MATC Fall Lecture Series: Randy Peters


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MATC Fall 2012 Lecture Series

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  • Five key requirements that we wanted out of the update. We wanted a plan that was….Stakeholder Driven – Stakeholder input was used to shape Vision 2032’s goals, objectives, and strat. I will be showing some examples of our outreach efforts in a momentSystem Oriented--Vision 2032 will serve as a guide for interaction between various modes (highways, rail, air, water, transit, bicycle and pedestrian modes) Focused on implementation and results—we have a full implementation plan in the worksResponsive to federal and state policy by incorporating the FHWA and FTA planning factors into our goals, objectives, and strategiesUnique to Nebraska—reviewed plans around the country in preparation which we borrowed pieces from but we had to draft our own goals, objectives and strategies that were the best fit for NE
  • NDOR solicited input from three groups of stakeholders: (1) the Nebraska traveling public (private citizens), (2) a random sample of Nebraska businesses, and (3) transportation decision makers and those who influence transportation decisions. Planning staff presented stakeholder survey data and draft goals and objectives at meetings around the state. There were two rounds of presentations, one in the Fall of 2010 detailing the LRTP process and stakeholder survey data and the other in the Fall of 2011 sharing the draft goals and objectives. Stakeholders were notified (via news releases and email notices) when the draft goals, objectives and strategies were released for public comment. In August 2011, a total of 106 stakeholders met to review and discuss draft goals, objectives and strategies during a full-day summit hosted by NDOR. These stakeholders represented state, federal and tribal leaders; U.S. Senate and Congressional representatives; law enforcement and private industry professionals; and representatives from a variety of transportation modes across the state. The attendees participated in facilitated breakout sessions centered around each goal. Following the Summit, the Vision 2032 Development Team revised the draft goals, objectives and strategies based on stakeholder input.
  • Talked a lot about a “vision 2032” but how do we translate this vision into action? Page 1 is the executive summary or cliff notes to the plan—goals (general stmts of direction for the entire transportation system), objectives ( specific outcomes to achieve under each goal), and performance measures (to keeps us on track to achieving the objectives).Pages 16-23 provide a little more detailed version of the table on page one and also define the strategies or specific programs, initiatives or policies to achieve the objectives.Pages 24-26 lay out the plan’s draft set of actions that will become part of the implementation plan
  • Monitored by 26 Current Performance Measures and Additional Measures Under Consideration
  • MATC Fall Lecture Series: Randy Peters

    1. 1. If the world doesn’t end on December 21st…NDOR will need a Strategic Plan for the future
    2. 2. What should this strategic plan contain?
    3. 3. NDOR’s StrategicPlan ShouldContain: All current strategic initiatives in one place A way to report progress in NDOR’s Annual Report Vision 2032 Your input
    4. 4. First, a little aboutVision 2032
    5. 5. Development Team MembersName OrganizationAemal Khattak UNL Mid America Transportation CenterLash Chaffin League of Nebraska MunicipalitiesLarry Dix Nebraska Association of County OfficialsJustin Luther Federal Highway AdministrationRyan Huff NDOR Traffic Engineering DivisionAbe Anshasi NDOR Rail & Public Transportation DivisionDan Nichols NDOR Materials & Research DivisionGreg Weinert NDOR Communications DivisionSarah Tracy NDOR Operations DivisionAndy Cunningham NDOR Government AffairsDoug Hoevet NDOR District 5 Construction EngineerKarl Burns NDOR District 2 Hwy Project ManagerRandy ElDorado NDOR Planning & Proj Development DivisionJill Kuhel NDOR Planning StaffJane Sutherland NDOR Planning StaffKaine McClelland NDOR Planning Staff
    6. 6. Vision 2032 Steering Committee MembersMonty Fredrickson NDOR DirectorRandy Peters NDOR Deputy DirectorMoe Jamshidi/John Jacobsen NDOR Deputy DirectorGreg Wolford District 7 Highway CommissionerSteve Maraman NDOR Controller DivisionMike Owen NDOR Planning & Proj Development DivisionRandy ElDorado NDOR Planning & Proj Development Division
    7. 7. A Vision for All Nebraskans Stakeholder-Driven…in establishing and working toward a desired future direction System-Oriented…in supporting all modes Focused…on implementation and results Responsive…to Federal and State policy Unique to Nebraska
    8. 8. Statewide Outreach to Stakeholders An In-Depth Stakeholder Survey A Stakeholder Summit Two Rounds of Presentations  League of Municipalities Annual Conference  District/Highway Commission Meetings  Nebraska Association of County Officials  Metropolitan Planning Organization Meetings
    9. 9. PerformanceMeasures
    10. 10. But…NDOR is more than just Vision 2032 Vision 2032 NDOR’s 26 Corporate Goals/Performance Performance Measures Measures NDOR Five NDOR Strategic Asset ManagementEmphasis Areas Plan Team Report Strategic Highway Misc. Department Safety Plan Initiatives
    11. 11. A small team met to give thisidea some serious pondering
    12. 12. And a little deliberation Still Pondering
    13. 13. All of a Sudden We Had an Equation for NDOR’s New Strategic Plan: Four Vision 2032 Goals +Safety Mobility Environmental Coordination Goal Goal Stewardship and Goal Cooperation
    14. 14. Four Vision 2032 Goals + Five Emphasis Areas + The Department’s Five Emphasis Areas External O&M Project Developing BuildingPartnerships Delivery Workforce TeamsCoordination and Asset Project WorkforceCooperation Management Delivery Development Goal Goal Goal Goal
    15. 15. Four Vision 2032 Goals + Five Emphasis Areas + One Additional Goal = NDOR Strategic Plan Performance Performance Measures Measures • Safety • Mobility • Environmental Stewardship • Coordination & Cooperation • Workforce Development • Project Delivery Performance • Asset Management Performance Measures • Fiscal Responsibility Measures Performance Measures