access or SIS TeamLeaders A great opportunity to bolster your College Access & SIS Recruit students to participate in programs Mentors the Mentor Coordinate training for students & community partners Develop campus-community partnerships Coordinate service projects (Example: National Days of Service)
  14. 14. Who are AmeriCorps VISTA Members? Civically engaged individuals looking to make a difference!
  15. 15. FL|CC VISTA Initiative“FL|CC VISTA members work to combat povertythrough leveraging higher education resources tobuild the capacity of local non-profit organizationsand through recruiting and training collegestudents to provide college access mentoring foryouth, especially in STEM disciplines.”
  16. 16. FL|CC VISTA Program Areas Community  Education Partnerships College AccessMust align with 2011-2012 STEM CNCS Goals (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) IMPORTANT: ALL NEW AND EXISTING PROJECTS MUST WORK WITHIN THESE PROGRAM AREAS
  17. 17. Corporation for National and Community Service Priorities Less Emphasis Economic Opportunity (Asset Service-learning Development, Economic Development, Housing &  Non-program areas Employment)  Tools v/s Approach Education Healthy Futures (Healthcare, Healthcare services, Veterans & Military Families)
  18. 18. Benefits of FL|CC Enrollment FL|CC Resources at your disposal VISTA Leader support Covers cost of VISTA In-Service Training (IST) Participation fee much lower than other Campus Compacts
  19. 19. Highlights from 2011 IST
  20. 20. Application Overview: Important Dates 10/1/11 RFP Released 10/19/11 Supervisor Training 11/3/11 Supervisor Training (conference call) 11/10/11 Supervisor Training (conference call) 12/2/11 Applications due to FL|CC 12/2011 Applications sent out for external review 1/6/12 Award Notifications, MOUs, & Cost-Share Commitment forms sent out 1/31/12 Award Notifications, MOUs, & Cost-Share Commitment forms due back to FL|CC
  21. 21. Host Site Responsibilities Recruit, screen, interview, and select VISTA candidates in partnership with FL|CC VISTA office. Assist VISTA member(s) to find safe, appropriate, and affordable housing, if housing is not provided by the Project Host Site. Provide VISTA member with on-site orientation and training to the project and local community. Ensure the successful implementation of the VISTA Work Plan/VAD by meeting on a regular basis to review accomplishments. Provide day to day supervision of the VISTA Member(s) with regular, constructive feedback regarding performance. Review and sign monthly Leave Report forms and quarterly VISTA Project Progress Reports. Inform FL|CC VISTA office of any changes to the VISTA project at the host site. Reimburse VISTA member(s) for all travel expenses accrued as a result of work done for the host site. Provide the FL|CC VISTA Initiative a Project Participation Fee estimated to be $3,000 per VISTA Member placed during the 2012-2013 fiscal year. The Project Participation Fee covers match requirements to CNCS and helps off-set administrative expenses for the project.
  22. 22. Site Supervisor resources from our website: FL|CC VISTA Site Supervisor PowerPoint (ppt) Florida Campus Compact On-Site Orientation Recruitment: Screening & Interviewing Applicants VISTA Campus: Supervisors
  23. 23. Contact Information Laryn Flikkema AmeriCorps Programs Director Email: J Matthew Wampler Geoff Hickox VISTA Leader VISTA Leader Email: Email: Phone: 850-488-7782 Website: