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Customer Service & the Chamber of Secrets


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See for the video and full text of the talk.

Nobody has more access to your customers, how they think, how they behave, what they want and how they talk than your customer service team.

So why don't they just pass that information on to the product and marketing teams? In this Webstock talk I explain what information they have, why it gets stuck, and how to unstick it.

Published in: Services, Business
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Customer Service & the Chamber of Secrets

  1. CUSTOM ER SERVICE and The chamber of secrets
  2. MAT PATTERSON @mrpotto V“«‘$% M Campaign Monitor
  3. I I! L ’i , _ F? ‘
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  5. “ Secrets? D Why so secret? . Secrets revealed .
  6. Hf‘:
  7. "1§”i~": ;E~= i-, *—: Vl J‘-. e.l:
  8. More than just HAPPINESS
  9. Categorising Contextualising Reveafing Retaining
  10. ~. r.r, ._
  11. [Death of 't,0fl0 cats
  12. Why not just ASK THE CUSTOMER?
  13. ’’If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses. ”
  14. D Why so secret?
  15. Do you feel like you are able to effectively share your knowledge about your customers and product with the rest of your company? No, I think I have more information they should know 87% Yes, they know it all 13%
  17. Peeing powerless
  18. Not being heard
  19. I S T/ — The wrong metrics . ll -- _ /1 ’
  20. Nathan Best Ban Rylant Simon
  21. HAPPINESS does not mean SUCCESS
  22. . Secrets revealed .
  23. Define the information goals Provide the tools and skills Create the right environment
  24. Tell them what you want to know and how you want to know it. DEFINE
  25. Give them the tools, the skills and the framework to share it. PROVIDE
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  27. Build an environment that encourages sharing useful information consistently. CREATE
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  29. 1. Your support team know a ton about your customers and your product. 2. It can be really hard for them to tell you. 3. Make it easier. 4. Profit!
  30. THANK YOU! l’m @mrpatto, and all the notes and links are online at: trackydacks. com/ webstock