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Oh shit! the cops are here!


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Oh shit! the cops are here!

  1. 1. Oh sh*t! The cops are here!Or, how to organize (almost) anything in a hurry
  2. 2. Apologies in advanceIm going through a lot of slides really fast.
  3. 3. $ whoamiMatt GaugerSoftware Developer @bendyworks
  4. 4. But more importantly:Meetups:Organizer, Web414 in MilwaukeeOrganizer, RubyMKEOrganizer of short-lived JavaScript Meetup in MilwaukeeOrganizer, BarCamp Milwaukee (3 or 4 years now?)Member, Milwaukee Makerspace (founded November2010)Founder of the "Mondays in Milwaukee" RideCreator of I Love Fuzz Fest (concert)(September 3rd, 2011 in Milwaukee -- be there!)
  5. 5. This is not:A talk about organizing your closet.
  6. 6. (not my closet, btw)
  7. 7. This is a talk about:Organizing people.
  8. 8. This is a talk about:Organizing events,meetups, concerts, bikerides, and other thingsthat I have done.
  9. 9. This is a talk about:(For other things, yourmileage may vary.)
  10. 10. Problem:Youd like to hang out withpeople and talk about X.
  11. 11. Solution:Start a meetup.Youre the leader.Congratulations.
  12. 12. How to organize "things"Act like a leader.
  13. 13. How to organize "things"Social engineering is yourfriend here:If you act like youre incharge, people will listento you.
  14. 14. How to organize "things"Say "Yes, and..." tovalidate other people andget them to do things foryou.
  15. 15. How to organize "things"This does not mean thatyou should lie to people!
  16. 16. How to organize "things"Apologies to everyonethat now thinks Im a jerk.
  17. 17. How to organize "things"When you need things done,you have two choices:●Do it yourself.●Delegate.Remember that you dont haveto do everything yourself!
  18. 18. How to organize "things"Get the word out.Start with a web presence.
  19. 19. How to organize "things"Suggestions:●Facebook page●Google Site (esp. for non-technical co-organizers.)●Twitter account (hook it up to Facebook page.)●Craigslist, maybe?●
  20. 20. How to organize "things"Depending on yourintended audience /membership, a webpresence may not matter.
  21. 21. How to organize "things"Cyclists werent on Twitterand Facebook the sameway that tech people are.Thats reality.
  22. 22. How to organize "things"Technical meetups, on theother hand, are a loteasier to market on theweb.
  23. 23. How to organize "things"Ill say it again:Get the word out.
  24. 24. How to organize "things"Go to other meetups andevents related to yourevent. Post online.Talk a lot. To everyone.
  25. 25. How to organize "things"Have something to giveaway that will remindpeople of your thing.Moo cards are great!
  26. 26. How to organize "things"Convince people that it isthe greatest thing that willever happen, and if theymiss it they will regret itfor the rest of their life.
  27. 27. How to organize "things"Also, if it is at all possiblethey might get job leads atyour meetup, mention that(mostly true at most techmeetups.)
  28. 28. Organizing on the ground.Things will go wrong.
  29. 29. Organizing on the ground.Things will go wrong.The cops might show up.
  30. 30. Organizing on the ground.
  31. 31. Organizing on the ground.Make sure you havedonuts.
  32. 32. Organizing on the ground.Which is to say:Be prepared for anything.
  33. 33. Organizing on the ground.If it is a public event,Get event insurance.
  34. 34. Organizing on the ground.It sucks if people get hurt.It sucks more when yourepaying for it.:. Get event insurance.
  35. 35. Organizing on the ground.Keep your cool.
  36. 36. Organizing on the ground.Dont get too drunk atyour event.(This is a rookie mistake.)
  37. 37. Organizing on the ground.This is really importantwhen, for example:
  38. 38. Organizing on the ground.You need take apart ahuge PA system, in thepitch dark, with a bunch ofdrunk "volunteers" whohave never handled audioequipment before.
  39. 39. Organizing on the ground.Your volunteers will look likethis:
  40. 40. Organizing on the ground.Co-organizers and how topick them:
  41. 41. Organizing on the ground.Pick people who can alsokeep their cool.
  42. 42. Organizing on the ground.A good bet is that theyrefar more organized in theirpersonal life than you are.
  43. 43. Organizing on the ground.And far more passionateabout your topic than youare, too.
  44. 44. Organizing on the ground.Theyre also the peoplewho are constantlyreminding you to do thatthing that you said youddo.
  45. 45. Organizing on the ground.Again, socially engineer orguilt trip them into helpingyou.
  46. 46. Organizing on the ground.Having a location isimportant for, you know,physically inhabitingsimilar space with people.
  47. 47. Organizing on the ground.Some possible options fora meetup location:
  48. 48. Organizing on the ground.Coffeeshops, universities,bookstores, Makerspaces,startups, and bars.
  49. 49. Lessons learned:Hold your meetup at leastonce.
  50. 50. Lessons learned:You may be surprised tofind that the eventmarkets itself after that.
  51. 51. Lessons learned:Even if the first meetupfelt like a total failure.
  52. 52. Lessons learned:In software we say,"Plan one to throw away."
  53. 53. Lessons learned:In Milwaukee, theJavaScript meetup washeld once, with only itsfounders in attendance,before being deleted fromMeetup.
  54. 54. Lessons learned:But thats OK!
  55. 55. Lessons learned:We ended up pouringmore effort into RubyMKE
  56. 56. Lessons learned:Get food if people wouldnormally eat around thattime (6PM & later.)
  57. 57. Lessons learned:Food sponsorships aresomething you can sellpossible sponsors on.
  58. 58. Lessons learned:Put the sponsors logo onyour website and talkabout them a lot if theyagree to sponsor you.
  59. 59. Lessons learned:Have someone act as a"greeter."They should recognizenew people and makethem feel welcome.
  60. 60. Lessons learned:You will probably have tobe the greeter.Toastmaster it up.
  61. 61. Lessons learned:Be aware of peoplesskill levels and needs.
  62. 62. Lessons learned:For tech meetups, thismeans matching speakersand talks to the averageknowledge level of youraudience.
  63. 63. Lessons learned:For a bike ride, thismeans planning a ridethat wont be too extremefor people who are casualcyclists.
  64. 64. Lessons learned:For a concert, matchingthe bands that play toyour audience.
  65. 65. Lessons learned:Distilling all of this:Know your audience.
  66. 66. Lessons learned:Identify the passionatepeople in your audience.
  67. 67. Lessons learned:Cultivate these folks asfuture speakers andleaders of your group.
  68. 68. Lessons learned:One of the greatestcompliments, for me, isthat I can walk away froma group and it willcontinue to exist.
  69. 69. Lessons learned:That what I created wasimportant enough thatpeople continued to do itlong after I leave.
  70. 70. Thank you.