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Executive Agent | Real Estate Masters


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Executive Agent | Real Estate Masters

  1. 1. SOUTHERN  CALIFORNIA’S  PUBLICATION  FOR  THE  REAL  ESTATE  PROFESSIONALEXECUTIVEAGENT MAGAZINE TMKaren Morton Whitney Fields I NSIDE F EATURES: P AUL CORONADO Summit Realty Group BILL H OBBS Prudential California Realty K ATHY K OPPIE Keller Williams Realty J ULIA M AIO Kinecta Federal Credit Union
  2. 2. The Road to Success Starts With...On October 2-4 at the C.A.R. EXPO at the Anaheim Convention Center,stop by the PWR Booth #535 and demo our NEW website enhancements!PWReportsPower up your listing presentation,property marketing, & prospectingefforts with these simple to usePWReports. Just print & go! PWR is the only REALTOR® association offering any of these valuable member benefits. See why PWR is the Association of Choice at the CAR Expo. Pacific West Association of REALTORS®
  3. 3. contentsEXECUTIVEAGENT MagazineOCTOBER, 2012 VOL. 2 NO. 10Cover Story Editorials Fred Arrias Executive Publisher 22 - Tony Alessandra: PO Box 73384 San Clemente, CA 92673 Improving Your Intellectual Image Ph: (949) 366-3349 Fax: (949) 266-8757 26 - John Boe: The Power Of Choice ADVERTISERS’ INDEX 28 - Bill Brooks: AmeriFirst Financial, Inc...................11 Customer Impact: The Winner’s Edge i Photography Studio................34 & 35 Kinecta Federal Credit Union...........36 14 - Jim Rohn: The Time To Act Mason - McDuffie Mortgage.............21 5 Prominent Escorw..............................31Karen Morton & Whitney Fields 16 - Zig Ziglar: Laughter PWAOR................................2 Executive Agents of the Month Realty ONE Group.............................20 Talk of the Town.......................18 & 19 Photography: i Photography Studio Graphic Designer: Rob Paino 13 32 Editorial Manager: Garon Arrias Writers: Lalaena Gonzalez–Figueroa, Paul Coronado Kathy Koppie Shannon Hartsoe Summit Realty Group Keller Williams Realty © Copyright 2012 Executive Agent Magazine. All rights reserved. Reproduction in whole or in part without written permission is prohibited. Although every precaution is taken to ensure accuracy of published materials, Executive Agent Magazine cannot be held responsible for opinions expressed or facts supplied by its authors. 24 12 Bill Hobbs Julia Maio Prudential California Realty Kinecta Federal Credit Union EXECUTIVEAGENT Magazine 3
  4. 4. NO MINAT I O N FORMEXECUTIVEA A GENT MAGAZINE TM MAGAZINE TMNominate a fellow REALTOR® to be profiled in one of our feature stories: on the cover as Executive Agentof the month, or as a special feature story. All candidates must be nominated by a real estate professionalor affiliate. The selection process includes a questionnaire, personal interview, reference check and finalapproval by the Advisory Council. Candidates are evaluated based upon professionalism, length of serviceand uniqueness of story, as well as industry and community involvement. Nomination form I nominate: NAME:______________________________ COMPANY:__________________________ ADDRESS:___________________________ ____________________________________ CITY/STATE/ZIP:_____________________ ____________________________________ PHONE:_____________________________ E-MAIL:_____________________________ REASON:____________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________ _____________________________________MAIL, Fax or E-mail: Submitted by: AFax or Email to: NAME:______________________________2929 Calle Frontera COMPANY:__________________________Executive Agent MagazineSan Clemente, CA 92673Phone (949) 366-3349 PHONE:_____________________________Fax: 949.266.8757Fax (949) E-MAIL:_____________________________
  5. 5. EA Cover StoryKaren Morton Whitney Fields EXECUTIVEAGENT Magazine
  6. 6. Whitney Fields & Karen Morton By Lalaena Gonzalez-Figueroa representation; Masters Real Estate Group has proven a Photography by Ian Wiant - Dan Fields Photography valuable advocate for buyers and sellers throughout San Diego and the surrounding regions.W ith a client-centric business model and a genuine passion for their profession, Whitney Fields and There’s a distinct synergy between Karen and Whitney, Karen Morton have joined forces to create an a deep sense of camaraderie that reveals the mutualexceptional and unique real estate practice that focuses trust and admiration the women share for each other.on the driving force behind their industry: relationships. Their paths to real estate are unique, but the duo isThe duo shares an unwavering sense of enthusiasm and on a clear and defined course to ongoing success. An entrepreneurial background and creative skillset allowed Whitney to flourish early in her real estate career. Prior to earning her license, she and her husband owned and operated a restaurant. When the time was right to make a change, Whitney determined that she could capitalize upon her business experience, marketing and design prowess and people skills as a real estate consultant. Her interior design background was a launching point foraccountability, providing each client with incrediblesupport and representation throughout the course of agiven transaction and beyond. Whitney and Karen are,in fact, so committed to meeting the ongoing needs oftheir clientele that they have established themselvesexclusively through repeat and referral business. They’vemade it work through consistency and knowledgeable EXECUTIVEAGENT Magazine
  7. 7. Whitney Fields and Karen Mortonsuccessfully preparing and listing homes, and as she real- business partners; they’re also true friends who still love toized the value of her creative skills, she went on to become recharge on the water.a certified, professional stager. With the formation of their team came a new sense Karen’s degree in Marketing and extensive work in of clarity. Hours of self-examination, of creating andadvertising provided her with a competitive edge when she honing their joint business plan, led Karen and Whitneylaunched her real estate career. After establishing herself in to identify their chosen route to success. “We knew wea variety of media formats, she sought a new challenge that wanted to achieve specific goals,” recalls Whitney. “Andwould allow her to continue to utilize her abilities while we determined that we would work best if we maintainedmaximizing her outgoing personality and communication a focus on our strengths.” Both incredibly personable,skills. Karen proved an ideal fit for real estate and quickly Karen and Whitney opted to build upon the relationshipsdiscovered the joy of a profession that allowed her to make they had so thoughtfully cultivated. It was a gamble;a difference in the lives of others. focusing on growing a business strictly driven through referral and repeat clientele meant starting with a small but So how did the self-described “Southern California Girl” established database and ensuring that their message wasand “Southern Belle” forge a solid partnership steeped in well-received. They didn’t simply ask for referrals. Saysprofessionalism and knowledge? It started, interestingly Whitney, “We reconnected with our network and explainedenough, with a love of surfing. At peace on their boards, to them exactly how we would earn business.”in the water, Whitney and Karen built a rapport with oneanother, learning that their commonalities extended to core Whitney and Karen consistently offer an unsurpassed levelbeliefs including their systems of morals and values. “We of service, tailoring their efforts to the needs of each indi-discovered that we shared a similar approach to business,” vidual with whom they work. Their consultative approachstates Karen. “Surfing together allowed us to understand has the duo providing the information their clients need tothe underlying issues that may contribute – or detract- from make their best decisions, as well as a network of servicea team’s success, and to realize that we had the makings of and trade professional referrals. “We act as a comprehensivea great partnership.” Today Karen and Whitney aren’t just resource for everything real estate,” notes Karen. EXECUTIVEAGENT Magazine
  8. 8. Setting the Standard of Excellence When Skip Saunders and his family began to contemplate their signature personal approach. “One of us is alwaysa relocation from Los Angeles County to San Diego available to answer questions and address concerns,”County, he researched highly-rated Realtors® within the Whitney explains.region and found Masters Real Estate Group. “Whitneyand Karen met with us multiple times,” he says. “They took Client Jami Shapiro states that Whitney and Karentheir time with us, first helping us to familiarize ourselves were highly knowledgeable and incredibly patient. Herwith the area, and then searching for properties. They perspective is unique: a Realtor® licensed outside ofwere always ready and willing to answer our questions, California, she understands the level of commitmentand had a thorough knowledge of the communities we that the duo displayed. “I never felt pressured, never feltwere interested in, including schools and amenities.” His the need to make a quick decision in order to close thefamily was, adds Saunders, “totally satisfied” with the transaction,” she recalls. Despite her own industry savvy,experience. “We had the opportunity to work with both Shapiro asserts that she wouldn’t have found her homeWhitney and Karen, and found them to be invested in our without Whitney and Karen. “They had knowledge aboutwants and needs,” he states. the house before it was on the market,” she explains. “It was exactly what I wanted!” Their buyers appreciate Karen and Whitney’s patienceand meticulousness as they explore their options. With As listing agents, the duo provides a solid array of servicesthorough market knowledge, the two believe in the value including professional staging, comprehensive marketingof educating clients. “The more you know, the more and advertising campaigns, and skillful negotiation. Theircomfortable you are finding a home that meets your attention to detail is impeccable; Karen and Whitney havecriteria,” observes Whitney. “We encourage our buyers created an extended team of specialists whose skillsetsto take their time, to preview as many properties as complement their own. Masters Real Estate Group, led bythey need to. Their long- and short-term goals drive the Karen and Whitney, includes an administrative assistantprocess.” As a team, Karen and Whitney believe they are and transaction coordinator whose efforts allow the duo tobetter able to meet their clients’ needs while maintaining focus on what they do best: care for their clients. EXECUTIVEAGENT Magazine
  9. 9. In addition to traditional sales, Karen and Whitney have a professional approach to our business and to continuingalso become adept at negotiating complex short sales. to build upon our knowledge and skills.”“Adaptability is critical to success in real estate,” saysWhitney. “Karen and I are cognizant of this, and have Their referral-only business is thriving, thanks to thededicated the time and energy necessary to ensure that unwavering dedication with which Karen and Whitneywe’re able to handle the range of transactions that our operate. Their efforts have earned them consumer andclients require.” While the distressed market is ripe with collegial respect, along with a host of notable awards andemotional challenges and business-related obstacles, the accolades. Masters Real Estate Group has been featuredteam maintains focus on their clients’ end goals. “This in San Diego Magazine as “Five Star Real Estate: Bestis where we truly see the opportunity to help others,” in Client Satisfaction” every year since 2009, an honorobserves Whitney. “Karen and I have helped individuals that they don’t take lightly. “Our market has experiencedthrough personal and family traumas, the pitfalls of a a volatile cycle,” Karen states. “Together, Whitney andstruggling economy, and unexpected life changes. We I have not only maintained business, we’ve grown whatever we can to assist them in getting through the We go beyond meeting our clients’ needs. Masters Realprocess and establishing new, attainable objectives for Estate Group is committed to going the extra mile tothemselves. It’s challenging, but incredibly gratifying.” provide our clients with an unmatched level of service.” Professional partnerships often survive becauseindividuals count on each other to balance out theirstrengths and areas for improvement. But Whitney andKaren describe themselves as uncannily similar. “We geteach other,” says Whitney. “Karen and I communicatereally effectively, and we’re both focused on maintaining EXECUTIVEAGENT Magazine
  10. 10. Masters Real Estate GroupWhitney Fields, ASP Realtor®Karen Morton, SFR Realtor®Keller Williams Realty6005 Hidden Valley Road, Suite 200Carlsbad, CA 92011Whitney: 760.579.8490Karen: 760.801.0839whitney@mastersrealestategroup.comkaren@mastersrealestategroup.comwww.mastersrealestategroup.comDRE # 01467815 / 01414192 EXECUTIVEAGENT Magazine
  11. 11. At  AmeriFirst  Financial,  our  interest  rates  and  service  levels           Conventional,  Government  (VA  and  FHA),  Jumbo,  and  Niche  Products  At   Completely  in-­‐house  loan  process:  from  processing  to  underwriting,  to  doc   drawing  to  funding   21  day  average  close,  30  day  closing  guarantee     Exceptional  communication  and  transparency  throughout  the  entire  process   Our  complimentary  marketing  and  business  development  programs  are  the   tools  you  need  to  differentiate  you  and  your  business! Mortgage  Advisor  |  NMLS  #278618   Cell:  760-­‐533-­‐4126    |    E  fax:  858-­‐461-­‐7019   2794  Gateway  Rd.  Suite  109    |    Carlsbad,  CA  92009  |     **  Terms  &  Conditions  May  Apply.  AmeriFirst  Financial,  Inc.  Licensed  by  the  Department  of  Corporations  Under  the  Residential  Mortgage  Lending  Act.  **  
  12. 12. EA Julia Maio A Powerful Partnership By Lalaena Gonzalez-Figueroa loans up to four million dollars, as well as packages designed for second home buyers.” Kinecta’s Purchase Power, she adds, is a program designed to ensure that member clients’ loans close within 30 days. With a money-back guarantee, Kinecta is, she says, proving its philosophy of accountability and exceptional customer care. “We understand that in a highly competitive mar- ketplace, buyers need to have the backing of a responsive lender,” Julia states. “From first-time purchases to short sale transactions, we’re working to maintain efficacy and timeliness with every loan.” Julia’s personal approach to business has earned her a solid base of repeat and referral clients who appreciate her dedication and commitment to their needs. She excels in working with first time buyers, and provides open and honest communication that’s not limited to traditional banking hours. She is also highly adept at packaging complicated financial products including loans for high net-worth individuals, who require the finesse of a pro- fessional with the capacity to translate their financial strengths onto paper. “It can be challenging,” Julia acknowledges. “But I love the opportunity to make it happen.” While she’s based in San Diego, Julia notes that she is able to close loans throughout California and in 24 states across the country. Locally, she reaches out toW hen it comes to real estate financing, says Julia consumers and industry professionals including agents, Maio, there’s no mistaking the bottom line. “If financial planners and tax preparers through seminars and you don’t have the money to close the deal,” networking events. “I’m exploring anything I can do on ashe observes, “you don’t have a deal.” And she has made regular basis to assist others in building their businesses,”it her business to ensure that, time after time, residential she says. “As the marketplace continues to change, I’mconsumers are obtaining the loan packages they need to providing my clients and business partners with the infor-turn dreams of home ownership into realities. mation they need to successfully adapt and grow.” Julia’s professional history includes working as a Julia consistently provides an exceptional level ofmortgage loan consultant and a real estate agent. Her service to others, backed by a genuine sense of purposeexperience allows her to better understand the needs of and care. “We’re doing great things here at Kinecta,” sheher consumer clients as well as her industry partners. Her smiles. “This is an exciting time and we’re looking for-ability to differentiate her approach to meet the unique ward to continued success.”needs of each client, paired with smart use of technology,has given Julia a competitive edge within her market- Julia Maioplace. Adding to that, she says, is the tremendous value Kinecta Federal Credit Unionthat Kinecta Federal Credit Union provides throughout the 2375 Northside Drive, Suite #125course of every transaction and beyond. San Diego, CA. 92108 Tel: 619-301-6539 “Kinecta provides a great array of loan products Email: jmaio@kinecta.orgdesigned for a range of buyers,” Julia observes. “First- Web: buyers have access not only to traditional loans but NMLS ID 872912special incentives as well. Experienced investors andhigh-end homeowners are able to take advantage of jumbo EXECUTIVEAGENT Magazine
  13. 13. EA Paul Coronado A Drive for Excellence By Lalaena Gonzalez-FigueroaA ll his life, Paul Coronado has been propelled by an innate drive to push beyond limits and meet challenges head-on. The son of a single mother,he grew up in a tough neighborhood where trouble waseasier found than opportunity. It took tremendous effortto make something of himself, but Paul had faith that hewas determined for success. He studied at California State University, intenton becoming an attorney. Paul carried himself as aprofessional, establishing himself as someone specialamong his peers. His dreams, though, were put on holdas Paul shifted his focus on the responsibilities associatedwith supporting his growing family. Armed with anentrepreneurial spirit and a knack for business he delvedinto independent sales, then established a manufacturingcompany that catered to the golf industry. He was makingprofessional strides, but hadn’t found his niche; then acolleague suggested he explore a career in real estate, andthe pieces finally fell into place. Paul launched his career in lending, and transitionedinto real estate sales by the late 1990s. He built hisbusiness through an incredibly earnest approach: theprocess of trial and error. There were successes and therewere setbacks, but Paul took every moment in stride. “Thechallenging moments are the best learning opportunities,”he explains. “I’ve taken those lessons and utilized them tohelp my clients avoid or recover from similar situations.” and granddaughter’s teams has helped me to improve myA onetime owner of his own company, Paul transitioned communication skills, which translates directly to myto Summit Realty Group in 2011. The move, he says, relationships with clients and industry colleagues.”has made a notable difference in his ability to maximizeefficacy and focus on his clients’ diverse needs. He works with a spectrum of individuals including first time buyers and experienced investors, traditional “Our office is completely virtual and provides a great equity residential sales, distressed properties, commercialplatform upon which to expand a business,” he observes. transactions and agricultural parcels throughout San Diego“Most importantly, Summit Realty Group’s philosophy and the Central Valley and surrounding communities.and goals parallel my own. We are focused on providing Paul’s true specialty is facilitating transactions thatexceptional customer care, working closely with clients to accomplish his clients’ goals, and he looks forward toassist them in achieving their goals.” Paul’s clientele has continuing to build his business for years to come.grown through repeat and referral business; he connectswell with individuals and works closely to establish a Paul-Anthony Coronadounique plan of action tailored to each client’s distinct Realtor®, CDPE®long- and short-term needs. “Anyone can sell a house,” Summit Realty Grouphe offers. “My aim is to go beyond the transaction, to be Telephone: 619.218.1503a lifelong resource for my clients.” Paul’s professional efforts are balanced by time with DRE # 01290767his family. A doting father and grandfather, he enjoyscoaching youth softball. Working with children, hesays, has impacted his approach to business. “I’m morefocused and aware,” he reveals. “Coaching my daughter’s EXECUTIVEAGENT Magazine
  14. 14. EA The Time to Act By Jim RohnE ngaging in genuine discipline requires that passes and before the idea dims. If you don’t, you develop the ability to take action. You here’s what happens - don’t need to be hasty if it isn’t required, butyou don’t want to lose much time either. Here’s the - You Fall Prey To The Law Of Diminishing Intenttime to act: when the idea is hot and the emotionis strong. We intend to take action when the idea strikes us. We intend to do something when the emotion Let’s say you would like to build your library. If is high. But if we don’t translate that intention intothat is a strong desire for you, what you’ve got to action fairly soon, the urgency starts to diminish. Ado is get the first book. Then get the second book. month from now the passion is cold. A year fromTake action as soon as possible, before the feeling now it can’t be found. By Jim Rohn14 EXECUTIVEAGENT Magazine
  15. 15. EA Here is the greatest value of discipline: self-worth, also known as self-esteem. So take action. Set up a discipline when the and personal motivation that affect professionalemotions are high and the idea is strong, clear, performance. He can awaken the unlimited powerand powerful. If somebody talks about good health of achievement within you! Reproduced withand you’re motivated by it, you need to get a bookon nutrition. Get the book before the idea passes,before the emotion gets cold. Begin the process.Fall on the floor and do some push-ups. You’vegot to take action; otherwise the wisdom is wasted.The emotion soon passes unless you apply it toa disciplined activity. Discipline enables you tocapture the emotion and the wisdom and translatethem into action. The key is to increase yourmotivation by quickly setting up the disciplines. Bydoing so, you’ve started a whole new life process. Here is the greatest value of discipline: self-worth, also known as self-esteem. Many peoplewho are teaching self-esteem these days don’tconnect it to discipline. But once we sense theleast lack of discipline within ourselves, it starts toerode our psyche. One of the greatest temptationsis to just ease up a little bit. Instead of doing yourbest, you allow yourself to do just a little less thanyour best. Sure enough, you’ve started in theslightest way to decrease your sense of self-worth. There is a problem with even a little bit of neglect.Neglect starts as an infection. If you don’t takecare of it, it becomes a disease. And one neglectleads to another. Worst of all, when neglect starts,it diminishes our self-worth. Once this has happened, how can you regainyour self-respect? All you have to do is act now!Start with the smallest discipline that correspondsto your own philosophy. Make the commitment: “I permission from the Jim Rohn Weekly E-zine.will discipline myself to achieve my goals so that Copyright© 2006, Jim Rohn. All right the years ahead I can celebrate my successes.” For information about Jim’s keynote presentations and seminars, contact the FrogPond at 800.704. FROG(3764) or email http:// Jim Rohn knows the secrets of success - in and in life. He has devoted his life toa study of the fundamentals of human behavior EXECUTIVEAGENT Magazine 15
  16. 16. EA LaughterL aughter is a great stress reducer. If you have never read Norman Cousins’s account of his experience of self-healing as described in Anatomy of anIllness, I encourage you to do so. When diagnosed withan incurable illness, he brought a movie projector intohis hospital room and watched reel after reel of oldclassic comedy movies, laughing himself into hysterics.He found he could relieve his otherwise significant painon a consistent basis through laughter. That practice,along with some other novel therapies, resulted in hishealing. He left his prestigious journalistic career andtaught on the faculty of a major medical school aboutthe power of the mind and emotions in healing the bodyof disease. Next to love, laughter has been described as thesecond-most powerful emotion we can express. It hasbeen said that laughter is like internal jogging—itstimulates the respiratory system, oxygenates the body,relaxes tense muscles, and releases pleasure-producingchemicals in the brain. You cannot laugh and be mad,laugh and be tense, laugh and be stressed. Laughter islow-calorie, caffeine-free, and has no salt, preservatives,or additives. It’s 100 percent natural and one size fits all. Laughter is truly God’s gift to humankind. You canget high on laughter but never overdose. Laughter iscontagious—once it starts little can be done to stop it.Laughter never felt bad, committed a crime, started awar or broke up a relationship. Laughter is shared bythe giver and the receiver. Laughter costs nothing andits non-taxable. Laughter is a trend-setter. If we can findways to laugh first thing in the morning, it may in factset the trend for the rest of the day. Let me close by telling you the most important use oflaughter I have ever discovered: The ability to laugh atourselves. I stopped taking myself too seriously yearsago and it was the best decision I ever made. Don’t getme wrong—I’m still serious about what I do. But notso serious that I can’t be the first one to laugh when Imess up (which happens all too often—it’s why I spendso much time laughing!). When you’re the first personto laugh at yourself, you leave little room for others tolaugh at you. Zig Ziglar is a beloved author and America’s motivator.He is the author of 25 books and offers training andconsulting to organizations all across the globe. Tolearn more about Zig and his business visit his websiteat www.ziglar.com16 EXECUTIVEAGENT Magazine
  17. 17. EA Written by Zig ZiglarEXECUTIVEAGENT Magazine 17
  18. 18. AWARDS - ANNOUNCEMENTS - RECOGNITIONS - EVENTS Talk of * Sue LaPeter, Prudential California Realty, is * The Ryan Grant Team at imortgage offers youproud to highlight the following property: the perfect opportunity to energize your career 5695 Southview, Yorba Linda and boost your earnings with our unique business Ca - Listing price....$689,000, model based on preferred five bedrooms/three bath lending relationships with real approx. 2,453 sq. ft., downstairs estate clients and home builders bedroom and bath, dramatic throughout Orange County. cathedral ceilings & tons of We’d love to talk to you about natural lighting. Beautifully joining our team and reaping remodeled kitchen w/island the rewards of our winning and stainless steel appliances. business model that offers you Huge Master Suite w/dressing unmatched support to fuel your area and walk in closet. Enjoy business, solid preferred lendingEast Lake club- relationships and exceptionalhouse, gym, pools, earnings potential.spas, fishing & We are currently looking toboating on 15 acre hire loan consultants that can work with our partnerslake. Contact Sue and offer continued exceptional service and growth.LaPeter at: 714- If you are interested in joining the team and looking728-9018 or sue@ to take your career to the next level, please call at 949-705-0582. * Coto de Caza Real Estate is proud to announce * Realty ONE Group Continues Significantthe opening of their new Professional Property Investment in Talent with New COO:Management Division in Coto de Caza. Owned Realty ONE Group has hired a new COO, Mattand Operated by Mike Ameel, Broker and the Emerson, who has nearlyMike Ameel Team. Coto de Caza Real Estate 20 years of field, operationalprovides a wide range of real estate related services and management experienceincluding : Listings, Sales, Leasing, Management, in the real estate industry. Commercial, Investment Most recently, he was chief & Apartment Brokerage, communications officer 1031 exchanges & Short for First Team Real Estate, Sales. According to Mike, and previously he held a the demand for rental management position at properties has increased Prudential California Realty. significantly this year and “Matt’s hands-on approach the demand thus far is not means that there are no aspects abating. This may be attrib- of the business he doesn’t uted to the many short know - from branch operations to the boardroom,” sales and foreclosures that said CEO and Founder Kuba Jewgieniew. “His homeowners have faced ability to connect to sales associates, employees leaving them with few and clients in an honest and caring way - with theirhousing options until their credit can be repaired. The goals in mind - has proven to be one of his greatestrental market should remain strong through 2013. strengths and has driven successful outcomes forTheir Company services the Communities of Coto all parties involved.” Realty ONE Group is openingde Caza, Rancho Santa Margarita, Trabuco Canyon, its new Orange County corporate office at the IrvineLadera Ranch and Surrounding Communities. Spectrum this month.Presented by
  19. 19. the Town... PRESS RELEASES - PROMOTIONS - HONORS - ACTIVITIES * Bob and Gayle Gottuso, First Team Real * Bill Hobbs, Prudential California Realty,Estate, is proud to present their latest listing: presents the following property at; 2545 IRIS Entertainer’s dream home on a Way, Laguna Beach, CA 92651. BREATHTAKING trophy lot with amenities made PANORAMIC OCEAN VIEWS from Laguna Beach for a luxurious lifestyle. This hilltop home. Views of the city, the hills, the sunsets excusive Mystic Hills home is a & shoreline ON ALL LEVELS modern multi-level marvel with INSIDE & OUT!! Lush foliage panoramic coastline, Catalina & water feature welcome and Laguna Beach city views. you into a floor plan offering The multiple custom stone superb entertainment value & a terraces for lounging are abun- contemporary design artistically dant in size and highlight each blending contrasting elements of level with a 74 foot lap pool, style throughout. The entry level large spa and BBQ completing is open living space surroundedthe spectacular outdoor living space. The archi- with windows & enhanced bytectural and design features of this 9500 square vaulted, wood beamed ceilings.foot masterpiece come from the very talented Enjoy MAGNIFICANT VIEWS from 1 of 3 balconies or from the living room with fireplace, dining area & gourmet kitchen with bar, custom cabinets & Viking Professional appliances. Mid-level offers a versatile layout in a master bedroom setting with fireplace, separate retreat/gym/bedroom, laundry room &Singer and Jeannette and is built almost entirelywith marble, granite, steel and glass throughout.This home encompasses a stunning great roomwith 30 foot curved floor to ceiling windows anda magnificent fireplace, five individual bedroomsuites, a media area with built-in wet bar, a tem-perature controlled walk in wine room with a master bath with large tub, 2 person glass shower &separate and intimate tasting area near the Master walk-in closet. Step into a spacious room completeSuite. European Kitchen has granite counters with with indoor spa & impressive wet bar on the lowertwo separate islands and a built in BBQ area. level, complimented by the 3rd bed & bath & outside$7,795,000. Located at 1255 Pacific Avenue, access to the fenced garden & street below. GREATLaguna Beach, CA 92651- Web ID: 4387726. PROPERTY!!! MLS#: U12003398. Contact Bill atPlease contact Gayle at 949- 533-3009 or email 949-922-4599, or Presented by
  20. 20. EA Improving Your Intellectual ImageT his aspect of your personal image comes from how series of books or musical performances. Paying so well you’ve developed what’s inside your skull. much, you’ll probably feel compelled to get your This is your intellectual self. I’m not talking about money’s worth.a high IQ or your ability to win at Trivial Pursuit. I’mreferring to the depth and breadth of your knowledge,your mental fitness. Most of us were given plenty of to a daytime TV talk show without making judgmentsbasic intelligence. We alone decide whether we’ll use it about the intelligence of the participants!to capacity or let it get flabby or stiff from disuse. Another intellect-strengthening exercise is to get in Can your mind lift abstract concepts from The Wall the habit of not assigning labels to people. When you’reStreet Journal, or from the professional journal in at a party and another guest is introduced to you as “ayour field? Can you grasp the intricacies of a problem life-insurance salesperson,” don’t you, mentally at least,explained by someone in a field completely different take a couple steps backward? Ditto, perhaps, for “IRSfrom your own? auditor,” “debutante,” “parole officer,” or “yachtsman,” depending on your mind-set. Can you see an issue from a perspective that’s 180degrees from your own feelings? Can you entertain ideas Thus, the hidden assumptions of language canthat come from a different culture, or from people you control your behavior. Your preconceived notions ofdon’t like? Can you hang in there when it’s going to take accountants, say, as bland and boring, or of professorsa lot of convincing to get people to see things your way, as tweedy and reserved probably does you and them aor when it’s going to mean clearing seven committees disservice and may prematurely kill off what could be aand the CEO? valuable relationship. Training your mind to take on longer-term and more To maximize your intellectual image, attempt to getdemanding tasks gives you the stamina you need when past the labels. Don’t overlook, for instance, the opinionsmental marathons come up. Other ways to strengthen of a mere “clerk” while perhaps overvaluing those of ayour mind might include: “consultant.” It takes intellectual strength to avoid the trap of confusing the specific for the general. But if you can get into the habit of appreciating people’s unique,wondered about-say, art history, acting, or geology-but human side and not judging them generically, you’ll winnever studied. their respect-and you may learn something, too. Dr. Tony Alessandra, CSP, CPAE has authored 13prefer, learning to scuba dive. books, recorded over 50 audio and video programs, and delivered over 2,000 keynote speeches since 1976. Dr. Tony Alessandra is recognized by Meetingsdifficult skill: celestial navigation perhaps, or gourmet and Conventions Magazine as... “one of America’scooking, or origami, or winemaking. most electrifying speakers.” Copyright© 2003, Tony Alessandra. All rights reserved. For information about Tony’s keynote presentations, contact the Frog Pond atclub or a reading circle where new issues and speakers 800.704.FROG(3764) or email;abound. EXECUTIVEAGENT Magazine
  21. 21. EAWritten By Tony Alessandra EXECUTIVEAGENT Magazine 23
  22. 22. E XECUTIVE AGENT MAGAZINE TM By Lalaena Gonzalez-FigueroaH e built a career as a highly successful real estate professional in the Bay Area before transitioning to - and effectively starting over in - NewportBeach. It might seem like an unlikely move, relaunchinga business, steeped so deeply in client and collegialrelationships, into unfamiliar territory. But Bill Hobbswas undaunted by challenges and driven to succeed.The roadblocks on his new path didn’t deter him fromfulfilling his journey; instead they motivated him toimprove upon his skills and to refine the course of hiscareer. “I wouldn’t change a thing,” he reflects. “Todaymy business is strong, and I’m more focused than everon meeting the ongoing needs of my clientele.” Before establishing himself as an accomplished andtalented real estate professional, Bill enjoyed a careerin aviation, flying first with the U.S. Navy and thenmoving into commercial airlines. During that time healso worked as a stockbroker. The high-energy posi- “I’m constantly trying to improve upon myself,”tions were well-suited to his detail-oriented nature and acknowledges Bill. “I understand that the way to addhis incredible focus, but Bill found himself looking for value to the real estate process is to provide honestnew opportunities. A contact in the mortgage industry and knowledgeable service centered upon the uniquesuggested he’d be a good fit for the industry, and in wants and needs of my clients.”1997 he transitioned into the business. Eventually Billco-founded his own mortgage brokerage, which con- Robin Robertson lauds Bill’s objective and client-tinues to thrive today. centric approach. “My husband and I elected to work with Bill because he was extremely professional and By 2000, Bill was a full-service broker associate knowledgeable,” she states. “We had listed our homerepresenting clients in the purchases and sales of two times before without any luck, but he managed toresidential and investment properties. His professional sell it in seven days and secure a thirty-day closing.”focus was unwavering: a consultative approach facil- His negotiation skills, she adds, were impeccable.itated consistent success in achieving his clients’ “Bill ensured that our best interests were being met,distinct goals. Navigating the complexities of the loan and advocated for us throughout the sale,” Robertsonprocess as well as the purchase or sale transaction, recalls. As the couple searched for their next home,he offered a comprehensive level of care that ensured says Robertson, Bill displayed diligence and patience,no details were left to chance. All the while, notes Bill, maintaining a concise focus on their long-term goals.he maintained ongoing communication to ensure that “He’s also charming and fun to be around,” she notes.each client’s needs expectations were met and, more “He’s a natural!”typically, exceeded. Bill’s business is thriving, thanks to his dedicated “I’ve grown my business through repeat and referral efforts and solid experience. He looks forward to con-clients,” Bill explains. “My commitment to my clients tinuing to cultivate relationships with clients throughouthas allowed me to gain tremendous loyalty.” Orange County, and to providing them with excep- tional representation in the selling, purchasing and Despite notable success – Bill estimates that he financing of properties throughout the region.has successfully negotiated over 1,000 transactions– he continues to pursue ongoing training and educa- Bill Hobbstion through formal business coaching. The level of Prudential California Realtyaccountability that he holds himself to is remarkable; 1400 Newport Center Drive, Suite 200Bill adheres to an incredibly disciplined schedule that Newport Beach, CA 92660allows him to maximize efficacy throughout the course Telephone: 949.922.4599of a given day. He is polished, professional and driven, bill@billhobbsrealtor.comallocating time each day for door knocking, active www.BillHobbsRealtor.commarketing, and networking as well as researching prop- DRE # 01241331erties and communities for his clientele. EXECUTIVEAGENT Magazine
  23. 23. EAEXECUTIVEAGENT Magazine
  24. 24. EA By John BoeI n aviation, the word “attitude” is a term that refers to Earl Nightingale, cofounder of the Nightingale-Conant the angle that the plane meets the wind, if the wings Corp., concluded that life’s “strangest secret” is that you are level with the horizon and whether the aircraft become what you think about all day long. If you wantis climbing or descending. The pilot who fails to take to know where your predominant thoughts lie and whatresponsibility for the attitude of his or her aircraft is in you believe, look at what you are experiencing in yourserious trouble. And likewise, any leader who fails to life. Your thoughts are creative by nature and expresscontrol their thoughts and take responsibility for their themselves through your emotions, which in turn, driveattitude runs a similar risk with their organization. your actions. Everything you say both positive and negative is in fact an affirmation and reflects your belief. As a sales manager, you not only set the pace for Whatever you think, feel or say about your life today isyour sales team, but you’re responsible for setting the scaffolding that builds the events you will experiencethe tone as well. For better or worse, the leader’s in the future.attitude is contagious and permeates throughout theirorganization. Positive, upbeat companies are always led Affirmation And Positive Self-Talkby positive, upbeat managers. While we’re not always William Shakespeare said, “Nothing is good or bad,able to control our circumstances, we can and must but thinking makes it so.” The first step in the process ofcontrol how we respond to life’s difficulties, setbacks changing your belief system is to monitor your thoughtsand challenges. We have a choice about how our day is and the next step is to control them through the power ofgoing to be. choice. Once you become conscious of the critical aspects of your internal dialogue, you can choose to reframe your How often do you talk to yourself and what do you negative thoughts by substituting affirmative statements.say? Research in the field of psychology indicates thatthe average person maintains an ongoing mental dialog, World-class athletes understand the value of affirmationor “self-talk,” of between 150 to 300 words per minute. and recognize the impact of their mental preparationUnfortunately, not all of these thoughts are positive. on their physical performance. They use the power ofIn fact, it has been estimated that of the thousands of positive affirmation to reduce anxiety and increase theirthoughts we have each day, approximately 40 percent of expectation of achievement. To be of maximum benefit anthem tend to be negative and self-critical in nature. Most affirmation must be simple, encouraging and stated in theof us are generally unaware of this negative background present tense. By repeating an affirmation over and overchatter, let alone its sabotaging effect on our emotional again it becomes embedded in the subconscious mind.state, performance and well-being. Do affirmations really work and can they propel a Watch your thoughts, for they become words. Choose person to greatness? As a teenager beginning his boxingyour words, for they become actions. Understand your career in Louisville, Kentucky, Cassius Clay wouldactions, for they become habits. Study your habits, for frequently affirm, “I am the greatest of all time!” Whilethey will become your character. Develop your character, many considered him boastful and few took this eighty-for it becomes your destiny. nine pound, twelve year old seriously, Mohammad Ali -Anonymous used the power of affirmation to become the greatest26 EXECUTIVEAGENT Magazine
  25. 25. EAboxer of all time and arguably the most recognizablesports figure in the world. W. Dyer Henry Ford was right when he said, “Whether you think Vincent Pealeyou can or think you can’t - you’re right.” Your beliefsystem, like your computer, doesn’t judge what you input;it simply accepts it as the truth. The key to cultivatingand maintaining a positive mental attitude is to use your 3. Take a few moments to consider the upcomingpower of choice and take control of your thinking. It’s activities of your day. Visualize events flowing. Seea challenging task to develop a calm, focused mind, but people accept your ideas and your day unfolding in awell worth the effort. harmonious and productive way. This is a good time to verbalize your affirmations. Action Plan: Here are some suggestions to help you have a good day 4. Take time for some physical exercise.every day. 5. At noon, take a 10-minute mental break to relax 1. Establish the habit of getting up early. and replenish your energy. 2. Upon rising, read or listen to something positive John Boe presents a variety of training and motivationaland inspirational. Clinical studies indicate that our mind programs for meetings and conventions. John brings overis most receptive to suggestion during the first 15-minutesupon awakening. Here are some books that will help you trainer to the platform. Copyright© 2005, John Boe. Allstart your day off on the right foot. rights reserved. For addition information, contact the Frog Pond at 800.704.FROG(3764) or email susie@;, by Frank Bettger EXECUTIVEAGENT Magazine 27
  26. 26. Customer Impact: The Winner’s Edge By Bill BrooksM any years ago, a racehorse named Achmed of a championship game by listening to what the became one of the first horses in history to coaches and players of the two teams say before win more than $1 million in a single season. the starting whistle sounds.During that same season, there was another horsethat came in second in almost every race that It’s now ancient history, but the 1986 SuperAchmed won. Bowl offers a great example of how it works. The Chicago Bears won it decisively. Interestingly, Achmed won 15 times as muchmoney as the horse that consistently came in Make no mistake about it: the New Englandsecond. Later, the champion was sold for ten Patriots brought a great team to the championshiptimes more money than the second runner. A big game that year. They had many talented playersdifference, huh? and excellent coaching, and they had overcome great adversity and defeated some strong teams Does that mean that Achmed was 15 times on their road to the biggest game of the year in thefaster than his nearest competitor? That question National Football League.intrigued a sportswriter, so he made a study ofthe times logged by the two horses. Achmed’s But the difference in the two teams showedfinishing times averaged only 3 percent faster than clearly throughout the tail end of the season. Thethe slower horse. Patriots seemed surprised that they had made the playoffs, shocked that they’d won their conference Simply stated, the champion that year had a championship, and amazed that they’d earned awinner’s edge of only 3 percent over his nearest right to play in the Super Bowl.competitor, but it was enough to bring his owner15 times more prize money and give him ten times “We’re just glad to be here and have anas much value! opportunity to play in this game,” several of their players told the press in the week before the big When it comes to making a sale, there are only and losers - no one comes in second. Youeither make the sale or you don’t, and the winner However, the Bears had decided before thegets 100 percent of the money. season started that it was to be their year to win it all. They were convinced they could win every For most salespeople, income is directly game they played that year, and they did win allproportional to the number of sales made. Although but one. “No team in football can beat us!” boastedyou may be able to change jobs often enough to their cocky quarterback Jim McMahon before theremain ahead of a draw, or you may jump from big salaried selling job to another and keep someincome coming in, sooner or later, it will catch up Then he and the Bears confidently went ontowith you. If you don’t close sales, you won’t make the field and backed up their claim with a dazzlinga living as a salesperson. performance. When it was all over, they were clearly the champs. Don’t Just Show Up For The Game; Play To Win Customer Impact: How To Get More Of It Life is clearly not about “just making a living” -that’s the loser’s mentality. Losers feel privileged I suspect that you want to become a winner atmerely to be in a big game, but winners always the selling game. The truth is, you probably areplay to win it. already a winner. Losers seldom read articles like this, but winners read anything and everything that As a college football coach for 14 years, I learned can help them keep their winner’s edge honed tothat you can almost always predict the outcome razor sharpness.28 EXECUTIVEAGENT Magazine
  27. 27. It’s clear that the ability to gain and hold the 1. Strong personal attributes and attitudesattention of enough of the right people is what gives 2. Specialized knowledge and skillsthe top 5 percent of salespeople their winning edge. 3. A propensity for doing the right things at the right times If you have a champion’s heart, your next questionis likely to be, “How can I get more customer impact?” What we are talking about are people with positive attitudes, in real situations, dealing with real In a way, that’s what sales is all about. Every sales motivational forces, and taking real-world, tangibleidea is designed to do one thing: to enable you actions to produce desired connect with and influence enough of the rightpeople to do the right things to get what they want Bill Brooks, CSP, CPAE, CMC, CPCM former CEOout of life. Let’s take a brief look now at how to boost of a $300,000,000 corporation and two-time salesyour customer impact. award winner from an international sales force of 8,000, Bill has real-world expertise. Bill has spoken I’ve been around selling all my life. My father sold or consulted in over 300 different industries whilefor 43 years, and I’ve been selling all my adult life. being engaged by at least 150 clients an astonishingEven when I was coaching, most of what I was doing six times each. Copyright©2003, Bill Brooks. Allwas selling. What’s more, I’ve had some excellent right reserved. For information about how to bringteachers and mentors in the selling profession. More Bill to your next meeting or convention, contact therecently, I’ve spent many years training salespeople Frog Pond at 800.704.FROG(3764) or email susie@for some of the world’s leading organizations.; During all that time, I’ve noticed that the salespeoplewho have high customer impact reflect three basicqualities: EXECUTIVEAGENT Magazine 29
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  29. 29. OPEN ESCROW IN OCTOBER AND BE ENTERED IN OUR IPAD RAFFLE! 1 Park Plaza, Suite 300 140 Newport Center Drive, Suite 210 Irvine, California 92614 Newport Beach, CA 92660 RESALE REFINANCE COMMERCIAL REO SHORT SALE AUCTION Find us on
  31. 31. Driven to Succeed By Lalaena Gonzalez-FigueroaA n astute negotiator with a personable approach, but she engaged herself with the assistance of a solid Kathy Koppie offers her clients thoughtful repre- support team. She collaborated with established agents, sentation throughout the course of every purchase incorporating their best practices into her repertoire whileand sale transaction. With a background in finance and a consistently evaluating and refining her business model.focus on providing exceptional customer care, she ensures “There is a level of tribal knowledge in our industry thatthat each of her client’s distinct wants and needs are con- is only obtained through experience,” she observes. “Isistently met. knew it was critical for me to learn from those who were committed to weathering the storm.” Before transitioning into real estate, Kathy establishedherself as the finance manager at a high-line automo- She works with residential buyers and sellers throughouttive dealership in Newport Beach. The position was Orange County and surrounding regions, providing herdemanding, but she enjoyed the challenges and the oppor- clients with the knowledgeable and diligent representa-tunity to connect with customers, identify their goals and tion they need to navigate a still-changing marketplace.create strategies designed to assist them in reaching those “I’m committed to follow-through,” she says. “If I sayobjectives. Those skills have proved an ideal foundation I’ll be somewhere and get something done, I do what itupon which to build her real estate career, and Kathy has takes to make it happen.” With buyers, this means takingrelentlessly pursued the training and education to ensure a creative approach to finding properties that meet theirthat she provides the highest possible level of service. criteria. Whether she’s networking with other agents or door knocking to identify potential sellers, Kathy leaves Her diligence makes the difference. Kathy doesn’t just no stone unturned in her her part to meet her clients’ goals; she also ensuresthat they maintain resolve and motivation throughout the Her success has been achieved with intention; Kathyprocess. “In complex transactions, when challenges or has carefully cultivated her thriving career by addressingobstacles arise, it can become easy for people to lose sight the ongoing needs of her profession as well as her cli-of what they’re really working toward,” she explains. entele. “In order to lead my clients with confidence,”Kathy’s objective approach facilitates a renewed sense of she explains, “I am constantly examining opportuni-focus for her clients, allowing them to regain sight of the ties to expand upon my knowledge and skills.” To thatend results they’re working to achieve. end Kathy has earned a designation as a Short Sales & Foreclosure Resource (SFR) and is in the process of Client Patty Hennessey, whose home sold within the becoming a Certified Distressed Property Expert (CDPE).span of a week, remarks that she was impressed byKathy’s diligence and thoughtfulness. “She made it really Kathy looks forward to the opportunity to continuehassle free,” says Hennessey. “Kathy held multiple open to make a difference in the lives of others. “Buying orhouses in order to quickly attract prospective buyers, selling a home is such a significant process,” she reflects.and did a fantastic job at marketing. This minimized the “It’s an honor to be able to facilitate a successful experi-inconvenience to me, which I really appreciated. Once ence for my clients.”we were dealing with offers, Kathy was great at negoti-ating a price that worked for me.” Hennessey notes that, Kathy Koppiethroughout the course of the transaction, she believed that Keller Williams RealtyKathy maintained her best interests at the forefront of her 27101 Puerta Real, Suite 150actions. Mission Viejo, CA 92691 Telephone: (949) 424-0003 Kathy’s persistence is limitless; launching her career KatSellsOC@gmail.comwhile the industry was in the throes of a worldwide eco- www.kathykoppie.comnomic crisis posed remarkable challenges, which she met DRE # 01857595with unwavering determination. It was an uphill battle, EXECUTIVEAGENT Magazine
  32. 32. Unique mortgage solutions from a one-of-a-kind lender. IN THE SPOTLIGHT 1 Your clients could save BIG on their home purchase! Contact us today! Mission Valley North San Diego Eric Anderson, NMLS 381598 Mike Sieber, NMLS 353500 Mgr., Mortgage Loan Sales Mgr., Mortgage Loan Sales tel. 855.435.9827 tel: 855.902.2693 and conditions subject to change. All loans subject to credit approval.Information is intended for Mortgage Professionals only and not intended for consumer use as defined by Section 226.2 of Regulation Z, which implements the Truth-In-Lending Act. The guidelines are subject to change withoutnotice and are subject to Kinecta Federal Credit Union underwriting guidelines and all applicable federal and state rules and regulations.1) $500 Gift Card Offer restrictions: Offer applicable to home purchase transactions in the state of California financed with a Kinecta mortgage. Eligible Kinecta mortgages include conforming and government mortgages(including HomePath®). Limited to 1-4 unit primary residence, second home, or investment property. Loan amount must be from $150,000.00 to a maximum of as much as $625,500 (conventional) / $729,750 (FHA), subjectto specific county-based maximums which are lower for most counties. $500 Gift Card will be mailed after mortgage funds (minimum of 3 weeks after the funding date). Visit for gift card termsand conditions, including fee information. Borrower may opt to forego $500 gift card and instead apply a $500 credit towards mortgage closing costs (request must be made prior to mortgage application submission). Otherdiscounts, such as the existing VIP closing cost discounts, may not be applied in addition to the Purchase Power discount offer. 2) Applicable to home purchase transactions only. 0.625 discount offer applicable to Conformingfixed-rate mortgages with 45-day rate lock. 0.500 discount offer applicable to Super Conforming fixed-rate mortgages with 30-day rate lock. Valid on home purchase loans locked on or after 5/17/2012. For investment propertiesor second homes, discount offers valid on loans with terms of up to 15 years. Not valid on detached condominiums. Offer subject to change without notice and maybe cancelled at any time. Ask Kinecta Mortgage Loan Consul-tant if offer is still valid at the time of rate lock. 8318-07/12