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Energy Efficiency Innovation Driver or heavy Burden?


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The Study provides information on
› Specific cost-saving opportunities
› Potentials of different technologies and their ROI
› Opportunities for financial support
› tasks and assistance for an energy manager
› Strategic implementation of energy efficiency measures and generation
of advantages for the site
› Energy management
› Economic and legal Framework conditions
› Pervasion and success of different energy efficiency measures

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Energy Efficiency Innovation Driver or heavy Burden?

  1. 1. POTENTIAL STUDYEnergy EfficiencyInnovation Driver or Heavy Burden?The study provides information on› Specific cost-saving opportunities› Potentials of different technologies and their ROI› Opportunities for financial support› Tasks and assistance for an energy manager› Strategic implementation of energy efficiency measures and generation of advantages for the site› Energy management› Economic and legal Framework conditions› Pervasion and success of different energy efficiency measures s Feature iews 5 Interv › 13 Practices ks t han 30 Good and lin › More ional resources › Over 80 addit ges › 200 pa
  2. 2. Topic and methodologyToday companies can not afford to ignore the topic of energy efficiency if they want to remaincompetitively viable. But with gaining importance the topic has also become more complex.The study „Energy efficiency – Innovation driver or heavy burden?“ offers a quick overviewand specific opportunities from the industry’s point of view. The study provides various GoodPractices as a stimulus for the implementation of measures, guidelines, useful links and manymore. In combination with the results of the expert survey it gives a comprehensive overviewof the topic.The outcome of extensive research in data bases, internet, press publications and publiclyaccessible studies provides an substantial image of energy efficiency. All this is supplementedby the results of an online survey of 135 experts from the asset-intensive industry covering thetopics energy consumption, energy management, energy efficiency measures, advantages anddisadvantages of these measures as well as technologies.Your benefits› Quick and comprehensive overview of the topic energy efficiency› Argumentation aid for decision makers› Guideline for energy managers› Many easy viable and functional tipsT.A. Cook SPONSORST.A. Cook is a management consulting fi rm focusing on Asset Performance Management withoffices in Berlin, Birmingham, Houston, Paris, Raleigh and Rio de Janeiro.The core competence of the consulting business is the sustainable implementation of asset,operations and service-oriented excellence. As a change management specialist, the firm deliversmeasurable value enhancement and bottom-line productivity gains. In order to achieve theseresults T.A. Cook offers a wide range of professional services which ensure that all businessprocesses – from strategy defi nition through management to organisational design – areeffective, effi cient and sustainable.Complementing the consulting business, the T.A. Cook Academy has become a leading organiserof international conferences and seminars relating to Asset Performance Management. Annualevents include the MainDays summit as well as conferences centred on topics such as Shutdowns& Turnarounds and Capex
  3. 3. Contents1 Trend-Report Energy Efficiency in the Process Industry page 10 1.1 Energy Manager – A Task with Manifold Challenges 9 1.2 With Maximum Transparency to the Limit – Objectives of an Energy Management System 12 1.3 Tapping Energy Saving Potentials – Insulation of Operational Plants in the Process Industry 18 1.4 Lighting and Ventilation – Using Synergies 24 1.5 The Future of the Energy Supply is Decentralised 27 1.6 Energy Management with more Efficiency – Chemical Producer Reduces Production Costs 31 1.7 Ensuring Success Through Maintenance 34 1.8 Innovation Driver or Heavy Burden: Five Assumptions on Energy Efficiency 372 Energy Efficiency in Practice 46 2.1 Economic and Legal Development in the EU since 2000 32 2.2 Energy Management Systems 42 2.3 Power Generation Equipment 55 2.4 Lighting Sytems 83 2.5 Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Systems 96 2.6 Process Heat and Cold 105 2.7 Rotating Equipment 1153 Potentials for a Better Energy Efficiency in the Process Industry: Results of the Online Survey 130 3.1 Survey Facts 131 3.2 Energy Costs and Forms of Energy 139 3.3 Planned and implemented Measures 143 3.4 Advantages and Disadvantages of Energy Efficiency Measures 147 3.5 Significance of Energy Efficiency 1514 Recommendations for action on the Way to more Energy Efficiency in the Process Industry 1605 Conclusion: Energy Efficiency You will receive – Innovation Driver or Heavy Burden? 176 a personalized 5.1 List of Tables and Figures 182 version on usb 5.2 Useful Links and Additional Documents 186 flash drive.For more information visit our website:
  4. 4. Study „Energy Efficiency – Innovation Driver or Heavy Burden?“FAX: +49 (0)30 - 88 43 07 30Contact Us Order study now! Order Information on further studies! Still have questions? We’ll give you the answers! Single User Licence 1990 EURO plus VAT*. Technical Services for Turnarounds in If you have specific questions on related is- Petrochemical Plants sues or your competitive environment, you Site Licence (2 – 5 user) 3900 EURO may be better served by a custom made plus VAT*. Scheduling Practices for Turnarounds/ single-client study. With these studies, you Shutdowns can specify the content and scope so it’s Enterprise Licence 6900 EURO tailored to meet your company’s particular plus VAT*. RFID Best Practice needs. Our team will be glad to put together How companies use RFID in maintenance a non-binding quotation for you based on an agreed scope. Offshore Wind Farm Operations * Survey participants enjoy 10% & Maintenance For more details contact discount. Benchmarks, Costs and Best Practices Mateus Siwek for Current and Future Wind Farms Tel.: 0049 (0)30 - 88 43 07 0 Name, Surname Function Department Tel Fax Email Company Industry Street Zip-code / city Alternative billing address Date Signature ContaCt For further information on this study or on T.A. Cook’s Research & Studies group, please contact: Mateus Siwek at: Tel: +49 (0)30 - 88 43 07 0 mail: | T.A. Cook & Partner Consultants GmbH | Leipziger Platz 2, 10117 Berlin | Fax: +49 (0)30 - 88 43 07 30 |