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Self isssued-idp


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Self isssued-idp

  1. 1. @novIdentity in Your Device
  2. 2. OS, Browser, Mobile Apps
  3. 3. Self-Issued OpenID ProviderPersonal OP that issues self-signed ID TokensNo central IdP serversDefined in OpenID Connect Messages any apps / devices with secure stragee.g. iOS app with Keychain
  4. 4. 1) Launches “openid://?client_id=client://callback&..”No discovery (static OP config)No client registration (client_id = redirect_uri)2) End-user approval3) Self-issued ID Token generationGenerate RSA key pair on the device (only once)“sub” is automatically calculated by the public key4) Back to “client://callback#id_token=...”No API available, thus No Access Token5) ID Token Verification
  5. 5. Static OP Config
  6. 6. The sub (subject) Claim value isthe base64url encoded SHA-256 hash ofthe concatenation of the bytes ofthe UTF-8 representations ofthe base64url encoded key valuesin the sub_jwk Claim.OpenID Connect Messagesdra,18 Section 6.5
  7. 7. JWK - JSON Web Key
  8. 8. “sub” calculated from JWKHash of them
  9. 9. Self-Issued ID Token
  10. 10. Device specific key pair↓Device specific ID Token
  11. 11. No verified emailsNo verified profile
  12. 12. Holder of Key
  13. 13.