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Online uk

  1. 1. Welcome<br />
  2. 2. Flexible, intuitive solution based on<br /><ul><li>Centralization
  3. 3. Real-time info
  4. 4. Transparency
  5. 5. Communication and Integration</li></ul>WACSSuitefor fleetmanagement=<br />fullyweb based, <br />multi-environment,<br />modular,<br />stand-alone use <br />and/ or<br />integration in existing environment.<br />Client’s ulitmate goal= <br />Control and business optimization<br /><ul><li>operations
  6. 6. client satisfaction
  7. 7. financial
  8. 8. within their own company</li></ul> & as part of the supply chain<br />
  9. 9. Web-based <br /> Application and Customer <br /> Solutions<br />
  10. 10. Modules<br />Modules<br />Welcome Mr. Tronckay,<br />Rüttchen <br /> online<br />WACS<br />SUITE<br />Orderbeheer<br />Fleetmanagement<br /> Rental<br />Maintenance<br />Orders<br />Vlootbeheer<br />Planning<br />Vlootbeheer<br />Garage<br />Budget<br />Warehouse<br />Budget<br />TMS<br />TMS<br />DAF - unit<br />DAF - unit<br />Membership:<br />Silver<br /> Gold<br /> Elite<br />Used Cars<br />Unit<br />Driving analysis<br />Tacho registration<br />Rental<br />Short/long<br />Track and Trace<br />
  11. 11. WACSSuite<br />Fleetmanagement<br />Maintenance management<br />Orders<br />Planning<br />Garage<br />Warehouse<br />Budget<br />TMS<br />Rental<br />Used Cars<br />Unit<br /><ul><li>Concept of centralisation at vehicle level !</li></ul>Driving Analysis<br />Tacho registration<br />Track and Trace<br />
  12. 12. WACSSuite<br />Fleetmanagement<br />Maintenance<br />Orders<br />Planning<br />Garage<br />Warehouse<br />Budget<br /><ul><li> Automatic order entry </li></ul>TMS<br /><ul><li> through Maintenance contracts / schedules
  13. 13. through External applications (DMS, TMS, ...)</li></ul>Rental<br />UsedCars<br /><ul><li> Order entry at client level
  14. 14. Manual order entry</li></ul>Unit<br /><ul><li> Follow-up of replacement cars</li></ul>Driving Analysis<br />Communication with external applications (e.g. Unavailability of vehicles )<br />Improved performance through client access  by accessing order entry module<br />Tacho registration<br />Track and Trace<br />
  15. 15. WACSSuite<br />Fleetmanagement<br />Maintenance<br />Orders<br />Planning<br />Garage<br />Planning<br />Warehouse<br />Budget<br />TMS<br /><ul><li> Planning at workplace capacity level (optimization)
  16. 16. Direct planning at technicians level (lower screenshot)
  17. 17. Technician’s specialisation incorporated in planning (e.g. specialised jobs)
  18. 18. Interfacing with time registration systems (e.g. specific schedule)
  19. 19. Multiplying tasks: Several days and/or technicians
  20. 20. Multi-site  redirecting possibilities
  21. 21. Drag & Drop
  22. 22. Workshop occupation
  23. 23. Order status (Busy, Done, ...)
  24. 24. Modification of order duration</li></ul>Rental<br />Used cars<br />Unit<br />Driving Analysis<br />Tacho registration<br />Track and Trace<br />
  25. 25. WACSSuite<br />Fleetmanagement<br />Maintenance<br />Orders<br />Planning<br />Garage<br />Warehouse<br />Budget<br />TMS<br />Rental<br />Used Cars<br /><ul><li>Order creation</li></ul>Unit<br /><ul><li>Managing casual passerby</li></ul>Driving Analysis<br /><ul><li> Status order tasks
  26. 26. Timeregistration per order task</li></ul>Tacho registration<br />Track and Trace<br />
  27. 27. WACSSuite<br />Fleetmanagement<br />Maintenance<br />Orders<br />Planning<br />Garage<br />Warehouse<br />Budget<br />TMS<br />Rental<br />Used cars<br /><ul><li>Buying / Selling parts (internal & external)
  28. 28. Order creation</li></ul>Unit<br /><ul><li> Creation of estimates</li></ul>Driving Analysis<br /><ul><li> Counter sales + direct invoicing</li></ul>Tacho registration<br /><ul><li>Stock management</li></ul>Track and Trace<br /><ul><li>Inventory</li></li></ul><li>WACSSuite<br />Fleetmanagement<br />Maintenance<br />Orders<br />Planning<br />Garage<br />Warehouse<br />Budget<br />TMS<br />Rental<br />Used Cars<br /><ul><li> Follow-up internal costs vs. revenue for each fleet and vehicle</li></ul>Unit<br /><ul><li> Inmediate proactive reaction on budget overflow </li></ul>Driving Analysis<br /><ul><li> Comparison of data (e.g. Fuel usage)</li></ul>Tacho registration<br /><ul><li> Extra service towards clients by giving them restricted access to data.</li></ul>Track and Trace<br />
  29. 29. WACSSuite<br />Fleetmanagement<br />Maintenance<br />Orders<br />Planning<br />Garage<br />Warehouse<br />Budget<br />TMS<br />Rental<br />Used Cars<br />Unit<br />Driving Analysis<br /><ul><li> Two-way Communication WACSSuite Transport Management System</li></ul>Tacho registration<br />Track and Trace<br />
  30. 30. WACSSuite<br />Fleetmanagement<br />Maintenance<br />Orders<br />Planning<br />Garage<br />Warehouse<br />Budget<br />TMS<br />Rental<br />Used Cars<br /><ul><li> Short or long term rental</li></ul>Unit<br /><ul><li> Follow-up replacement cars, test drives, ...
  31. 31. Avoid assignment of one vehicle to several persons</li></ul>Driving Analysis<br /><ul><li> Automatic creation of contracts (Invoicing through our invoicing module)</li></ul>Tacho registration<br /><ul><li> Fleet occupancy</li></ul>Track and Trace<br />
  32. 32. WACSSuite<br />Fleetmanagement<br />Maintenance<br />Orders<br />Planning<br />Garage<br />Warehouse<br />Budget<br />TMS<br />Rental<br /><ul><li>Follow-up of buying and selling proces of used vehicles</li></ul>Used Cars<br /><ul><li>Creation of offers / contracts / delivery notes</li></ul>Unit<br /><ul><li> Conditioning of vehicles</li></ul>Driving Analysis<br /><ul><li> Automatic publication on / deletion from portal website</li></ul>Tacho registration<br />Track and Trace<br />
  33. 33. WACSSuite<br />Fleetmanagement<br />Maintenance<br />Orders<br />Planning<br />Garage<br />Warehouse<br />Budget<br />TMS<br />Rental<br />Used Cars<br /><ul><li>Reporting Canbus as service towards client
  34. 34. Driving analysis  possible rewards based on driving results</li></ul>Unit<br /><ul><li> Fuel optimization up to 15 % cost reduction</li></ul>Driving Analysis<br /><ul><li> Optional: over the air data transfer</li></ul>Tacho registration<br />Track and Trace<br />
  35. 35. WACSSuite<br />Fleetmanagement<br />Maintenance<br />Orders<br />Planning<br />Garage<br />Warehouse<br />Budget<br />TMS<br />Rental<br />Used Cars<br />Unit<br /><ul><li>Flexible setup</li></ul>Driving Analysis<br /><ul><li> Automatic import of tacho registrations</li></ul>Tachoregistration<br /><ul><li> Many reporting possibilities</li></ul>Track and Trace<br /><ul><li>Creation of payroll documents</li></li></ul><li>WACSSuite<br />Fleetmanagement<br />Maintenance<br />Orders<br />Planning<br />Garage<br />Warehouse<br />Budget<br />TMS<br />Rental<br />Used Cars<br /><ul><li> Follow-up vehicles, trailers</li></ul>Unit<br /><ul><li> Competitive pricing (positioning in Europe: € 5,00 / vehicle/ month)</li></ul>Driving Analysis<br />Tachoregistration<br />Track and trace<br />
  36. 36. 1,00 Eur = 10,98 ZAR<br />Increase garage efficiency by 3 % using <br /><ul><li> ROI Calculations based on REAL data</li>