Survival Guide to Agile UX


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Slides from a talk I gave on Agile UX and Brighton UX in March 2011. The talk was focused on what UX practitioners can offer to Agile and some tips and advice on how to embed user centred design within Agile and Scrum.

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  • \n
  • Mat Walker - a freelance UX and PM currently working at BFI on website relaunch\n\nTalk from UX perspective\n\nShow of hands - UX people! People who work in Agile (PM, Scrum others). People who with Agile and UX. People here for the free booze?\n\nNot talking about Waterfall or Agile. Focus on the UX person based on BFI exp. Talking about the lifecycle of Agile UX project and finish with some things for you as UX practitioners to bear in mind.\n\nI’ve tried to keep the talk short so we can leave a bit more q&a time\n
  • Agile seen big take up. Trad techniques on decline. Lots of questions about integrating Agile and UX\n\nLots of work by some smart people on making this work over past few years.\n\nCheck my blog in a few days. I’ll compile a list of the best stuff I’ve found.\n\nMy work at BFI. working for me\n\nBefore we delve in I want to answer the Whats in it for me? why we are doing this? Control of end project!\n\nSo lets start at the top with Sprint 0..\n\n
  • This is the research phase. Its not a dumping ground for all of the UX this is your research phase. Not two weeks. scale to fit project.\n\nFoundations laid with the user at the centre. \n\n*describe* examples\n\nNot looking for massive amounts of work. Just enough is the key. Mark will talk about this later.\n\nOk, looked at start of project lets get into the meat\n\n
  • Classic Staggered sprint approach to Agile UX. *Explain*\n\nNice idea in theory don’t get a team effort, a bit of a throwback to trad UX approaches. \n\nNow I’ll now show you how we developed this idea further\n
  • Focus on team\ndescribe diagram - design workshop, project team, sketching\nDaily IA crit, \nPO review (agree direction), User test with User journeys, amends\nRetrospective, plan\n
  • No room for UX heroes - all about the team\nNot precious about work - supportive, adaptable\nCritical - give crit, user champion\nJust enough - not finished wireframes\nCan be hard working without bigger picture need time to re eval previous work\nPrototype not static wireframes (agile about conversation rather than documentation)\n
  • Complex. hard work. but the pay offs are worth it. Its been a long process to get where we are but its paying off.\n\nImplementaion of Agile UX patchy but we’ve got a chance to get in and get UX baked in at start. This is a great opportunity to take ownership of your work and shepard it through.\n\nYou need to arm yourselves with a bit of knowledge and have a few tricks up your sleeve.\n
  • Covered a lot in this talk. Hope you enjoyed it, download the slides/ notes from my blog. \n
  • Survival Guide to Agile UX

    1. 1. Survival Guide to Agile UXMat Walker - UX Brighton
    2. 2. Welcome to the future!
    3. 3. Sprint zero ‘must haves’: - Personas - Initial Site Maps - User Journeys - Initial Wireframes
    4. 4. Staggered Sprints Sprint 0 Sprint 1 Sprint 2 Sprint 3 Sprint 4 Sprint 1 Sprint 2 Sprint 3 Sprint 4 Sprint 5UX IA & Research IA IA IA IA Pre devDev setup
    5. 5. Retrospective and sign off Critique IterateTypical UX Sprint Week 2 User Testing Product Owner Review Critique Week 1 Iterate Collaborative Design
    6. 6. The Retrospective - No egos - Not precious - Critical - Ok with ‘just enough’ - Conversation not documentation - No big picture
    7. 7. Any thoughts?