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Vine for Business - a lot can happen in 6 seconds


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The Vine app is an easy-to-use tool to help marketers incorporate more video into their overall social media strategy

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Vine for Business - a lot can happen in 6 seconds

  1. 1. FOR BUSINESS―A lot can happen in six seconds‖
  2. 2. Vine BasicsVine is a free mobile app that enables its users to create and post video clips.Video clips created with Vine have a maximum length of 6 seconds and can be shared or embedded onsocial networking services such as Twitter—which acquired the app in October 2012—and Facebook.Vine offers an interesting fusion of video content and static visual content, enabling mobile users tocapture and share small moments. These videos play on a loop, just like an animated GIF does. Vinevideos also include audio options.Though Vine was initially available only for iOS devices, Twitter is working on bringing the app to otherplatforms. Vine for Android was released on June 3, 2013 for devices with Android version 4.0 or higherNo stats available regarding user baseAccording to comScore, counted 38.000 unique visitors in Belgium (April ‘13)
  3. 3. Vine User InterfaceFeed with video clips fromusers you followEach video clip can be liked orcommentedThe ‗Explore‘ tab allows todiscover content
  4. 4. Vine Video Clip Creation1. TAP VIDEO CAMERA ICONto start recording2. PRESS & HOLD SCREENto record, release to stop3. CLICK CHECK MARKto finish your video4. TAP NEXTfor video preview5. ADD CAPTIONChoose share settings & Done6. SHARESelect Continue,post to Vine & More option to Share
  5. 5. Vine Exploration1. FIND, FOLLOW & INTERACTLike & Comment2. TRENDING#hashtags shows fastest rising posts3. EDITORS PICKSbrowse popular by topics4. FOLLOWFind people by clicking People icon5. TWITTER & FACEBOOKProfile, Settings to activate6. 3rd PARTY SITES one ofthe mainmethods ofnavigatingvideos
  6. 6. Vine For BusinessThe Vine app is an easy-to-use tool to help marketers incorporate more video into theiroverall social media strategy.Video clips are also a great tool to show your company personality and reach a newaudience.Many marketers get overwhelmed, or too focused on video-production quality. Yet the quickupload, easy to-use interface, and minimal emphasis on production quality means that Vineis designed to encourage a little more experimentation.Vine‘s 6-second time limit also capitalizes on users‘ short attention spans.
  7. 7. Vine For Business• Sneak peeks to promote an upcoming event or webinar, such as speaker clips – Share a shot of yourbooth, capture the energy in the room or host a contest with attendees.• Quick, bite-sized product demos, perhaps focused on a particular tool or feature – Give a quick demoof your product in action or showcase it from different angles.• Clips showing off awesome new gear, swag, products, or the like, in action – Have a new product setto launch or even a special promotion? Announce it with video.• ―Behind the scenes‖ looks at your office to show your company‘s culture and the people behind yourbrand – Get your team together and have them wish followers Happy Holidays/Valentines Day/… –Walk around and give a quick tour or show a typical day of the team hard at work.• Short features or case studies of customers enjoying your product, services, or content• Clips highlighting PR initiatives, like employees doing charity work or award acceptance speeches
  8. 8. Vine Business Example - ASOSUK-based online-only retailer ASOS used Vine toput a clever spin on the limits of online shopping. Asurvey conducted by Dimensional Research foundthat customers prefer the in-store shoppingexperience over that of online shopping. Tryingclothes on, bringing your friends, and seeingwindow displays are what make shopping fun.Getting a brown box on your doorstep, somehow,just isnt as glamorous.So ASOS took to Vine to spice up the onlineshopping experience by showing how gratifyingopening up a box can really be.
  9. 9. Vine Business Example - ToyotaForrester Research estimates that $22 billion wasspent on automotive advertising alone in 2012.Thats a lot of shiny car commercials with JamesEarl Jones-esque voiceovers.Toyota took its cars off-road with this entertainingVine post from Toyota Spain.
  10. 10. Vine Business Example - DoveThis popular brand of skincare and showerproducts got playful back in 2004 when it launchedDoves Campaign for Real Beauty, where womenof all shapes, sizes, and ages showed howcomfortable they were in their own skin.Continuing to innovate with upbeat, creativecampaigns, Dove created this clip on Vine starringa bar of soap playing the role of bowling ball.
  11. 11. Vine Business Example – Bacardi UKBacardi UK made the most of six seconds byshowing how its product is best served.Cocktail recipes can provide too many ingredientsand instructions; some people just want to knowwhat mixes with what.
  12. 12. Vine Business Example – Orange FranceOrange is a French telecommunicationscorporation creating innovative products andservices worldwide.Oranges Livebox Play is the companys newestproduct released this month. Executive Director ofOrange France, Delphine Ernotte Cunci, said ofthe product: "In combination with the Livebox Playpackages, customers will be able to use all theirscreens to enjoy a vast range of uses, includingbrowsing the internet, playing games, and socialnetworking."Orange used Vine to show just how cool LiveboxPlay is with this quick demo.
  13. 13. Vine Business Example – CadburyGreat way to explain how to use a product…
  14. 14. Vine Business Example – McDonaldsRaising Brand Awareness on Twitter.
  15. 15. Vine Business Example – KleenexStarting a contest through Vine.
  16. 16. THANK YOU