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The next level of social integration



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A problem with the Long Tail
A problem with the Long Tail
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The next level of social integration

  1. 1. The next level of social integration @matclayton
  2. 2. who am I?
  3. 3. It doesnʼt apply to my industry @matclayton
  4. 4. @matclayton
  5. 5. @matclayton
  6. 6. @matclayton
  7. 7. Industries are falling @matclayton
  8. 8. Industries are falling •Communications @matclayton
  9. 9. Industries are falling •Communications •Games @matclayton
  10. 10. Industries are falling •Communications •Games •Media (Music, Video, News) @matclayton
  11. 11. Industries are falling •Communications •Games •Media (Music, Video, News) •Lifestyle @matclayton
  12. 12. Industries are falling •Communications •Games •Media (Music, Video, News) •Lifestyle •Search??? @matclayton
  13. 13. Industries are falling •Communications •Games •Media (Music, Video, News) •Lifestyle •Search??? •E-commerce??? @matclayton
  14. 14. get to the highest ground @matclayton
  15. 15. Does FB make sense? <div id=”fb-root”></div> <script> window.fbAsyncInit = function(){ FB.init({ appId:‘YOUR ID’, status:true, cookie:true, xfbml:true}); FB.getLoginStatus(function(response){ _gaq.push([‘_trackEvent’, ’FB’, ‘status’, response.status]); }); }; // Load the SDK Asynchronously (function(d){ var js, id = 'facebook-jssdk'; if (d.getElementById(id)) {return;} js = d.createElement('script'); = id; js.async = true; js.src = "//"; d.getElementsByTagName('head')[0].appendChild(js); }(document)); </script> @matclayton
  16. 16. F8 changed the game @matclayton
  17. 17. Timeline @matclayton
  18. 18. Ticker @matclayton
  19. 19. Custom Open Graph @matclayton
  20. 20. Authentication @matclayton
  21. 21. Building kickass social products @matclayton
  22. 22. I’m in,what do I have to do? Community Communication Identity @matclayton
  23. 23. @matclayton
  24. 24. @matclayton
  25. 25. @matclayton
  26. 26. Objects and Actions @matclayton
  27. 27. @matclayton
  28. 28. @matclayton
  29. 29. @matclayton
  30. 30.
  31. 31. @matclayton
  32. 32. Bonus Tip: Demographic information
  33. 33. Objects: Open Graph Tags @matclayton
  34. 34. @matclayton
  35. 35. Google is paying attention
  36. 36. Tag Tips • Open graph tags on objects not actions. • “Secret” admin panel • Not all tags are equal. Article, Music, Video •make sure to add fb:admins for insights • Open graph pages can post to users @matclayton
  37. 37. @matclayton
  38. 38. @matclayton
  39. 39. Objects and Actions @matclayton
  40. 40. @matclayton
  41. 41. Custom Actions @matclayton
  42. 42. @matclayton
  43. 43. @matclayton
  44. 44. @matclayton
  45. 45. @matclayton
  46. 46. Think about the system @matclayton
  47. 47. add friends?
  48. 48. • Why is there no dislike button? @matclayton
  49. 49. density is king
  50. 50. @matclayton
  51. 51. @matclayton
  52. 52. Get data from Text @matclayton
  53. 53. @matclayton
  54. 54. Authentication @matclayton
  55. 55. @matclayton
  56. 56. @matclayton
  57. 57. Authentication FB.getLoginStatus(function (response) { if (response.status=='connected') { // logged in and connected user, someone we know window.location.reload(); } else if (response.status=='notConnected') { // Simplist way to check referrer for incoming FB // Google users if (document.referrer.indexOf('') != -1 || document.referrer.indexOf('') != -1){ // no user session available, someone you dont know, // but they have FB signed in. } } });
  58. 58. @matclayton
  59. 59. Customize landing page @matclayton
  60. 60. @matclayton
  61. 61. Personalisation Personalisation @matclayton
  62. 62. @matclayton
  63. 63. @matclayton
  64. 64. Facepile @matclayton
  65. 65. Plugins <fb:recommendations <fb:activity site=""> site=""> </fb:recommendations> </fb:activity> @matclayton
  66. 66.
  67. 67. widgets
  68. 68. Conversation @matclayton
  69. 69. @matclayton
  70. 70. Complexity @matclayton
  71. 71. Spark @matclayton
  72. 72. @matclayton
  73. 73. Notifications
  74. 74. Distribution mozcon-seattle-2011-social-design
  75. 75. Please get in touch Weʼre keen to hear your thoughts Email: Twitter: @matclayton / @mixcloud Code:

Editor's Notes

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  • Why bother? I sell stuff online, my industry isn&amp;#x2019;t social.\n\n800M users, 500M use platform monthly.\n\n\n
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  • Building a product is like someone telling you to get to the highest piece of land.\n You&amp;#x2019;ll climb a hill, and finally reach the top, only discover there is a mountain behind it.\n Two choices, go down and climb back up , or stay still. Social is that next mountain someone in your industry is climbing it. You have to risk it all to get there though.\n P.S There is always another mountain.\n
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  • Your page is one of the top viewed pages on FB\n
  • Passive , lighter touch sharing. \n\nStuff you want to share but you dont want to annoy your friends.\n\nActions go onto Ticker\nAggregations of interesting stuff goes onto Timeline and newsfeed\nPeople are objecting, bear in mind 2M people out of 12M users joined a group about news feed when it launched... They saw the stats.... refresh refresh refresh... so ignored it.\n\n
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  • Core\n Identity\n Communication\n Community\n
  • Social networking sites have 3 key parts\n\n1. Identity, this includes not only your &amp;#x201C;profile&amp;#x201D; but any badges/awards/points\n2. Communication\n3. Community \n
  • Communication is often misunderstood\n\nMost assume its distribution, and SHOUTING..... its not its a two way street\n
  • Consumption is a massive driver of retention... always overlooked, (sharkfin)\n\nBut also strangely you see the following...\n\nDistribution drives consumption, but also consumption drives distribution = Growth + Retention increase\n\n\n
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  • like it, this is what the &amp;#x201C;like&amp;#x201D; button does internally within the graph\n
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  • Using Like buttons to track demographics,\n\nYou can either hide them, or make them public. Hiding will screw the stats.\n
  • Define the &amp;#x201C;object&amp;#x201D;\n\nTitle and image&amp;#x2019;s lock after 10? likes (images and title)\n\nIf you are debating SOCIAL put these tags on your site and start checking out insights straight away, see if there is anyone already sharing your content.\n\nRequired. title, type, image, url.... just for FB ensure you have site and fb:admins as well\n\nembedding flash to or not depends on what you want to optimize for.\n\nTOP TIP, never use # in urls, it buggers up insights totally. \n\nOfficial line is they will all be merged, I&amp;#x2019;m pretty sure it just dumps them entirely, do some tests.\n\nAlso #! urls work as well (google ajax crawling spec) but dont do that its bad for everyone, pjax it up :)\n\n
  • Facebook linter, good at spotting tagging issues, things like duplicates can throw a real spanner in the works.\n\nFlush the FB cache with it, for example if you have uploaded the wrong image\n\nCan also be done programatically\n
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  • There was this trend of publishing/liking actions for a long time this does not work, people don&amp;#x2019;t reshare/like that\n\nArticle, blocked posting to the &amp;#x201C;page&amp;#x201D; so dont use it.\n\nfb:admin fb:app_id\n\nMake sure you have a favicon as well.\n
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  • Think of the system and not the user. \n\nWhat does the system want?\n
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  • 2 Stories - facebook photos, not the best product on the planet, buts its one of the most successful, why tagging!\n\nIts bigger than all the competition (that includes flickr) combined.... times 5.....\n\n\n
  • What do you think dislike doesn&amp;#x2019;t exist?\n
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  • Retention is the key to everything. Retention = Growth\n Obvious patterns to success\n
  • Hard core users wont leave and drag on, everything above that line is casual users.\n\nThe fight is won and lost over casual users, keep a very close eye on retention\n
  • You have to build trust and relationships\n Retention is the key to everything. Retention = Growth\n Obvious patterns to success\n
  • Authentication = real identity\n
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  • Guess what this did to traffic?\n
  • 55% reduction in bounce for FB users (38%-&gt;17% bounce rate, for FB traffic)\nSlight dip and recovery of Time on site, now back to our usual 12min (logged out time)\n\n80% increase in signup rate\n\nBiggest shift in site usage to date.\n
  • OAuth 2.0 + FB JS Kit only\n\nUse the Facepile Social Plugin\n\nOfficial Facebook line is that each permission causes a CTR drop of about 3% (massive Standard deviation though)\nHowever I dont agree, asking for email caused a 5% increase in CTR...\n
  • One of the biggest mistakes with Social, is using it to power a recommendation engine\n\nSocial is sugar coating, its a magical conversion bullet, not a recommendation one.\n\nIt delivers relevance/trust. \n\n\n
  • One of the biggest mistakes with Social, is using it to power a recommendation engine\n\nSocial is sugar coating, its a magical conversion bullet, not a recommendation one.\n\nIt delivers relevance/trust. \n\n
  • Social Listloaders :)\n\nTechnical nightmare... but worth it!\n\nthankfully I&amp;#x2019;m CTO so I know whats possible when people moan about it :)\n\n\n\n
  • See who listened before you hit play.... Do you think this converts? \n\nWell turns out its about 1% better, (these all add up) \n\nIt has an effect across the entire system, people dont slag off content they know their friends liked/listened to...\n
  • Eric Fisher, Facebook Social Design Strategist\n\nRelationships can be broken down to 2 axis.\n\nFriends and family in the trust area\n\nBrands and people like the pizza boy live bottom left, least trust.\n\nWe need a way to bring the &amp;#x201C;brand&amp;#x201D; into the top right and this is what social design achieves/enables.\n
  • Circle of trust, top right quadrant\n\nFriends and Family vouch for others and they enter the circle of trust\n\n\n
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  • Pageviews == $$$ either in Ad&amp;#x2019;s or conversions... either way its good. So start a conversation.\n More conversation == more sharing == more users == more conversation ....\n oh and it creates content...\n
  • You need people, or better still friends on the first introduction to the site. Otherwise unless you have stella content no-one will stay.\n
  • Woah, thats complex.... sign up, Bounce rate up... forget it\n
  • Something to trigger a conversation..... maybe set the topic? Dont just expect people to talk without having to do introductions, think about real life.\n\n
  • 58% increase in comments (also manual check of comments reveal that there was way less spam)\n
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  • Contact details\n
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