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Customer Experience Management Outgoing Exchange Incoming Exchange Account Management AIESEC Poland NPS Net Promoter Score

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  • Be with your EB
  • Be with your EB
  • JP – Explain what is Quality in 2015 context
  • 30 minutes total 15 min to solve 5 min for each solution
  • JP
  • Divided in EBs
  • Customer Experience Management

    1. 1. Customer Experience Management
    2. 2. Your Faci s: Mat heus Koer i ch Bor n and r ai sed i n Fl or i anópol i s Joi ned i n 2010, OGX LCVP OGX, LC Fl or i anópol i s, Br azi l Nat i onal OGX Manager , Br azi l GCDP i n Ser bi a and Czech +30 count r i es MCVP GCDP OGX, Br azi l 12- 13 Team Leader GST X+T Your MCVP Oper at i ons 13- 14   Val ues: cl ear pur pose and r i ght t i mi ng, as he bel i eves i n possi bi l i t i es. Bei ng awar e of oppor t uni t i es i s a st r ong char act er i st i c, whi ch makes hi m not r egr et of any deci si on
    3. 3. Your Faci : Leonar do Si l vei r a Bor n and r ai sed i n Jui z de For a Joi ned AI ESEC i n 2008 LCVP OGX, LC Jui z de For a, Br azi l LCP, LC Jui z de For a, Br azi l GCDP i n Bangl adesh and I ndonesi a MCVP GI P OGX, Br azi l 11- 12 MCP, Br azi l 12- 13 Your Chai r   Val ues: humbl eness, si mpl i ci t y and sensi bi l i t y upon ot her s and t he envi r onment . The val ues ar e al so t at t ooed so he never f or get s. Hi s BHAG i s t o be posi t i vel y r el evant t o 1 bi l l i on peopl e, and t r i es ever yday t o do good t o peopl e ar ound hi m.
    4. 4. Customer Experience Management
    5. 5. Our goal is to make clear how to provide a great customer experience!
    6. 6. Quality concept Quality is the totality of characteristics of an entity that bears on its ability to satisfy the stated of implied needs. International Standards Organisation
    7. 7. Cust omer Or i ent at i on Cust omer Or i ent at i on I ncr easi ng Capaci t y I ncr easi ng Capaci t y Br and Posi t i oni ngBr and Posi t i oni ng Going beyond, enjoying the growth Our Pur poseOur Pur pose Nat i onal St r at egi c Di r ect i on
    8. 8. Cust omer Or i ent at i onCust omer Or i ent at i on Pol and Goi ng Gl obal Tool t o i mpr ove i nt er nat i onal r el at i ons st r at egy and t o i ncr ease mat chi ng r at e of our ELD pr ogr ams; Pol and becomes mor e f ocused and has known br and i n t he net wor k Mar ket Rel evant Pr oduct Packagi ng We know how and we make sur e t hat t he pr oduct s we sel l ar e r el evant t o t he mar ket and t o our pur pose, i n or der t o scal e up and make t he exper i ences bet t er LEAD I mpl ement at i on i n ELD Pr ogr ams Al l t he par t i ci pant s of ELD pr ogr ams r eal i ze t hei r l eader shi p l ear ni ng and gr owt h; we go consci ousl y t hr ough our i nner & out t er j our ney. Embeddi ng NPS i nt o our oper at i ons Cust omer Exper i ence Management and NPS become par t of our dai l y wor k; NPS as a begi ni ng of r e- desi gn of pr oduct s.
    9. 9. …because 2015 means that we have to provide quality experiences. # of GIP Experiences # of GCDP Experiences # of TLP Experiences # of TMP Experiences Quality of our Experiences
    10. 10. Where is Quality?
    11. 11. Measuring “Quality” with a single indicator is over-simplifying Lead to a narrowed perspective of Customer Loyalty
    12. 12. Net Promoter Score Cases Closed / Cases Open % of PromotersResponse Rate
    13. 13. If we want to grow in ELD, we NEED to increase our Customer Loyalty!
    14. 14. Our ability to respond rapidly and effectively to customers in need. Net Promoter Score Cases Closed / Cases Open How “engaged” are our customers with AIESEC? Response Rate How good are we at creating powerful experiences? % of Promoters
    15. 15. Customer Experience Management Translating Customer Feedback in Operations!
    16. 16. Cases • Virtual crisis in Social Media (facebook/blog); • Problem with TN Taker; • EP that is current in the LC facing problems with JD, salary and host
    17. 17. Virtual crisis in Social Media
    18. 18. TN Taker Case Your GIP TN Taker called. They have a problem with the EPs skills. They feel he has not all the experiences he claimed to have. The EP denies and says that the JD is not properly arranged. EP is also having issues with the host, which is asking to move the person. Company has already announced that the payment of salary to the EP is suspended until a solution is found. Home LC of the EP is threatening to go on ICB.
    19. 19. EP Case You are in the national conference for 6 days. Internet is limited. A call from LC from abroad because your LC didn't solve the problems with not only, but with 2 EPs. Reason? One is GIP and the you didn't manage to give them the salary and it is delayed for more than week and he can't pay rent of his flat. And the other, is GCDP: JD doesn't fit at all, meals that were mentioned in the JD are not being provided by any part (NGO and AIESEC) and person is having problem with host family.
    20. 20. But why is it too difficult to do it?
    21. 21. Closing the idea... Customer experience management does not depend on which pilot you are in. It only depends your commitment and stand!
    22. 22. What a customer wants? • Authenticity • Price is what matters That’s why we need to customize our services
    23. 23. Answer your phone
    24. 24. Seriously, do not make promises
    25. 25. Listen to your customers
    26. 26. Deal with complaints And learn from them!
    27. 27. Be helpful – even if there is no profit
    28. 28. Train your people
    29. 29. Take the extra step
    30. 30. Bad, very bad case Example of bad case in social media
    31. 31. Good case The secret is “very aligned employees and leadership.” In practice this means having very clear, often-repeated ‘gold standards’ of service – each employee has a card containing the twenty ‘basics’ and the mantra “we are ladies and gentlemen serving ladies and gentlemen.”
    32. 32. Let’s split into our commisions in groups of 4 people • How does your area support a quality experience nowadays in your LC? • Which new processes or ways you plan to implement/already implement to enhance the customer experience in your LC?
    33. 33. Commissions map OGX ICX COMM/PR TM FIN ER LCP STAG E
    34. 34. How to make it happen How do you get it to happen every day in the ‘real world’? It starts with recruitment and training.
    35. 35. Our goal is to make clear how to provide a great customer experience!
    36. 36. Matheus Koerich MCVP Operations AIESEC in Poland 2013-14 Leonardo Silveira MCP Brazil 2012-13