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4 tips for an easy office move


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With over 25 years experience, you can entrust Master Relocations with your move.

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4 tips for an easy office move

  1. 1. 4 IIPS fill: -“I fill EH8? @fflC| E move The process of moving office / business moving is very challenging. However, early planning and proper 3 approach can make it a easy 8 cost-effective one. _ Early planning reduces last minute hassle 8. I provides complete peace of mind. Arrange Disconnection & Diversion Organise for detaching 8. installing of all computers 8. associated electronic equipment. Notification III New Address Notify your new address to all companies 8. material suppliers. Z Confirm items for storage or for 5 distribution to other offices. TIIBSG IBSSIBIIIHII tips can IIIIIIE Illlll llfllllfl Illllllll sate, llllillk. SIIIOIIIII illlll EIIIIWB all IIHISSII! -"fill. Designed 8. Issued By: I'I‘aS1'eR O www. masterreIocatIons. com. au "“°°‘“'°“5