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Weblog as a personal thinking space


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Presentation at Hypertext 2009

Published in: Technology, News & Politics
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Weblog as a personal thinking space

  1. 1. weblog as a personal thinking space Lilia Efimova @ Hypertext 2009
  2. 2. weblog uses for developing ideas in a long-term project
  3. 3. 80 70 Numbe r of posts pe r month 60 50 40 30 20 10 0 Jn 2 u '0 Jn 3 u '0 Jn 4 u '0 Jn 5 u '0 Jn 6 u '0 Jn 7 u '0 Time R la n h e tio s ip P je t mn g m n ro c a a e e t Bb ay M ro o ic s ft H lid y o as
  4. 4. working on a dissertation weblog as a knowledge base
  5. 5. autoethnography
  6. 6. weblog as a knowledge base
  7. 7. web-based, low-threshold, public creating personally meaningful dormant or social chronological organising running titles, links to own posts categories and tags maintaining primarily on-going location-based browsing retrieving search patterns
  8. 8. working on a dissertation
  9. 9. things that do not fit parked in a trusted external repository
  10. 10. everyday interactive grounded theory
  11. 11. fragmented bits shitty first drafts manageable chunks real audience
  12. 12. working on a dissertation weblog as a knowledge base
  13. 13. scale and conditions papers in one’s office holding pattern primitive language contextual cues demonstrable output networked research learning from personal traces
  14. 14. Lilia Efimova (aka Mathemagenic) Slides and links PhD stuff