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First Quarter Results 2012 Daimler AG


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This presentation will convince you that Daimler AG has a strong and solid financial basis. The company is worth spending your money on.

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First Quarter Results 2012 Daimler AG

  1. 1. Q1 Results Mathias Aper 2AF03
  2. 2.  About Daimler Highlights in Q1 2012 Product highlights: new A-class Key financials ◦ Key figures Balanced sales structure Shares price index Business development: conclusion
  3. 3.  Gottlieb Daimler and Carl Benz Founded in 1886 Pioneer of automotive engineering Innovative and green technologies Dr. Dieter Zetsche
  4. 4. Group sales 502,000 (+9%)Sales record at 338,000 (+9%)Mercedes-Benz CarsStrong sales increase 108,000 (+21%)at Daimler TrucksRevenue € 27 billion (+9%)EBIT from ongoing € 2.2 billion (+3%)businessNet profit € 1.4 billion (+20%)
  5. 5. Key financials In billions of euros
  6. 6. Key figures Daimler Group Revenu EBIT = Earnings Before Interest and Taxes In billions of euros
  7. 7. Key figures Daimler Group Net profit Earnings per share In billions of euros
  8. 8. Balanced sales structure Unit sales in thousands