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  1. 1. urmmi uniow " "I t. m. i "5f 11 OOrr-t-- a -- e vO-e- -J iJzrwhJij - Fi . V." Partlani 55jtt Ag? , 4 roifr xi. v POltTIiAND, OREGON, SATURDAY, APRIL, 38, 190G. NO. 1. THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF KAUSPELL NEWS OF THE WEEK POKING FOR SITES. BUILD DISASTER PROOF. KAUSPELL, MONTANA San Francisco Wholesalers Want to BOILS WITH ANGER u Bo-gl- D. R. PKRt.BR, Ires", F. J. LEMtUT, V. Pre.. It. E. WKBSTKK, Cnib., V. D. t.AWSON, A. Cash. Buslucsa at Once. Modern Steol Buildings Will Undoubt- Transact n general banking business. Drafts Issued, available In all cities of tbe United i " edly Be Erected. Statsi ind Europe, Hong Kong and Manila. Collections mndeon favorable terms. San Francisco, April 27. Tho first In a Condensed Form for Oar Important step toward reestablishing Oakland, Cal., April 25. Son o Fran-cIbc- trmlo relations In San Francisco was Russia On Eve of New Revolu- can bo robuilt bo tho disaster from LADD 6. TILTON, Bankers Portland, Oregon Busy Readers. taken tonight when tho realty mon hold a hurried consultation with moro thnn eatthquako ond flro will be practically KttablUhed In 1850. Transact a General Banking tluslness. Interest allowed on time do tionary Outbreak. impossible Tho dozen or two of stool pull ll. Collections made at all tiolnts on favornblo terms. Letters of Credit Inued available In fifty important merchants. Tlin nbWt frame buildings that withstood tho tor-rib- lo Kuropo and the Kaatem Htntcs. felaht Kxchnmre and Telesrnnhlo Transfers until nn Natr York. of tho meeting was to socuro temporary heat uproar thomsolvos among Washington, Chicago, St Louis, Denver, Umahn, Ban Francisco and various twlnts in Oregon, quarters for tho wholesalers, six of muningiuu, luann, omninna nnu jiniisn uoiumoia. Kxehango sold on London, larls, rlln, HAPPENINGS OF TWO CONTINENTS whom announced they wcro forcod to go tho dismantled ruins rb nroof of thin. Frankfort ana nong Kong. CONSTITUTION IS A MERE FARCE Tlio worst that happened to tho modern into business immediately. Tho meeting was called without warn- buildings waB a " from thn "sat-aim-- UNITED STATES NATIONAL BANK ing, so tho real catatn ninn worn not earthquake. Modorn architectural OF PORTLAND, OREGON. Resume of the Lett .Important but prepared to odor sites. It was decided skill cannot ovorcomo thin, but It ran J. C. AINBWOIITII, Prsildent. W. II AYKH, t. R. W. BCHMKKR, Cashier thot tho two bodies meet again Satur- Opposition to Despotism Is United by minimlzo tho loss. Undoubtedly tho A. M..WIliaiIT, Assistant Cashier. .Not Lett Interesting Events day morning at 10, to make final business centor of tho city, at least, Traasacl ft general banking business. lhafts Issued, arillablo In all cities of the Uulul Deprivation of Liberty Idlo 8tatM and Kuropo, Hong Kong andManlla. Collections made on favorable terms. of the Pest Week. Tho realty men discovered will be built up according to plans that NORTHWEST OOHNEN THIRD AIM BAK STREETS. that tho wholesalers wcro all ready to Workmen Organizing. will make it perfectly safe, como what ntovo across tho bay. Tho chairman of may. tho mooting, Mr. Triost, announced that FIRST NATIONAL &ANK of HafthYmklmm, with tho .prophet. - Wmmh. , Dowlos wife linn become reconciled laud was ollercd tho wholesalers in Oak- St. Petersburg, April 20. Tho polit- Thote is a steady exodus from San Francisco now, and it will continue. . land practically frco of chargo for a OmmMml ansf 0190,990.00 Siu-mlu- period of two years. ical situation has grown threatening. Thousands are thoroughly frightened, Oakland in tnaklna a irroat effort ts and ovory littlo window shaker that oc UNITED STATES DEPOSITORY enpturo San Francisco skipping. Trlcst naked tho real cstato mon for Tho publication yesterday of tho now vV figures nntl location sites, snvlno- - tha draft of the "fundamental law" or curs striken terror into their tnnl. W.M. LARD CHAD. CAHPKKTKK W, L. BTEINWKO, A. II. CLINK President Vice President Cashlor o Assistant Cashier Senator Iloyburn is Improving from wholesalers wanted them immediately. "constitution" of Russia has aroused a Bnt most of tho peopio will havo their lila second attack of appendicitis. From his manner of expression it would nerve back within a week and then storm of indignation, and amidst tho appear that somo of tho wholesale mor- - FIRST NATIONAL BANlK W alia Walla, Washington. (First National Bank In tho State.) Mnny of tho steel frnmos of largo buildings in ,8an Francisco nro unin jured. Probablo Republican Ticket. present great distrust of tho govern monts motives has furnished Just the stimulus needed to solidify tho entire nothing will bo heard but talk of tho elty. Tho Monadnock building, next to tho Palace Hotel, will bo fitted up Transacts a General Banking: Business. The. rogulnr troops now liavo cntiro clmrgo of feeding tho San Francisco 8enator, short term, F. V. Mulkey. Senator, long torm, Jonathan llourno opposition in Parliament. The Recti insists that with the realization of tho shortly for efllcos, and sovoral unfinish- CAPITAL 1100,000. BUKPLUB IIOO.UUO. refugees. uongressman, First District, W. O. ed skyscrapers will bo completed In tho new Rurslan loan, and nnder tho falsa U5V1 ANKENY. President. A. II. 11KYNOLD8. Vice President. A. It. I1URFORD, Cashier Uawloy. midst of tho desolation. Ti.roe months Kinir Edward. Emperor William and conviction that tho revolution is sup- rOHN U. ItYAN. Prcs. I). J. 1IKNNK38EY, Vlco Prcs. JOHN O. MOKONY: Cashlor Emperor Nicholas will hold a confer Congressman, Second District, V. R. pressed, the government has not hesi- from now thoro will bo tho greatest K. J. 110 W.MAN, Asst. Cashier. MARK, Asst. Cushler. .. ence shortly. Ellii. tated again to show tho cloven hoof, building boom tho city has ovor known. Governor. James WIthycombe. not even masking its Intention to dis- Wrecking work has begun. Tlio streots THE PIRST NATIONAL BANK OP GREAT FALLS, MONTANA Ilollovuo, Toxns, has boon devastated Treasurer, Q. A. Steel-- . solve Parliament, if it is found to be aro being cloarod nnd tho shells of by a tornndo. Forty pcoplo uro re- Supreme Judgo, Robert Eskln. buildings blown up. Tho Emporium Capital, $200,000. UNITED STATES DEPOSITARY Deposits $1,200,000 ported klllod. troubleeomo. Superintendent Public Instruction, M. Brlanchaninoff, In tho fslovo, calls nnd 20 others went this marnliiD. ABflOCIATK 1IANK8: paljr Ilnnk A Trust Co., Ilutto; Daly Dank A Trust Co., Anaconda Tho Japaneso trilkndo has given J. II. Ackertnan. tlio draft of tho "fundamental law" a Blasting is necossary only in tho heart $200,000 to the relief of San Francisco, Stato Printor, W S. Dunlway. of tho city. Throughout most of the THE NATIONAL BANK OF COMMERCE ami mo peopio a iiko. sum. "mockory" which will bo resentod by A. M. Crawford. every honest man, bo ho a membor of Attornoy-Qonora- l, miles of ruins thoro Is hardly a wall TAOOMA, WASH. Tho doubtful voto in tho sonnto on Labor Commlislouor. O. P. lloff. tho "Black Hundred" or a Social standing. UNITED STATES DEPOSITARY tho rnilrond rato bill Is largo enough OmmMml $200,000 Sufplum $300,000 to swing tho result either way. Revolutionist, adding that "such a chnnts woro ready to desert Ban Fran- mixturo of lies and falso lode on tho DEAD EXCEED 1,000. . SAVINGS DEPARTMENT 1rrsldcnt: Arthur Albertson, VI ro Proildout and Cashier; Hio Sim FrnnciMCo blocks was burnod by OKFICRHH-ChrstorTho- rne, An nrea of 453 cisco mid locate in Oakland until truck eve of tho assembling of tho roal mas Iroderlck A. Rico, Assistant Cashier; Dclbort A. Young, Assistant Cashier. flro. It is OHtimntcd tlmo at least as San Francisco could bo ters of the country can only tend to that tho bulldlnus destroyed will bo in rebuilt. Only n Small Proportion Has Beon push tho pooplo to n fresh revolution Identified, Says Coroner. JNO. C. AINHWOHTII. Prcs. JNO. 8. 1IAKKH, Vlro Prcs. P. C. KAUFKM AN, 3d" Vice Pros.. tho neighborhood of 00,000. Tlio wholesalers announced thoir In- with its attending A. O. PltlCHAItl), Cashlor. F. P. IIABKKM., JR., Asslstaut Cashier. tention to congrogato In ono district If conflicts and anar- Norway is taking steps to organise a Son Francisco, April 25. Coroner possible. They tirofcrrod the southern chy. Tho existing rcgluio Booms fated William Walsh THE FIDELITY TRUST COMPANY BANK now army. pnrt of tho city becnuso of tbo railroad to go down in blood." estimates that tho total General Banking CAPITAL AND SURPLUS. $390,000 Safe Deposit VauKa A ninth victim of tbe explosion on facilities there. When tho real cstato Tho really dangerous cloment in tho number of dead will bo not less than SAVINGS DCPARIMCNTi Interest at the Rato of 3 er cent per Annum, Credited tbo battleship Kearaarge has died. man mentioned several sites in tho situation, howovor, is not in tho atti- 1,000. Ills reports nro complete, ond TACOMA, WA8HINOTON vicinltv of North lleach tho ntorchnnts tude of tho Liberals but in tho poss- his estimate ia niado up from nil tho Tho last of the Russian prisoners said tlicso would have to rocelvo soe- - ibility of another upheaval from below data ho has been able to collect. Coro- ALFRF.D COOI.IDuK, Prcs. A. F. McCLAINK Vlco Prcs AARON KUIIN, Vice Pres. have boon returned homo from Japan. ond cull, as they wanted south of Mar- at tho very moment when the intellect-ua- l ner Walsh said: CIIAH. K. BUIUnKK, Cashlor. I). C. WOODWARD, Asst. Cashier. ket street, if wucli a location woro at forces of the country, have been "Bodies that tho doptity coronorn The total relief fund from all sources nil possible. unitod. For some time the Social havo found and buried number 300, as THE COLFAX NATIONAL BANK of totuls Oolfmx Wmmh. grows. moro than $18,000,000 and still Tho wholesalers said most of their tnombers wcro willing to bo housed un- Democrats and other proletariat orga follows: -- A Ompltml, $120,000.00 nizations trying to arrange a "At Polk and Bay street. 32: at have-bee- There is no danger of an epidemic der onoor two roofs nt the prosont general uprising to coincide with the Portsmouth square, 23; at Washing- time, nnii.thnt thoy could munago with Transacts n gonoral banking business. Special facilities (or handling Eastern among flan Franciscos homeless, ac such iiunsjtcrs for nt lenst a year. Tbey coavoeatlon of Parliament, but appa- ton square, 12; at the e house, Six-Mil- Washington und lduho Horns. cording to tbe neatlu authorities. then HdkcM tho real estate men for flit- - rently they were making no headway. 20(1; l Hill, 23; scattered in at.I-aare- W. F. KKTTKNIIACII, Prcs. J. ALKXANDKR, Vice Pres. GKO. If. KKBTKIt, Cashier The Ban Francisco bank vaults are ures on buildings. It was Impossible Now. however, a great movement different parts of tho city, 10. . believed to be uninjured, but It will bo for (ho latter to furnish this data under among the Idle workmen of tho capital. "No thorough search lias beon mado LEWISTON NATIONAL BANK Capital, Surplus and Undivided Profits, "$21 5,000.00 a week before they can bo opened. present conditions, no the wholesalers wno number 42,000, has come to the of tho district south of Markot street or agreed to wait for n fow days for their surfaco, and thoro is more than a tho Chinese quartor. Many Hvch must n Capital recently Increased from IW.OCO to f 100,000 fciirplns Increased from lMKM to 1100,000 Insuranco mon will have , say on re- ntiHwor. that this movement Is simply havo been lost in thoso sections. Tho wholesalers announced thnt six Alexaixlor, O.O. lluiinoll, J. II. Morris, draco K. Pfallllu. R.O. Ilcach, building plans of San Francisco and of thoir members "South of Market street wero tho would rcqulro at loast tho cover for a real uprising which is cheap lodging houses, nnd mnny DIIIF.CTOKH-J- os. ). II, Hosier, W, F. Kottonbach, O. K. (lucrnoy, Win, A. l.llwrt, Juo. W. Ulvetis, A. Froldonrlch, will not allow flimsy structures to bo of erected. 100,000 squaro foot. Ilcforo tho meet- being organized behind it. Twenty-tw- o Years a National Bank. Oldest Bank in LewWon, Idaho. ing adourncd others told tho realty mon Meetings of mon out of work held In tlieso collapsed from the enrthnuako. Most of San Franciscos people would that thoy intended to join with tho six tho suburbs during tho list few nights There is littlo chanco that half of thn Send Your Washington, Idaho and prefer to aeo the city rebuilt on tho in reopening right away, nml, In rough wero attended by orators of the Social inmates nf the collapsed buildings had A council of mon opportunity to escapo. Montana Business to the plan f the old and oppose changes in figures, It is estimated that the mer- Democratic patty. tho etroetd, chants will ncod at least 1.000.000 out of work has also sprung into exist- true nf Chinatown. square foot of ground space. This is also "Shortly after tho earthauako. sol OLD NATIONAL BANK Jonathan Ilouruo la Raining on II. ence Iiko tlio famous Workmens Coun- cil which directed the big strike of last dlers and police, so I have boeu told, Spokane Washington M. Cako, who leads for tho Republican nomineo for Senator in tho Oregon pri mary elections. SANTA BOSA TO BE BBBUILT. fall. Proclamations havo beon Inued hurled bodies found along tho water railing upon all workmen to support front. I havo received no official ro Entlro Business Soctlon of City Do tho men out of work, who domaud that port these, nf THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK ESTABLISHED 1881 All tho credit for stopping tho Ban Btroyod by Earthquake the city within a week shall put them "Tho total number of dead will un- doubtedly reach, if it dees not exceed, Moorehond, Mlnncsotu Francisco firo belongs to three export Santa Hosn, Cal., April 27. Tho lat to work upon tho construction of now 1,000." gunners from Mara Island navy yard. est figures show street railroads nnd bridges, for which JOHN I.AM1I, DAVID A8KEOAARD, LK.W A. HU.NTOC ARTHUR H.C06TAIN, dead, flfty-on- o sixty-thre- o President Vice President tainler Aait. Cashlor They blew up a strip of buildings one injured nnd soven missing, ns pub- has been appropriated. "" lntertAt Pnld on Time Depoasltai block wdo in front of tho flames, uslns lished in thoso dispatches. a ton and a half of Tho eutiro business section of tho gun-cotto- ARMY IN CHARGE. LAY TRACK TO HAUL DEBRIS. town FIRST NATIONAL BANK of East Grand Forks, Minn. Oaklands present population is about dences was destroyed and mnuy resi- wont down. Southern Pacific Offers Valuable Aid 1000 to the block. San Franciscos Hungry Being Fed by In Clearing Ruins. Farm Loans Negotiated. Firo and Cyclono Inaurnneo Written. Docs a Twenty flros started, but tho water General Hanking liubidess. General Funston has barred sight supply was unimpaired,, and within Quartermasters Department. San Francisco, April 25, Ah a wel- -- Capital, $50,000 K. ARNEbON, Irei. O. It. JACOI1I Cashier Beers from Ban Francisco. threo hours tho flames were under con- Ban Francisco, April 20. Gradually come relief to tho officials and citlronu 4 Pep Cent Intertstst Raid on Tlmo DopoMltst tho National Government is taking over nf San Francisco, who havo looked up- Ban Franciscos Chinatown will trol. Cut off by tho disaster from com- tho work of succoring the homoless and on tho ruins of the city and upon thn never bo rebuilt on the old alto. munication with tho rest of tho world, foodies thousands of Ban Frnncisconud monstroiiB pjles of bricks and stone FIRST NATIONAL BANK BISMAHK. MONTH DAKOTA A heavy rain has added to the dis- Santa Itosa know nothing of tha de- tomorrow comfort of the residents of the San struction of Ban Franoitfco until tho tho representatives of the twisted iron that wereonco their homes United Htates Army will havo charge and places of business, is the announce-mea- t nr-riv- and Emtmkllmhma In 1819. OmmMml, $100,000. Inlmrmmt PmU wi Tim DrnpomNm Francisco refuge camps, from thoro of a tralnlnnd of noarly of tho gigantic taek of issuing 1,000 refuiiees. hoimlm. for holn thnt Jood to that the SouthornPaclflo railroad Mon are clearing away tho Ban Fran could not bo glvon, but nenrby towns all those who remain In tlio city. This will aid in any way in tho work of C. II. LITTLK. 1reslclent. K.U. KKKDRICK, Vice President. 8. M. lYK, Cashier. J. U llKIX. Assr. Cashier. BENENAL BANKINB BUSINESS TRANSAOTED. clsco ruins. The newspaper offices will camo to tho rescue, nnd after a period development resulted from the meeting clearing away the debris. Tho rail- be among the first buildings repaired. of starvation and suffering nid was of the executive committee today and road officials nro roady to build a track tho work will be turned ovor to the through the heart THE JAMES RIVER NATIONAL BANK . General A. W. Greeley has assumed Tho courthouse tho now Mnsonio torn- - United States Quartermaster of this city, from Harrison of tho todevastated command of the Fedoral troopa at San nlo, tho now library and tho Odd Fel- department, who will establish a com- and to street tho bay, Of JAMESTOWN, NORTH DAKOTA. run their flatcnrs in for the The Oldest and Largest Banking House in Central North Dakota Francisco. General Funston will act lows building wont with tho other plete system of issuing rations at all of wreckage that must bo removed before under Greeleys orders. buildings, but Inrgcr and better struc- the 58 stations throughout the city. new buildings arise and normal condi-Collections made ton all points in North Dakota. Foreign and domestic exchange boujh tures will replace thorn. This waB a day of optimistic reports and told. Telegraph transfers to all parts of America. The latest figures on cash subscrip- It is tho intention of business men nt from all sides, "Conditions improv- tions can bo restored. In this great tions from all parts of the United once to begin rebuilding. Tho savings work between 3,000 and 4,000 men will 8tates for the relief of dan Francisco bank of Santa Ilosa occupied n $10,000 ing," was the happy expression from bo employed. Tho railroad will carryTHE FIRST NATIONAL, BANK sufferers totals $7,314,000. Dunning. Jts new one, which will bo an caring those who had charge of the duties of tho debris wherever tho authorities OF DUL.UTH, MINNESOTA.. Citizens of San Francisco have united oOiea building, will cost $250,000. for their less fortunate towns-me- want it taken, and by so doing will during the last few days. In fact make possible the performance of the n CAPITAL, 48BOO.OOO SURPLUS 73H.OOO in demanding that the state militia be worth $100,000, Con Hhen, wlio lost flvo buildings, the moot important duty will hereafter says that wlthdrawnl and Federal troops take ones will bo worth twfco his flvo new bo performed by the United States onnrmouss tatk. U. S. Government Depositary. their place. Wanton shooting is given thnt sum. It is said that an application will be Tho saino spirit is manifested by nil Army, that of distributing the food and made immediately to the supervlrors nfOKOHOE lALMKR F. lu M EVE Its OKO. L. CLEAVKR W. L. I111ENIIOLT8 as the causo. who havo beon Interviewed. supplies which havo been donated most San Frnncltco for a franchise for tills President Cashier Asst. Cashier Asst. Cashier lavishly by the people. The citizens of spur truck. The route is not known, One hundred distinct and separateLa Grande National Bank "ISSSSg books, telling the complete story of the San Francisco earthquake and fire; Fissures Open in tho Earth. San Francisco have turned their atten- but tho rails will porhnpi bo laid along Oakland, Cal., April 27. Word comos tion to tho details cf tho reconstruction tho lines of loast resistance, Oamital and Stirplmt, $120,000 each of them "tho only authentic ac- from tho district between Milpitns and of their business. DIRECTORS: J. M. Rerrr. A. B. Conley, F. J. Ilulmes, F. M, liyrklt, F. L. Meyers, Oeo. L count," are in process of preparationdeavor, Geo. Palmer. Alviso, on tho south arm of San Con Pay All Insuranco. Jron-ehc- o in various cities of the country, and Wants Philippine Traffic. Oakland, Cal., April 25 Stato In- they will be offered to the country bay, that fissures havo opened inDAVIU II. BEECIIKR. SIDNEY CLARK, be-fo- re Warhington, April 20. Senators surance Commissioner K. Myron Woifo the embers are cool. tho earth, nnd water Is flowing ovor the President. Cashier. Fulton and Gearin today received a tel announced today that nearly all thoUnion National Bank BBB$mBBBBBA I AamBBmmM reach nearly 100. Twenty miners were killed by an surfaco. The section Is known ns tho egram Irom tlio Portland The death list at Santa Rosa will artesian belt, hundreds of wells flowing perennially and supplying moans of Irri- Commerce temporary gating largo areas. Such wells rcqulro made the Chamber of largo Insurance companies would ho asking that Portland bo able to mako satisfactory adjustments headquarters for of tho losses caused by tho Han Francis- JpSsWLanWmmBBBm capping to restrnin tho How under ordi- shipping supplies to the Philippines, co fire, He estimates that the amount Incorporated 1890 in Colorado. nary conditions, nnd recent disturbance pending the rebuilding of warehouses for which tho companies are liable will CAPITAL $100,000 v(KfHsBslsB AwRi9m m " TBsssssssssssLM French mining districts. There is an armed insurrection in the of the earths surfaco has roleusod sub- and docks at San Francisco. The Sen- probably reach terranean streams Hoods In this local- ators will take the matter up with the Wolfe says ho hopes the authorities of $250,000,000. Mr. ity aro flooded and impassable. Quartermaster-General- . The President San Francisco will now grant tho hith- Thousands of refugees are leaving today sent a message to Congress urging erto unanswered appeal of the fire in- San Francisco for the north, south and Steel People to Bush Orders. an immediate appropriation for re- suranco companies for on auxiliary BaitPfcya Interest on Time Deposits east. Pittsburc. Anrll 27 Orders have building the warehouses at San Fran- - water system on Twin Peaks. General Funston and Mavor tfchmlU beon issued by tho officials of tho circo. Car-negi- o unite in saying there is no daneer of an Steel Company making all orders Tsl An Opens Her Heart. opldemlc of disease in San Francisco. for San Francisco "emergency orders," Another $26,000 tor Japan. THE OLD BANK CORNER and giving them precedence John O. Pekln, April 25. The empress dow Washington, April 20. Grsuad Fork, Every bulldlnuin Fort Braav. a Men. Ncalo, structural engineer of tho Car- tribution ol $25,000 from Another con ager has sent to the American legation doclno county town of 6,000, was negie. Company, left last niirht for Ban th Christian a check for $50,000 for the rellof of the wrecked or burned. But one life was Francisco to take chnrge of tho struc- Cross Herald was received today by the Red sufferers from the disaster at Han Fran. NORTH DAKOTA tural force of tbo United Status Steel for transmission to Japan for the clsco, and is sending $20,000 to the lost. I Corporation on tho Pacific Coast. relief of the famine sufferers. Chinese In that city. r l"""""" -- " 7?HrrffhffWfrff1t1inillsjTrtiMi iiin Sumtui nfit.n t iriin mniuL mnftmAMiimmmmmm Twiywy.f y wyjMWWWIWgilfIW.i- y.iHj .. ...,-,- , -- " "" ft "mwws: -. i.l ..I.JH.i J.1. - "if at frgmr- mrm-- i nir c - irirm... j g yiw r.sqniwj.Miw . ..r n nl rrmni ywfcjWMfrM