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Audience feedback

  1. 1. Audience research
  2. 2. FacebookTo aim my poster towards my target audience, I created an audience feedback response. Using media platforms eg: social networking (facebook) I presented a questionnaire with relevant questions which will allow me to fully create a magazine based on ideas from my audience. I created 7 questions which each consumer asked with detailed. My questionnaire was distributed to 25 people, both male and female, this was done to get a non biased view, 25 is a good sample size for me to gain a better understanding. The following screenshots are examples of some of the answers that were given. Using facebook is an effective method as it is using new technology and software in order to communicate with my consumers, it allows me to be up to date and efficient when gaining results. As facebook is currently the most popular form of social networking, this was my first idea when deciding how I would gain my audience feedback in a creative and advertising way
  3. 3. Question oneWhat do you look for in a horror poster 2% Main image to convey genre 12% 5% From the results collected, it 3% hints of the story is clear that the common eye catching title thing consumers look for in 19% scary horror posters are blood an 25% something freaky, these are something that stands out common conventions that are something freaky demonstrated on posters 13% Blood 21% the main character on the poster
  4. 4. Question twoDo you like a montage of images or one main image 9% From the results collected it is clear that to attract my one main image target audience I should montage of images consider using only one main image 91%
  5. 5. Question threeWhat colours represent horror 2% 8% When designing my poster I wanted to understand which colours are commonly used black 40% and are effective. From my white red research it is clear that Black 35% dark blue and Red are conventional grey colours that the audience are familiar with. 15%
  6. 6. Question fourDo you prefer less or more writing 2% From my research it is clear that less writing is a clever approach less more in order to attract an audience. 98%
  7. 7. Question fiveWould you always want the image of the main character Is it clear from my research that 36% the audience would prefer a magazine with the main image on yes no the front, this allows them to 64% understand who is in the film.
  8. 8. Question sixDo you prefer simple font or creepy an distorted 7% 16% A common convention in horror films are creepy and distorted font, from my in the middle research it confirms that the creepy and distorted audience prefer creepy and simple distorted font as it relates back to the genre of the film 77%
  9. 9. Question sevenThe best tag line I had four ideas of tag lines that I thought would relate to my 15% film, to get a better one body two minds understanding on what one whats happening to Rosie would be more effective and appealing to the audience, I 21% a disturbed mind of a little girl asked the audience, from the 57% The horrors within feedback it is shown “one body two minds” in the tagline that 7% was shown to be more appealing
  10. 10. FeedbackHolding a research allowed me to understand whatmy audience expect from a poster, as they are myconsumers and the ones my poster is aimed at, it is agood idea to understand their opinions and takethem onboard. From the feedback gained from everyquestion, I will incorporate these ideas into my owncreation of my poster