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Recover Files after Windows Re-installation


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Windows re-installation sometimes causes severe loss of data stored with the computer hard disk; there are certain reasons where Windows users needs to re-install their operating system; in case you don't have proper backup of data stored with the computer hard drive then you can face data loss on large scale

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Recover Files after Windows Re-installation

  1. 1.
  2. 2. Improper Reinstallation
  3. 3. In certain situations, computer users need to reinstall Windows OS, installed in their system. If you have not created proper backup of stored data on the system, then you may lose some of the files save on computer hard disk. Don’t panic!!! As “Windows File Recovery” application is capable enough to recover files after reinstalling Windows. o By the help of this efficient tool you are able to rescue all kinds of data stored with the hard disk such as document files, media files or many others. o In case, you have formatted the whole hard disk during reinstallation of Windows and then recognizes that you have lost some of your vital data, no issues, this tool can bring back data even after formatting of hard disk.
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