Artifice Restaurant Menu Improvement


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Binus University Hotel Managament
Menu Improvement of Artifice Restaurant

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Artifice Restaurant Menu Improvement

  2. 2. + Group :  Livia Cuyanto  Novita Kurniawan  Marcelin Mariane  Mateus Ferdinan Garden  Marshella Reentavia  Spica Bernadhita Sanggel
  3. 3. + The Problem :  Find no error in the menu, find a solution to make changes in terms of menu list menu, price, design, even the concept of restaurant menu to suit the type that is fine dining restaurant concept
  4. 4. + The old menus  First Page
  5. 5. + The old menus  The second page
  6. 6. + The old menus  The third page
  7. 7. + The old menus  The last pages
  8. 8. + Menu Analysis :  analysis of the old menu, the menu is shaped around 2 sheets of A4 size paper and cardboard shaped only in laminating.  then in terms of the logo name restaurant less in accordance with the concept of fine dining restaurant that is supposed to look elegant and luxurious.  then in terms of the composition of his menu looks messy and less name foods sold in accordance with the fine dining menu.  in terms of price is also very cheap from most other fine dining restaurant.  then the words written quite difficult to understand due to lack of detail in explaining the ingredients contained in a menu.
  9. 9. + New Logo Concept :  We tried to change the restaurant logo that looks to be more elegant and luxurious image that corresponds to the fine dining restaurant.
  10. 10. + Our new logo
  11. 11. + The theme of the menu  Keep simple  Elegant  Easy to read
  12. 12. + The menu design  This menu will be a menu book with cover an our logo at the first page  The second page will be the restaurant history  The third page is restaurant concept  The fourth until the end is our menu
  13. 13. + Analysis  Cover The old menu only made from 2 pages of paper without cover. We think for a fine dining menu restaurant should have a nice cover. This is the sample of the cover
  14. 14. + Analysis  The layout The old menu have a really full layout, that cause this menu a little bit hard to give an impression of eye catching. So for the improvement we decided to give a bigger size of the word and keep page clean.
  15. 15. + Sample of page
  16. 16. + Analysis  The menu chosen beside of change the layout, cover, we also change the menu. The changes of the menu based on some consideration of some factors.
  17. 17. + The factors in our consideration  First, the old menu didn’t have a specific theme. We can found chinese food, japanese food, Indonesian food and american food in one restaurant. We believe that will spent to much cost to make sure we serve the best of each menu selection.  Second, the old menu have a pretty strange menu’s name. such as Smurf house is healthy, this name will be great if the restaurant theme is a fantasy restaurant not an art and gallery.
  18. 18. + Our sample menu
  19. 19. + Our sample menu
  20. 20. + Our sample menu
  21. 21. + Our sample menu
  22. 22. + Our sample menu
  23. 23. + Sample of the menu booklet
  24. 24. + Sample of menu
  25. 25. + The Final Result :  we change the whole concept of the menu so that the menu is almost in line with what should be offered in a fine dining restaurant and elegant design brings a price that is well adapted to the level of fine-dining restaurant is not like the old menu that offers such menu cafe & bar concept.
  26. 26. +