Sustainability index 2012


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The overview presentation from the SMI-Wizness Social Media Sustainability Index

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  • Levis’ Gareth Hornberger (@levisguy) and Starbucks (Jim Hanna @Jim_Starbucks) take a similar personal approach.
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  • Sustainability index 2012

    1. 1. A special report byCustom Communication
    2. 2. About Custom CommunicationMatthew Yeomans is the director of CustomCommunication and co-founder of SMI. He has 20years’ experience as a journalist and editorialconsultant.He is the author of #FAIL, The 50 Greatest SocialMedia Screw-ups, Oil: Anatomy of an Industry, aswell as the Social Media Sustainability Index.He writes the Social Business column for GuardianSustainable Business, and he has written or editedfor Wired, the New York Times, NationalGeographic, Fortune, The Atlantic Monthly andother publications.He has advised PwC, BASF, P&G, Do The GreenThing, Lloyds Banking Group, HSBC, Volkswagenand Diageo, among others on editorial and contentstrategy.
    3. 3. Why focus on social media and sustainability?AuthenticityCreativityTransparencyCommunity
    4. 4. Are you talking about what your company is doing ratherthan saying it wants to do?Are you being authentic in the way you communicatesustainability?Two questions that keep cropping up
    5. 5. Our methodologyWe start by selecting the 400 companies listed on the DJSI and FTSE 4 Good indexes – companies alreadydeemed to be doing sustainable work. Then we look at how many have dedicated social media channelsor resource for sustainability communications (176). Then we reduce those to the top 100 practitionersof communicating sustainability using social media.
    6. 6. • How regularly do they publish and update their sustainability social mediachannels?• How transparent they are in allowing comments and responding tocomments and conversations?• How authentic is their social media content? Do they communicate what thecompany is doing or what it says it would like to do?• How creative and innovative is the social media content• How useful is the information and conversation to the community• How “social” is the Sustainability or Corporate Social Responsibility report?Judging Criteria
    7. 7. The main findings
    8. 8. By the numbers
    9. 9. By the numbers
    10. 10. By the numbersSECTOR BREAKDOWN
    11. 11. By the numbersCONSUMER GOODS
    12. 12. By the numbers
    13. 13. The top 10
    14. 14. Best practice themes-A Magazine Mentality-Apps, Games and Maps-New and Emerging Channels-The Personal Touch-Crowdsourcing-Big Ideas-The Rise of the Sustainability Report
    15. 15. But first…..the #FAILS
    16. 16. McDonald’s Stories
    17. 17. United Airlines Lost My Daughter
    18. 18. Hurricane Sandy and a Credibility Gap
    19. 19. A Magazine Mentality
    20. 20. GE ReportsBlog PostsTweetsCharts/Infographics/MapsImagesVideos
    21. 21. Levi’s Unzipped
    22. 22. Levi’s Unzipped
    23. 23. Apps, Maps and Interactive Games
    24. 24. Apps
    25. 25. M&S shared economy with Facebook
    26. 26. Apps
    27. 27. Games
    28. 28. Maps
    29. 29. Emerging Platforms
    30. 30. IBM Tumblr
    31. 31. Levi’s Instagram for WaterLess
    32. 32. Danone on for Milk Communities
    33. 33. Philips’ Pin Your City on Pinterest
    34. 34. The Personal Touch
    35. 35. The Public Page on Facebook
    36. 36. The Personal Twitter Presence
    37. 37. The Divide and Conquer Approach
    38. 38. The Brand Voice
    39. 39. Still a Few Big Ideas
    40. 40. Sony Futurescapes
    41. 41. Siemens /answers
    42. 42. Microsoft YouthSpark
    43. 43. The Rise and Change of the Sustainability Report
    44. 44. Danone’s interactive report
    45. 45. Using data to reach a different audience
    46. 46. Using external social platforms like Scribd
    47. 47. Interested in hearing more?