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Data handling ppt for class 7th

Powerpoint presentation for students of class 7th

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Data handling ppt for class 7th

  2. 2. Some commonly used diagrams to represent numerical data are: •Pictographs •Bar graph •Double bar graph •Pie-diagrams or Pie-charts
  3. 3. The information collected in all such cases is called data
  4. 4. Pictographs represent data through appropriate pictures. In pictographs, the same type of symbol or picture is used to represent the data. Each symbol is used to represent a certain value, and this is mentioned clearly in the graph Pictographs
  5. 5. A display of information using bars of uniform width, their heights A bar graph:
  6. 6. A bar graph showing two sets of data simultaneously.
  7. 7. Grouped data can be presented using histogram. Histogram is a type of bar diagram, where the class intervals are shown on the horizontal axis and the heights of the bars show the frequency of the class interval. Also, there is no gap between the bars as there is no gap between the class intervals.
  8. 8. Histogram
  9. 9.  The data regarding choice of subjects showed the occurrence of each of the entries several times
  10. 10. Circle Graph or Pie Chart These are called circle graphs.A circle graph shows the relationship between a whole and its parts. Here, the whole circle is divided into sectors. The size of each sector is proportional to the activity or information it represents
  11. 11. Its representation in a pie diagram is as shown