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ITS Heartland Keynote Address from ITS America


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ITS Heartland 2012
Annual Meeting
Kansas City, MO

Presented by Joerg "Nu" Rosenmohm, Chief Technology Officer, ITS America

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ITS Heartland Keynote Address from ITS America

  1. 1. ITS Heartland Annual MeetingMarch 27, 2012Kansas City, Missouri
  2. 2. Transportation Reauthorization Update
  3. 3. Where Are We Today?• 2.5 years since SAFETEA-LU expired• House and Senate reached an agreement last October on a six-month extension to March 31, 2012 • 8th extension – expires in 5 days • Funded at current levels for the full year ($47B) • Trust funding runs out at year’s end
  4. 4. Administration Released2013 USDOT Budget Proposal• $478B over six years (50% larger than SAFETEA-LU)• Significant increase for roads and bridges (34%), transit (105%) and safety (137%)• Trust fund shortfall paid for with savings from ramping down wars in Iraq and Afghanistan• Major focus on “advancing innovative programs and technological solutions”
  5. 5. Transportation Finally on theFront Burner in Congress• Senate: Moving Ahead for Progress in the 21st Century Act (MAP-21)• House: American Energy and Jobs Infrastructure Act• House and Senate bills on potential collision course over funding mechanisms, length of bill, and treatment of transit UNLESS the House takes up the Senate bill
  6. 6. Senate Bill: Top-line Summary• Revenue Sources: $109 billion over two years – Highway Trust Fund + Increase in TIFIA – LUST Fund Transfer, IRA redistribution, imported tariffs and the closing of the black liquor loophole• Policy Framework: – 87 Highway Programs consolidated/eliminated with more formula flexibility – Expedites project delivery; Performance based – Eliminates earmarks; New Freight Program – Retains Transit at current levels but creates more federal and state safety oversight
  7. 7. Senate Transportation Bill –Growing Momentum • Voted out 74 to 22 on March 14 • Senators’ Boxer and Inhofe are United • Business, Labor and Transportation Industry are United Pressure on the House to Pass a Bill
  8. 8. House Bill: Top-Line Summary• $260 billion over five years ($52 billion / year): consistent with current funding levels• Consolidates/eliminates nearly 70 federal programs, eliminates earmarks• Expedites project approvals by delegating authority to states• Performance measures• Expands TIFIA program, incentivizes State Infrastructure Banks, expands tolling authority, and encourages more private sector participation
  9. 9. House Transportation Bill –Sticking Points• Revenue Sources: $260 billion over five years – Highway Trust Fund (HTF), TIFIA, State Infrastructure Banks – ANWR, oil shale, offshore drilling and Keystone XL pipeline – General Fund and Federal Pensions – Alternative Transportation Account - Transit / CMAQ• House Revolt – Conservatives opposed $260 billion cost/energy “pay-fors” – Moderates opposed transit severance from HTF – Administration issued veto threat – Bill cannot muster votes for floor passage – Leadership mulls new package; may take up Senate bill – SAFETEA-LU expiration date is March 31
  10. 10. ITS America Authorization CampaignHas Been Enormously Successful• New ITS deployment programs• Strong planning and performance measures tied to ITS• ITS called out in every major formula program with ITS referenced more than 80 times in Senate bill• Establishes a base for next year, if bills do not pass in 2012• Enabled by an ITS America Campaign staff of three
  11. 11. Be Part of the Solution…• ITS America-led campaign to champion high-tech solutions for transportation – Improved Congressional and media relations – ITS industry at the table for key legislative debates• Making our voice heard in the crowded policy debate – Call, Write, and Meet with your Congressmen and Senators• Sponsor the Campaign for Intelligent Transportation Solutions
  12. 12. U.S. DOT Connected Vehicle Program• Multimodal and Connected• Vision To research and facilitate a national, multimodal surface transportation system that features a connected transportation environment around vehicles of all types, the infrastructure, and portable devices to serve the public good by leveraging technology to maximize safety, mobility, and environmental performance. Plan developed with full participation by all surface transportation modal administrations as well as with significant interaction with multi-modal stakeholders.
  13. 13. ITS Research Program Components Applications Safety Mobility Environment Real Time Dynamic Road Safety Data Capture V2V V2I Pilot & Mobility AERIS Weather Applications Applications Management Harmonization of International Standards & Architecture Technology Human Factors Systems Engineering Certification Test Environments Deployment Scenarios Policy Financing & Investment Models Operations & Governance Institutional Issues
  14. 14. Multi-Step Approach• Step 1 – Accelerate Vehicle-to-Vehicle Safety – Develop Core Set of Applications – Conduct Benefits Assessment – Develop Driver / Vehicle Interface Guidelines – Define Globally Harmonized Standards – Assess Security Issues – Prepare for 2013 NHTSA Agency Decision• Step 2 – Demonstrate Safety – Safety Pilot Model Deployment in Ann Arbor, MI – Major road test and real-world implementation involving multiple vehicle types and Fully integrated systems and aftermarket devices – Testing will also include the prototype security mechanisms and the certification processes
  15. 15. Multi-Step Approach• Step 3 – Define the System and Establish Testing Environment – Completed User Needs identification, Concept of Operations, Systems Requirements, and System Architecture documents of the Core System – Current focus on Policy (Governance, Liability, Privacy)
  16. 16. Multi-Step Approach• Step 4 – Build Vehicle-to-Infrastructure Safety, Mobility, and AERIS Data Environments and Applications – V 2 I for Safety – Accelerate Signal Phase and Timing (SPAT)-based applications, Signal Systems Smart Roadside, and transit Transit Management – Prototype the Data Environment of the Freight R.E.S.C.U.M.E future –> all vehicles as probes using ATIS Open Data and standard interfaces Speed Harmonization – Prototype, field-test and analyze Mobility Applications • Use Open Source software approach to accelerate deployment – Define and test AERIS Applications
  17. 17. Connected Vehicle Mobility ProgramReal-time Data Capture and Management Mobility Applications Reduce Speed 35 MPH Transit Signal Priority Weather Application Data Fleet Environment Management/ Dynamic Route Guidance Truck Data Transit Data
  18. 18. Multi-Step Approach• Step 5 – Build a Reference Implementation – 2011: • Testbeds are up and running with interoperable equipment in CA, FL, NY, MI, VA, and TN – 2012-13: • Reflect the System Architecture • Utilize Harmonized International Standards • Implement a Certification Process • Implement a Governance Process • Implement a Security Process
  19. 19. Multi-Step Approach• Step 6 – Conduct Regional Pilot Projects – Started Planning and Stakeholder Involvement in the Theme • Multiple Implementation Areas • Opportunity to pilot a variety of applications per a site’s need - sites choose from a suite of field tested applications • Seeds Implementation • Uses Lessons Learned from Safety Pilot • Builds on a Stakeholder-Defined Architecture • Accelerates DSRC for Safety • Leverages Available Wireless Communications for Mobility and Environment Applications • Leverages Private Sector Investments Occurring Now
  20. 20. Major Milestones RESEARCH, DEVELOPMENT & PILOT IMPLEMENTATIONSPROGRAM AREAFOUNDATIONAL ANALYSIS 7/09 1/11 7/11 TESTING 7/13 7/15 Safety NHTSA Agency V2V LV Decisions HT V to V Apps B Safety Benefits Safety Workshop Assessment Completed SAFETY Safety Pilot Qualified Product Lists Safety (QPLs) Pilot Regional V2I Apps Safety V2I Initial Aftermarket Defined Pilots V to I Apps Data Capture Mobility and Data Environment MOBILITY Workshop Environments Dynamic Mobility B Benefits Mobility High-Priority Mobility Apps. Apps Announced Apps Develop Testbed Testbed Revised Upgraded Testbed Architecture LaunchTECH Sys. Eng. Launch Released Security Prototype Security Process Standards BPolicy ENV. High-Priority AERIS AERIS Applications Selected AERIS Benefit Certification Prototype Certification Process Governance Prototype Governance Structure
  21. 21. Accelerating Deployment Applied research  Integrated Corridor Mgmt  Mobility Services for All Americans  Electronic Freight Mgmt ITS Deployment Tracking  2010 Survey Complete Nationwide 511 ITS Standards for Highway & Transit Collaboration among transportation agencies and industry Modal leadership
  22. 22. For More Informationwww.ITS.DOT.GOVShelley Row, DirectorRITA, ITS Joint ProgramOffice (JPO)
  23. 23. Your 22nd National ITS Annual Meeting and Exposition May 21 – 23, 2012 “Smart Transportation: A Future We Can Afford”
  24. 24. Washington DC Locale Creates a GreatOpportunity for Policy Oriented Meeting• Active participation from by Members and their staff, US DOT, other federal agencies staff, and state and local governments• Venue for making connections with customers, industry and business• Congressional Fact-Finding Sessions• Meet the Investors Workshop• Student and First Responder sessions Ursula Burnes, Chairman and CEO of Xerox
  25. 25. The Washington CorridorShowcases Important ITS Deployments
  26. 26. Exhibition Hall Showcases Cutting EdgeTechnologies• State of the art Exhibit Hall• 100,000 square feet of exhibits• Over 100 companies and organizations participating• ITS State Chapters Pavilion• Washington Corridor Pavilions highlighting the major initiatives across the three jurisdictions• Dedicated Exhibit Hall hours• 85% of the Hall already sold!
  27. 27. See you there!Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center May 21 – 23, 2012 National Harbor, Maryland
  28. 28. ITS World Congress• 10,000 ITS professionals from around the World• October 22-26, 2012 in Vienna, Austria 28
  29. 29. Thank You!For more information: 29