Monday 22 – Friday 26 August       Hotel Grand Chancellor     65 Hindley St, Adelaide     Ma...
Come together... in August                                       of creating a continuous digital strategy – from objectiv...
Keynote Presentation                                                   Session 2C – 11.00am to 12.15pm                    ...
Day 3                                                               to listen, it takes two way communication, it takes tr...
Young Marketers                                                     Day 4                                                 ...
Speakers                                                           of the Year 2010 in the APAC region at the Digital Medi...
Directors’ Clubs. Vince continues to work with a broad range       Prashant Hari,                                         ...
Michael Kordahi                                                  Airlines, eBay, St.George Bank and Mars/Pedigree. In 2009...
Christian Russell                                               schools attendances by over 40% across the program. In her...
Peter Williams     CEO,     Deloitte Digital     Peter is recognised as a global thought leader on innovation     and the ...
How to buy tickets to marketing week                             Conditions of Attendance     Event Ticket                ...
Sponsors                                         Marketing Week                                 Todd Miller, Australian Ma...
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Ami5 marketing week program 220x220


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Ami5 marketing week program 220x220

  1. 1. Monday 22 – Friday 26 August Hotel Grand Chancellor 65 Hindley St, Adelaide Marketing Week 2011AMI5 Marketing Week Program 220x220.indd 1 11/07/11 8:46 AM
  2. 2. Come together... in August of creating a continuous digital strategy – from objective with the community. In his session, Stephen will also talk setting through the process of execution, channel selection about the benefits and challenges of using social media as a The words of the famous Beatles 1969 and content creation. You will discover how to test, measure public figure in the 21st century. track ‘Come together’ still ring true. and refine your objectives and find out what it means to ‘lose When we collaborate and work together, Presented by The University of Adelaide control of your brand’. By the end of this workshop, you’ll we can achieve amazing things. know what it means to be on ‘the social way’ and what that Gala Awards Lunch Collaborating and uniting to realise a means for your business and your personal profile. common goal is at the heart of what Session 1D – 12.30pm to 2.45pm Registration includes afternoon tea Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship – New Journalism marketers do every day. So it makes Presented by the Australian Marketing Institute sense to ‘come together’ and explore that is turning Newspapers into News Brands John Hartigan, News Limited this theme at Marketing Week 2011. Day 1 Tuesday 23 August The Gala Awards Luncheon includes the announcement of the Emerging Marketers’ Internships and the presentation Pre-event Masterclasses Keynote Presentation of the Australian Marketing Institute’s South Australian Monday 22 August Awards for Marketing Excellence. Session 1A – 7.30am to 9.00am 9.15am to 12.30pm How eyebrows, shoes and calligraphy can turbo-charge your Registration includes lunch and refreshments How to create a social media dashboard Presented by the Australian Marketing Institute team’s creativity and a social media newsroom Dr Amantha Imber, Inventium Laurel Papworth, The Community Crew Session 1E – 2.45pm to 3.45pm Learn how to dramatically boost your team’s ability to generate ‘Wine as a social bond’ This practical session shows step by step how to set up (low brilliant ideas during this interactive keynote presentation. Engaging wine buyers through virtual brand communities cost or free) a social media dashboard for monitoring and a You will leave with a bunch of practical tools to take straight and other e-based channels social media newsroom and a demonstration of tools to make back to the office that we guarantee will immediately boost Dr Roberta Veale, The University of Adelaide your life easier (no more pdf press releases!). your team’s ability to produce breakthrough thinking. When a product category or activity becomes highly Social media dashboard Registration includes breakfast meaningful for consumers, communities emerge around it. Want to know what customers, competitors and staff are Presented by the Australian Marketing Institute This interaction is now facilitated by the Internet (but seldom saying about you on social networks? Need to save time on exclusive to it). This has empowered consumers and enabled your social media monitoring? This masterclass gives you Session 1B – 9.15am to 10.30am them to build a stronger stakeholder group, giving them a practical steps to set up a free tool to monitor your brands Collaborating in the insecure world of marketing louder voice. A major implication of this is that consumers online. This class will show you how! Digby Richards, AJF Partnership Sydney are very active in creating brand meanings and marketing Social media press room managers exert far less direct control. In this presentation Through a range of examples from India to China to Australia, Spend time building a social media press room. If you find Dr Veale will discuss control and influence, who moderates Digby will provide insights into how best to weave cultures, your pdf attachments are not being opened and your email eWOM discussion and how to keep information flowing. skill-sets and attitudes together to create winning work. newsletter is unread, how can you integrate Facebook and Registration includes afternoon tea with the Marketing Week Twitter into your website AND not have to spend all day Presented by the Australian Marketing Institute exhibitors, 3.45pm to 4.00pm Session 1E and 1F delegates updating social media sites? Learn here! Registration includes morning tea with the Marketing Week Presented by The University of Adelaide Registration includes morning tea exhibitors, 10.30am to 11.00am – Session 1B and 1C delegates Presented by the Australian Marketing Institute Session 1F – 4.00pm to 5.15pm Session 1C – 11.00am to 12.15pm Collaborating on the inside, outside and with crowds 1.30pm to 5.00pm 21st century communication – social media in the new age Peter Williams, Deloitte Digital The social way Stephen Yarwood, Lord Mayor of Adelaide • The new art of the possible Gavin Heaton, SAP A self-confessed digital media ‘nerd’, Stephen will talk about • Clouds and crowds Social media is more than just Twitter or Facebook. It’s his recent Lord Mayoral election campaign and how he • Formula for engagement creating new behaviours and new business models and many utilised new media – as well as more traditional channels – • Success stories. of us are already feeling its impact in our professional and to build support. As Lord Mayor, Stephen uses Twitter and private lives. This workshop will step you through the process Facebook regularly to promote his work and communicate Presented by the Australian Marketing InstituteAMI5 Marketing Week Program 220x220.indd 2 11/07/11 8:46 AM
  3. 3. Keynote Presentation Session 2C – 11.00am to 12.15pm Masterclass Experiences at the speed of web: how online experiences are Numbers strictly limited Session 1G – 5.30pm to 7.00pm changing everything! 2.00pm to 4.00pm Hotel towels, chocolate chip cookies & a murder in Michael Kordahi, Microsoft Australia Strategic planning Los Angeles: the truth about connectivity in a digital world Sudeep Gohil Droga5, Russ Mitchinson, DDB Sydney • Great user experiences can make your software game- Jon Steel, George Patterson/Y&R changing (or at the very least in demand by your users) At the heart of all creative techniques is the idea that you need Our industry is changing rapidly and many of the old rules to be taken away from your problem to generate fresh ideas. • The web is far broader than the browser. Learn how web no longer apply. Each and every week we’re introduced to Skill-up attendees so they can more actively participate in and experiences should span devices, users and scenarios a new device, a new technology, a new way of connecting. run a variety of workshops, leading to better, brighter and But just because we can use all of these new toys, Jon will • What will the next generation of apps and engagement quicker thinking. This is a two hour workshop with the best argue it doesn’t mean that we should. At its heart, marketing look like? Will they look the same as they did in the past in the business of strategic planning. Book early as places are communication is about making connections with real 2, 5 or 10 years? limited to 20. people, in the real world and the best lessons about how to Presented by TAFE SA Presented by the Communications Council of Australia get it right lie not in technological possibility, but rather in our human experience. Session 2F – 3.45pm to 5.00pm Session 2D – 12.30pm to 2.00pm Registration includes refreshments Australia’s Festival City Work rest play Presented by the Australian Marketing Institute Vince Frost, Vince Frost* Design Douglas Gautier, Adelaide Festival Centre Start a conversation… Day 2 • Positioning Adelaide as a creative and cultural hub Wednesday 24 August That’s how one company came to design a 1,000 page Indian • Punching above our weight nationally and in the region cookbook while rebranding an Australian city, rolling out Sponsored by Hughes Public Relations • The role in this of the Adelaide Festival Centre as a airport signage for a national airline and creating a digital Session 2A – 7.30am to 9.00am creative and community leader presence for an internationally-renowned conductor. Q & A. Cleverness, collaboration and creativity: what’s the client’s role in a great campaign? Registration includes lunch and refreshments Everyone has a story. Everyone has a message to share. James Calvert, The People’s Republic of Animation, Presented by the Australian Marketing Institute No matter where you are in the world, Frost* can help tell Russ Mitchinson, DDB Sydney, Jason Hollamby, FNUKY, yours. It’s a virtuous circle. Christian Russell, Clemenger BBDO Adelaide, David Session 2E – 2.00pm to 3.15pm The diversity of Frost* clients enriches us, gives us insight O’Loughlin, SATC, Sudeep Gohil, Droga 5 Fishing where the fish are into what people want, what they like, how they feel. Chris Taylor, 10 Network Moderator: Tim Burrowes, Mumbrella At work, rest or play, people – you, us, everybody – are looking In the fragmented world of media, fierce competition for for meaning, for creativity. We’re all looking for a connection. Registration includes breakfast eyeballs has never been greater. Keeping up with trends You have a story to tell. We love telling stories. Let’s start Presented by the Communications Council of Australia and staying ahead of the game is critical to the success of a conversation. Session 2B – 9.15am to 10.30am all outlets, in particular for ‘traditional’ media. TV viewing Presented by the Australian Graphic Design Association The elephant in the room – the case for more strategic planning has increased thanks to multi-channelling and the Internet. Sudeep Gohil, Droga5 A free-to-air television network must bring together its Session 2G – 5.15pm to 6.45pm Analogue to digital: organisation wide adoption of digital Every client survey seems to put strategic planning, business current assets and invest in potential new ones to ensure they Colin Yeung, Digital Market Square (DMSq) planning or just ‘thinking’ at the top of their agency stay relevant and attractive to the masses. This is vital for the future of their industry and the continuation of investment in How did a traditional sports facility management business requirements wish lists. How many times have we heard quality content. spend the past 2.5 years updating its marketing activity into ‘showing a better understanding of our business needs’ or the digital age? MSAC is home to a myriad of communities ‘demonstrating key insights into our target’ as rationales Presented by the University of South Australia and an envious list of facilities. Complementing this story from clients when switching why is strategy Registration includes afternoon tea with the Marketing Week will be advice and knowledge on how you can successfully planning the least well defined, most misunderstood, most embrace a digital strategy for your own organisation. What revered, most feared and most ‘un-costable’ discipline in exhibitors, 3.15pm to 3.45pm Session 2E and 2F delegates to look for, how to best select, work with and partner with communications today? an agency to assist your organisation’s approach in integrating Presented by the Communications Council of Australia digital as a whole of business imperative. Registration includes morning tea with the Marketing Week Registration includes refreshments exhibitors, 10.30am to 11.00am Session 2B and 2C delegates Presented by the Communications Council of AustraliaAMI5 Marketing Week Program 220x220.indd 3 11/07/11 8:46 AM
  4. 4. Day 3 to listen, it takes two way communication, it takes trust, Registration includes afternoon tea with the Marketing Week Thursday 25 August it takes patience and strong analysis. This presentation will exhibitors, 3.15pm to 3.45pm Session 3D and 3E delegates demonstrate that customer experience research can affect Session 3A – 7.30am to 9.00am Presented by Emerging Marketers, a special interest group of business change through encouraging simplicity. the Australian Marketing Institute Collaboration in a crisis Professor Nicholas Procter, UniSA Registration includes morning tea with the Marketing Week exhibitors Session 3E sponsored by Exact Target The Public Relations Institute of Australia invites you to 3.45pm to 5.00pm ‘Come Together’ for an informative panel on ‘collaboration Presented by the Australian Market and Social Research Society 5 things consumers want from interactive marketers: top tips in a crisis – how working together can achieve results’. With to improve engagement across email, Facebook and Twitter real and perceived crises attracting unprecedented publicity Session 3C – 12.30pm to 2.00pm Eric Prugh, Exact Target APAC and public opinion, join some of Australia’s leading crisis Its not just about the art management experts from fields including mental health Katrina Sedgwick, Adelaide Film Festival This report goes beyond the theoretical to provide real, and immigration as they share their stories on the growing actionable advice that marketers can follow TODAY. Presenting a festival requires a critical mass of resources and importance of collaboration in a crisis. Headlined by Professor What’s inside this report for marketers: collaboration – and financial support – between cultural Procter – Chair of Mental Health Nursing, School of Nursing • Top things consumers want from interactive marketers partners, sponsors, the media and a host of individuals. In a and Midwifery at the University of South Australia, this event time of shrinking government budgets, corporate support and • Specific steps marketers should take to meet those needs is sure to provide some food for thought to start your day! sponsorship plays an increasingly vital role in arts delivery. • Practical ways to improve engagement across email, Registration includes breakfast Join BigPond Adelaide Film Festival Director and CEO to Facebook and Twitter Presented by the Public Relations Institute of Australia explore the journey a festival takes from the germination Presented by the Australian Marketing Institute of ideas to the delivery of the vision and how collaborative Session 3B – 9.15am to 12.15pm sponsorships can reward all parties. Keynote Presentation How to start a glocal brand locally incorporating social media Prashant Hari, Cloud 9 Creationz & Colmar Brunton Registration includes lunch and refreshments Session 3F – 5.15pm to 6.45pm Presented by Flinders University Dare to dream This presentation showcases some of the remarkable Nick Baker, Tourism Australia changes happening in the digital sphere, how people can Session 3D – 2.00pm to 3.15pm use, implement and collaborate with others within the digital Oprah was one of those dare to dream projects that came Five personal decisions which will impact every aspect of space using social media to start a global brand…locally! true. From the day Oprah’s Ultimate Australian Adventure your marketing career It also looks into how businesses and corporations can start was announced, it ignited a spark that drew the country and Dr James Cowley understanding some of the vast changes happening within industry together to host one of the world’s most influential the digital space by better understanding what’s happening Changes of colossal proportions are taking place which will people and 302 of Ms Winfrey’s ultimate viewers. Logistically and how to stay on top. Connect with those who add value to impact the entirety of marketing as we know it. For the vast it was a huge undertaking, involving a myriad of stakeholders, your brand and business and ultimately harness the exciting number of companies, these issues are not even being debated but in the end it was a success and it demonstrated the very changes happening for their personal and professional and those that recognise some of them are just starting to essence of the brand ‘there’s nothing like Australia’. Core to benefits. This is a practical case-study which uses real life scratch the surface. Because we are locked into mindsets the visit was to make compelling television content that would examples across social networks like Facebook, Twitter, inspire people around the world to visit our country and to and theories of marketing that predominantly describe the YouTube, LinkedIN and others to bring to life the paradigm integrate this with online content and tactical campaign past, we hardly recognise the impact these changes will bring. shift affecting all advertisers, marketers and researchers. activity that would convert the interest into actual visits. For This session will discuss five major changes, each one focusing Australians, we wanted to ensure that the country would be True customer collaboration our minds on a very focussed decision that we have to take featured in a way that would make them proud. The results so Bob Sharma, Telstra away, think about and make. The result of that decision will far have been phenomenal with Oprah’s four hour television Many industry commentators have asked when research impact the absolute fundamentals of how we will individually love-fest highlighting what is great about Australia in her will get into the boardroom. Who cares really if research is approach marketing in the next decade. Most people don’t words, not ours. in the boardroom as long as the customer view gets in there! even recognise there are decisions to make; many will revert to the safety and road to oblivion of the past. But some will Registration includes refreshments No true customer connection is possible without pain and recognise the size of these changes and the opportunity they Presented by the Australian Marketing Institute no real connection can be made via a one off, 15 minute online survey with a customer once a year. It takes time, it afford and how radically new thinking could be joined to the takes multiple conversations or interactions, it takes an ability best of existing practice.AMI5 Marketing Week Program 220x220.indd 4 11/07/11 8:46 AM
  5. 5. Young Marketers Day 4 Session 4D – 12.30pm for 1.00pm to 3.30pm Friday 26 August SA Marketing Lunch Battle of the creatives Creativity, competition, collaboration Session 3G – 6.00pm to 9.30pm Session 4A – 7.30am to 9.00am Yvonne Adele, Ideas Culture Black and White Room, Colonel Light Hotel Critical issues facing marketers in a digital age How much do you really know about the Jodie Sangster, ADMA The Industrial Revolution and Information Age levelled the SA marketing industry? playing field in business. In the 21st century, even the smallest Fomerly ADMA’s legal eagle and fresh from a five year stint company can now access the world’s best systems, efficiencies Come and see young media, marketing and advertising with the US Direct Marketing Association, ADMA’s new and high tech tools. Welcome to the Age of BIG Ideas, where specialists collaborate creatively as they are tested in an on CEO Jodie Sangster will cover some of the most critical issues success now relies on finding a constant supply of fresh ideas, stage battle of marketing wits, Spicks and Specks SA style.At facing marketers in a digital age. Data privacy, behavioural followed up with swift action. Yvonne guarantees to unleash the ‘Young Marketers: Battle of the Creatives’ event you’ll be advertising and arm wrestling with government are a few the creative thinking powers in every delegate. able to see speakers from Marketing Week and from SA work of the areas you’ll get up to speed with over breakfast. This a together to answer trivia questions from the Mayor of AdTown must see session for marketing decision makers. Registration includes a 3 course lunch and refreshments about ‘Heaps Good’ marketing campaigns and SA marketing An initiative of the Australian Direct Marketing Association Registration includes breakfast gossip. Prizes are to be won for audience participation! Presented by the Australian Direct Marketing Association ‘Young Marketers: Battle of the Creatives’ is one of the only events where you can soak up the knowledge and mingle with Session 4B – 9.15am to 10.30am the stars of Marketing Week. So if you are a young professional Insights and inspiration – how big data is changing business who wants to build your social and professional networks Tony Davis, Quantium outside your usual confines, come to the Young Marketers: Tony Davis, ADMA Chairman and CEO of data consultancy Battle of the Creatives, event for a night of fun, education and Quantium, will share some of his experience of uncovering star spotting. gold in company data. Hear about what to look for, how to Presented by the Emerging Marketers, Young Bloods, uncover marketing opportunities and how to action them. AMSRS and ADMA Presented by the Australian Direct Marketing Association Registration includes morning tea with the Marketing Week exhibitors, 10.30am to 11.00am Session 4B and 4C delegates Session 4C – 11.00am to 12.00pm The lion’s stage Matt Batten, Wunderman Matt Batten, Creative Director of Wunderman and the only Australian judge of the 2011 Cannes Direct Lions, takes us through his experience of advertising’s biggest and most coveted awards and provides some insights on what it takes to get to the Lion’s stage. Presented by the Australian Direct Marketing AssociationAMI5 Marketing Week Program 220x220.indd 5 11/07/11 8:46 AM
  6. 6. Speakers of the Year 2010 in the APAC region at the Digital Media Dr James Cowley Awards in Beijing and was a judge on the 2011 Cannes Lions Business Creator-Owner-Developer, Yvonne Adele Direct jury. He is also the only art director in the world with Strategist, Market & Social Researcher, Founder of Ideas Culture two campaigns in the top ten of Won Report’s ‘World’s 50 Best Innovator, Trends Analyst DM Campaigns 2005’. Yvonne Adele is one of Australia’s most recognised thought Tim Burrowes Substantial innovation in every role, across three fields leaders and advocate of the need for BIG ideas. As the founder Editor, (education, health and business) and many countries. James of Ideas Culture, Yvonne teaches the skills that enable anyone Mumbrella built, grew and sold highly profitable businesses from scratch, (even the self proclaimed left-brainers) to unlock their right built and led very high performing teams and consulted over brain potential. Her sessions challenge people’s perceptions of the long term at very senior levels to global corporations what it takes to consistently generate, select and implement Tim is the founding editor of Mumbrella which launched in and governments. He also has huge commercial/consumer sophisticated ideas. In addition to providing a pathway to then December 2008. Since then it has become the must read of research experience – over 1000 projects – with a deep convert these ideas into practical strategies that can convert Australia’s advertising, PR & media world – blisteringly fast. understanding of where the consumer is. A challenging business challenges into new opportunities. keynote speaker, author of several books and numerous Prior to that, he was group editor of Reed Business media articles, he constantly pushes the boundaries and Nick Baker Information’s Media Group, including editor of B&T. Before concentrates now on those things you will not hear about Executive General Manager, coming to Australia, Tim was the launch editor of the Middle elsewhere. Tourism Australia East edition of Campaign magazine, which covers advertising and marketing stories throughout the region. Previously, he Tony Davis was editor of Media Week in the UK. He was twice named the CEO, Quantium, Nick is responsible for managing Tourism Australia’s global British Society of Magazine Editors’ business editor of the year. Chairman, ADMA marketing operations, including its global advertising campaigns, digital presence, international public relations, James Calvert business and major events promotion and trade development Production Director, Tony Davis has held marketing and strategy director roles with and marketing. Nick’s remit also extends to the marketing of The People’s Republic of Animation blue chip brands in the UK and Australian financial services, Australia domestically, most notably through programs such as publishing and other consumer industries. Now a partner of the ‘No Leave No Life’ campaign. Most recently Nick launched Quantium his career has uniquely spanned both client and the new multi-platform, ‘There’s nothing like Australia’ As co-founder and director at the PRA, James has either consulting in data driven strategy. He is a regular contributor campaign, which has already won significant support from directed or supervised all of the advertising and game to industry thinking on marketing strategy, measurement and Australia’s tourism industry. Nick joined Tourism Australia cinematics produced at the PRA since 2005. Aside from recent accountability. in August 2007 after ten years with Voyages Hotels and work directing game trailers for the likes of Sony Computer Resorts as Executive General Manager Sales and Marketing. Entertainment and THQ, James has directed successful TV Vince Frost commercials for brands such as Mitsubishi and Bridgestone Chairman & Creative Director, Matt Batten for agencies including Clemenger BBDO, KWP! and Ogilvy Frost* Creative Director, Vietnam. James has also directed several award winning short Wunderman films including Carnivore Reflux, which was a finalist at Sony Tropfest (2006) the world’s largest short film festival. Vince Frost is arguably Australia’s most recognised designer and certainly one of the most globally celebrated and awarded Under Matt’s creative leadership, Wunderman has become of our time. A member of D&AD (Design and Art Directors, the fastest growing agency in Australia. Most recently, London), ISTD (International Society of Typographic Wunderman received a rare Highly Commended Direct Designers, London) and the AGI (Alliance Graphique Agency of the Year 2010 at the AdNews Awards and was Internationale, Switzerland), Vince plays an active role in the shortlisted for Australian DM Agency of the Year in the global design community, regularly sitting on international B&T Awards 2010. The agency counts some of the world’s judging panels and lecturing at colleges and conferences biggest brand names as clients, including Microsoft, Nokia, around the world. Vince has won many awards, including Coca-Cola, Ford and Dell. One of the most awarded D&AD silvers, golds from the New York Society of Publication integrated creatives in Australia, Matt was named Creative Designers and gongs from the New York and Tokyo ArtAMI5 Marketing Week Program 220x220.indd 6 11/07/11 8:46 AM
  7. 7. Directors’ Clubs. Vince continues to work with a broad range Prashant Hari, Gavin Heaton of international clients, including Phaidon Press in London, Technical Services Innovation Specialist, Director of Social Media, Colliers International, D&AD in London and he was recently Colmar Brunton SAP appointed Creative Director for the iconic Woolworth’s Head of PR, Innovations Department store in South Africa, designing across a number and Marketing, of touchpoints throughout the stores and cafes. Cloud 9 Creationz For the last 12 plus years Gavin has worked from Australia in global roles for a range of companies. While working with global marketing agency, Creata, he was responsible for the Douglas Gautier Prashant is the technical services innovation specialist digital strategy and implementation of the CEO & Artistic Director, at Colmar Brunton where he plays an active role in the brand in the USA and its subsequent global rollout. He has Adelaide Festival Centre development, implementation and execution of new products also built and grown business units for companies like IBM. and is recognised as a thought-leader in the social media As the Director of Social Media for SAP North America’s space. Prashant is a member, speaker and contributor to the Premier Customer Network, he is responsible for establishing, Douglas joined the Adelaide Festival Centre in 2006. Since Australian Market and Social Research Society. In addition building and engaging a community of SAP’s largest global then he has revitalised the Festival Centre with a ‘program- to his work in innovation for Colmar Brunton, Prashant customers. led’ approach to increase audiences, including two new describes himself like this: social media evangelist, brand events – The Adelaide International Guitar Festival and geek, obsessed with mass communication, popular taste, Jason Hollamby OzAsia Festival. Douglas came to the Festival Centre after psychology, history and the art of global collaboration in social Senior Writer leading one of the world’s great arts festivals in Hong Kong and media ranging from Mumbai to Sydney. FNUKY with international experience in media, tourism and the corporate sector. He currently is the Chair of Asialink’s John Hartigan Performing Arts Advisory Committee and serves on the Chairman and Chief, Jason Hollamby is a senior creative and writer working in the boards of the Association of Asia Pacific Performing Arts Executive Officer, South Australian advertising and communications industry. Centres, the Adelaide Convention Bureau and is an executive News Limited Jason has spent nearly twenty years working through-the-line committee member of Live Performance Australia and on major local and national campaigns for many of Adelaide’s continues to be an advisor to the Hong Kong Arts Festival. top advertising agencies. John Hartigan heads News Corporation’s Australian Sudeep Gohil operations as chairman and chief executive officer of News Dr Amantha Imber Strategic Planning Director/Partner, Limited. He is widely acknowledged as an industry leading Inventium Droga5 figure in Australian media. He was appointed chief executive officer of News Limited in 2000 and chairman and chief executive officer in 2005. John is a director of News Limited Amantha is a creativity and innovation psychologist. Unlike Over the years, Sudeep has been fortunate enough to have and its subsidiary companies, Queensland Press, Advertiser many self-proclaimed experts in the creativity and innovation worked with some of the most compelling agency brands Newspapers and The Herald and Weekly Times Limited. He is arena, Amantha has both the science (a PhD in organisational in the world from George Patterson Bates, BBH to Wieden also chairman of Australian News Channel which owns and psychology) and the clients (including Coca-Cola, LEGO, & Kennedy. operates Sky News and was, previously, a director of FOXTEL. Medibank Private, Red Bull, Deloitte, Vodafone and Westpac) Among his external board and community responsibilities to back her up. She works across Australia, New Zealand, the Prior to Droga5, Sudeep was the global planning director he is a director of The Bradman Foundation, the Advisory UK, United States and Europe. on Nike with W+K and also led strategic planning for the Council of the American Australian Association and the agency’s other clients including: EA, Old Spice, Coca-Cola NSW Wine Industry Council. and Starbucks. On his return to Australia in 2007, Sudeep joined Droga5 as one of the three founding partners of the agency. Since launching in Australia, Droga5 has grown rapidly and is currently working with VB, V Australia, Virgin Blue and Telstra.AMI5 Marketing Week Program 220x220.indd 7 11/07/11 8:47 AM
  8. 8. Michael Kordahi Airlines, eBay, St.George Bank and Mars/Pedigree. In 2009 Eric Prugh Microsoft, David moved to Saatchi & Saatchi Sydney as Head of Strategy Director, Developer working with Toyota/Lexus Australia, Lion Nathan, Cadbury/ Solutions Consulting, Kraft, Emirates and Sony. In March 2011, David returned ExactTarget APAC home to South Australia to take up the position of Director, Michael is a developer evangelist for Microsoft Australia. Marketing and Communications with the SATC. He has a strong background in web development and Eric helps navigate the interactive marketing landscape to now focuses on working with passionate early adopters of Laurel Papworth develop best practices and create opportunities for clients and Microsoft’s emerging web technologies. His dream is to see CEO, prospects to maximise their investment. With a background software transform from utility to poetry. He blogs regularly The Community Crew in the agency world, he has a proven knowledge of the over at and regularly gets world’s most sophisticated digital marketing programs. His his ass kicked by people younger than him on xbox live as background in interactive application design, user experience ‘The Rain Dog’. Laurel Papworth has been building online communities since and online marketing best practices and optimisation provide 1989, including Usenet Newsgroups and IRC as part of the a great backdrop to make recommendations for emerging Russ Mitchinson AARNET (Australian Academic Research Network) team. trends in email marketing. Eric quotes one of his key strengths Planning Director, Laurel is CEO of The Community Crew and has run large as ‘breaking down technology into digestible, meaningful DDB Sydney forums and virtual worlds for Everquest, Ultima Online and tools’. Some of his clients include Citigroup, Best Buy, TV shows such as Junior Masterchef, Big Brother and Biggest TripAdvisor,, Universal Music Group and Loser communities. Her workshops on online community Abercrombie & Fitch. Having gained an MA in psychology and philosophy from revenue streams are popular across Asia and she regularly Oxford, Russ started his advertising career at WCRS in keynotes in the Middle East, Asia and Australasia on building Digby Richards London working on Orange, Vodafone, The National Lottery, mobile and geo-locative based online communities. Laurel Founding, Partner, Carling and Ferrero. He was a Campaign magazine face-to- was named ‘Head of Industry, Social Media’ for Australia by AJF Partnership Sydney watch and won a gold APG creative planning award for his Marketing Magazine, is listed as ‘most influential Twitter 100’ Vodafone roaming campaign. In Australia, Russ has also by Grader and Power150 by AdAge. worked at Clemenger and The Campaign Palace on a range Digby started his career in Adelaide where he spent most of of clients from Visa, Mitsubishi, 3 and Allianz, to Bonds and Professor Nicholas Procter his time at Clemenger before transferring to Clemenger MasterFoods. He’s won 2 AFA Effectiveness awards for his Chair of Mental Health Nursing, Sydney for a few years. Between then and now Digby spent Canadian Club paper ’similar yet different’. School of Nursing and Midwifery nearly ten years in Asia leading various agency teams for clients University of South Australia like Disneyland, Development Bank of Singapore, Unilever, David O’Loughlin Kraft, Motorola and Dell as well as a global leadership role Director, on the Singapore Airlines business. His agency experience SATC Professor Nicholas Procter is the UniSA inaugural Chair, included Batey, Ogilvy and Bates. In 2005, Digby created the Mental Health Nursing and co-convenor (with Associate David network, a creative network of agencies for the Ogilvy Professor Wendy Lacey) of the Human Rights and Security group across Asia. From 2007 to 2010 he led the merger of this David began his career with Young & Rubicam Adelaide in Research and Innovation Cluster of the University. The Cluster business with Bates, another WPP company and was the CEO the early 90’s working on national brands like Mitsubishi is an inter-disciplinary group of UniSA researchers actively for Asia Pacific for three years. More recently, he re-joined Motors and Berrivale Orchards before moving to London engaged in the conduct of research across a wide spectrum his old Clemenger mates at AJF Partnership as the founding to work with BHO FCB on the Walt Disney, Waitrose, Leaf of disciplinary fields, including law, security, mental health, partner of the Sydney operation. Foods and Sara Lee business. After two years, David moved risk and vulnerability. Nicholas has extensive experience to Canada to head up strategic planning with Dentsu Canada liaising closely with media organisations, focus groups for Toyota, Lexus and Canon Canada. David also led strategic and the wider general public in the area of social inclusion planning for MacKenzie Financial Corporation. After 3 years primarily as a member of the Council of Immigration Services in Canada, David moved to Chicago to work for Ogilvy & and Status Resolution. Mather heading up strategic planning for the on-line financial giant On returning to Australia in 2002, David joined TBWATEQUILA. He became national strategy director in 2007 working primarily with Apple, SingaporeAMI5 Marketing Week Program 220x220.indd 8 11/07/11 8:47 AM
  9. 9. Christian Russell schools attendances by over 40% across the program. In her Chris Taylor Head of Digital, capacity as artistic director for Adelaide Fringe 2002 Katrina Head of Research & Revenue, Clemenger BBDO, Adelaide directed the event’s most successful program achieving Network Ten Australia an increase of 60% in ticketed attendances resulting in an increase of box office takings from $2.1 million to $3.85 Leaving university with a degree in ancient Latin and Greek, million. As director and CEO of the Adelaide Film Festival • Bachelor of Business (Tourism & Hospitality) – University Christian made the natural transition to digital work and since its inception in 2003, Katrina developed a festival of South Australia began his career as a writer and Flash developer before moving garnering national and international acclaim. The 2011 • Master of Business Administration (Executive) – into project management. With over 11 years experience Festival was the largest yet with a 22% overall increase in Australian Graduate School of Management in some of Adelaide’s top web and software companies, he attendances. In 2009 she won The Australian’s Cultural • Revenue Manager, Seven Network 2001 – 2004 has produced and managed a diverse bunch of occasionally Leader Award. Katrina has served on a number of boards and award-winning interactive projects from integrated digital is currently a member of Chunky Move, the Melbourne based • Revenue & Research Manager, Multi Channel Network campaigns through to CMS powered websites, custom dance company. (Foxtel/Austar) 2004 – 2007 intranet applications, web apps, phone apps, Flash games and • Commercial Airtime Manager, Network Ten 2007 – 2010 e-commerce sites. Bob Sharma • Head of Research & Revenue, Network Ten 2011 – Group Manager, Market Insights, In many ways what I do is a dream come true. I can say that Jodie Sangster Telstra head-offices in television are not as exciting as the newspapers, CEO, books and movies depict – they’re better. ADMA Bob has the challenge to drive Telstra’s goal to embed Dr Roberta Veale customer insights into improving company wide customer Lecturer Business School, Jodie Sangster joined the UK Direct Marketing Association in experience. He has over 20 years international experience University of Adelaide 1998 with responsibility for both UK and European regulatory providing strategic input into key business decisions and affairs. She moved to Australia in 2001 as ADMA’s Director developing long term insights for leading global organisations. – Legal & Regulatory Affairs, playing a pivotal role in the Bob’s career has included both supplier and buyer roles Roberta has a strong background in industry with executive development of key legislation such as the Spam Act, Do Not spanning the technology, automotive and financial industries. experience in management and marketing. Previous roles Call Register Act and APEC Privacy Principles. She then took Prior to Telstra, Bob was a global account director at a leading include regional manager, Coles Myer Properties and sales up the position of Chief Privacy and Compliance Officer with global research supplier where as part of the global technology and distribution manager in the finance industry. Roberta is Acxiom in Australia then the USA in 2007 before joining leadership team he led best practice initiatives and through also a company director for an engineering design, research the DMA in New York in 2009 as Senior Vice President of thought leadership developed one of the largest corporate and consultancy firm. Education & Global Development. She has maintained ties technology clients. Back in the UK, Bob also worked for with ADMA throughout as a Code Authority representative Jaguar cars leading insights into customer experience and and returned to Sydney in April to begin transition into the new product development. In 2008 he relocated from London role of CEO. to Melbourne. Katrina Sedgwick Jon Steel CEO, Planning Director, Adelaide Film Festival WPP Group Chief Strategy Officer, George Patterson/Y&R Katrina has an extensive background as a performer, arts manager, creative producer and festival director. In 1994/95, Katrina co-founded and co-directed the inaugural Sydney Jon Steel is the author of two books, ‘Truth, Lies & Fringe Festival, was the associate producer of Red Square for Advertising’ and ‘Perfect Pitch,’ but if he hadn’t written the 1996 Adelaide Festival and special events producer for them it’s unlikely that he would have read them. He lives in the 1998 and 2000 Telstra Adelaide Festivals. As the artistic Western Australia with his wife, two teenage children, a dog director of Come Out ‘99, the Australian Festival for Young and too many cats. He loves football (round ball) and cricket People, Katrina directed a program which saw an increase in and hates Blackberries and PowerPoint presentations.AMI5 Marketing Week Program 220x220.indd 9 11/07/11 8:47 AM
  10. 10. Peter Williams CEO, Deloitte Digital Peter is recognised as a global thought leader on innovation and the use of web technologies and is becoming one of Australia’s most sought after speakers around social media. He is one of Australia’s leading thinkers and practitioners in the area of innovation, technology commercialisation and all things online as well as being one of the most well known Australian CEO’s on Twitter. He is CEO of Deloitte Digital and chairman of the Deloitte Innovation Council. Prior to his role in Deloitte Digital, Peter was CEO of the Eclipse Group, previously one of Australia’s largest web development companies. Pete has worked with many high profile clients such as BHP, Telstra, AFL, NAB, ANZ, Google, Microsoft and the federal and Victorian governments and is also on the board of Circus Oz and Emue Technologies. Stephen Yarwood Lord Mayor, City of Adelaide Stephen is the City of Adelaide’s youngest ever Lord Mayor. A town planner with nearly 20 years’ experience in state and local government, he has dedicated his professional life to developing cities. Stephen’s vision for Adelaide is a modern, vibrant and sustainable place to do business, live and enjoy life. Colin Yeung Strategy, Commercialisation & Program Management, DMSq Productisation, commercialisation and platform strategy to CXO level. Comprising of: program management, vendor management, facilitator and intermediary for SaaS negotiation and integration, contract negotiation, strategic planning and thought leadership. Business adviser and long term partner in consultative operations focused digital platform strategy and execution.AMI5 Marketing Week Program 220x220.indd 10 11/07/11 8:47 AM
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