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Kidz grow online for your baby development


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Kidz Grow Online is the perfect way to develop your child's maximum potential.

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Kidz grow online for your baby development

  1. 1. Kidz Grow Online
  2. 2. Kidz Grow OnlineAre you the parent who tries to reach every parenting website, parenting blog and parenting programs on the internet? Do you really look after the tiniest needs of your child and try to make smart decisions for your family.
  3. 3. Kidz Grow OnlineBut before we go any furtherLet me explain for who this is not for:
  4. 4. Kidz Grow Online• This is NOT for people who think that one day children will become very decent, responsible and wise human beings no matter how you brought them up or what kind of a childhood they experienced.• This is NOT for people who think that children do not learn much through play and activities, all they need is strict rules.• This is NOT for those who think that the modern technology and the recent advancement do not have any positive impact on a child’s upbringing.• This is NOT for those who think that 3 month old are not smart enough to learn.• This is NOT for those parents who do not have enough time and are not willing to pay attention and focus on their child’s intellectual and physical development.• This is NOT for the parents who are not willing to get in their children’s shoes and think at a child’s level to better understand the emotions and fears a child has.• This is NOT for parents who turn a blind eye to their child’s problems and look for excuses for not helping their kids.• And this is definitely NOT for those who still have a cane hidden in their closet. Change Your Kids Life By Joining KidzGrow Online
  5. 5. Kidz Grow OnlineLet Us Share Our Story And Why We Created This System• You see we started out in early 2001 to offer a holistic range of therapy services to children with various needs; we started encountering many questions from concerned parents pertaining to the development of their children. These questions ranged from,• “Should I be concerned that my child is still not speaking at 2 years?”• “Why is my child still not catching a ball when he is already 4?”• “Is my child’s growth chart at the normal track?”• “Is my baby gaining enough weight?”• “When will my child start self play”• ...And many more• And whether our answer pointed to a “Yes, there is a concern....”• or “No, he is doing just fine...”,• The question is invariably followed by “So, is there anything I can do to help him/her along?”
  6. 6. Kidz Grow OnlineFive Reasons Why You Must Get KidzGrow• Over the past decade we have put every ounce of energy we have into discovering how to help parents overcome their concerns, struggles, problems and issues regarding their child’s upbringing.• And after doing this with thousands of parents and children…. Its pretty obvious that we’ve learnt a thing or two about why and how kids achieve their full potential.• And our “KidzGrow” program is designed to do just that.• you achieve your child’s full potential.• But that’s just ONE of the reasons you need to register yourself. Here are 5 more great reasons you need to register “KidzGrow” today... Change Your Kids Life By Joining KidzGrow Online
  7. 7. Kidz Grow Online• Reason #1: Child development knowledge specially tailored and personalized to your child’s unique strengths and weaknesses.• Reason #2: Quick checks of your child’s developmental milestones at your convenience.• Reason #3: Instant and up to date summary analysis to help you track your child’s development.• Reason #4: Enrichment in the quality of time with your child through bonding and meaningful activities.• Reason #5: Hundreds of Suggested Activities from child development professionals that you can conduct at home to enhance your child’s development.
  8. 8. Kidz Grow OnlineWhat Is KidzGrow?• KidzGrow Online is an award-winning online child development tracking program (for children 0-6 years), KidzGrow Online is specially designed to empower and equip parents in their personal involvement of their childrens development from birth to 6 years.• The system is designed by experts and professionals with a running knowledge and background of child development and therapy. The aim of the website is to reach out and equip parents of children between the ages of three months and six years with information that was previously hard to find. This alternative source would complement the reading material already available.
  9. 9. Kidz Grow OnlineWhat You Will Get From KidzGrow• Kidz Grow will provide you with a convenient one-stop access to an interactive, self-paced, online child development tracking tool. You simply log on at KidzGrow website for a fully personalized and customized experience anytime, anywhere.• The user interfaces are designed to be engaging, intuitive and easy to use by both you and your children. Individual child’s progress will be captured, tracked and analyzed, with personalized feedback and recommendations from professional therapists to enable you to better understand and address the specific development needs of your child.
  10. 10. Kidz Grow OnlineChange Your Kids Life By Joining KidzGrow Online... For Just $1 A Month!!Weve Got Proven Results!• The development of KidzGrow Online was supported by:• The Ministry of Community Development Youth and Sports (MCYS), and• The Enterprise Challenge (TEC) - Prime Ministers Office, under the TEC initiative.• As part of the projects development, a randomized controlled trial, involving more than 800 parents was conducted over a period of 6 months to evaluate KidzGrow Online in 2 areas:• Whether KidzGrow Online is effective in empowering parents and increasing their parenting confidence• Whether KidzGrow Online is useful in assisting parents to better identify children who may need additional special help earlier on in their lives
  11. 11. Kidz Grow Online• Results show that parents using KidzGrow (as compared to others not using the program) were:• More CONFIDENT of themselves• More KNOWLEDGEABLE in their childrens development in Speech & Language, Intellectual & Social Skills Development• Feel BETTER SUPPORTED as a parent just after ONLY 3 months of using KidzGrow Online! I Want A Copy!!!!