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Kobyleckyj project


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Kobyleckyj project

  1. 1. Orange Revolution in Ukraine What was the cause of this?
  2. 2. About Ukraine• Capital- Kiev• Population- 46,008,406• Basic Geography- Area: 233,000 sp. mi. The Carpathian mountains are the highest mountains in Ukraine. The most notable rivers in Ukraine include the Danube, Dnieper and Dniester. There is a sub-tropical climate.
  3. 3. Historical Sites• These are two historic site in Kiev Ukraine called the Saint Sophia Cathedral and the Kiev Pechersk Lavra. These two religious sites, in a sense, were the epicenter of the Eastern Orthodox faith as it spread throughout the Russian world from the 17th to the 19th centuries. In recognition of its historical significance, they were both named as a World Heritage Cultural Site in 1990.• These are two sites of the Seven Wonders of Ukraine.
  4. 4. Historical Sites• The Sofiyivsky Park is one of the most famous examples of late 18th/ early 19th century European landscape garden design to be preserved to the present time. It is located in Uman, Cherkasy Oblast.• Another historical site is the Khotyn Fortress. Its a large castle-like fortress located in Khotyn, Chernivitsi Oblast.• These two sites are also two places of the Seven Wonders of Ukraine
  5. 5. Cause of the Orange Revolution• Independent Ukraines fourth presidential election since the collapse of the Soviet Union was supposed to reach a final conclusion in the Nov. 21 runoff. On Monday, the Electoral Commission said preliminary tallies showed Moscows favored candidate, Yanukovych, ahead by three percentage points. But immediately, there were widespread accusations by Ukrainian and foreign monitors of massive fraud that included voter intimidation, physical assaults and the torching of ballot boxes. Yet the state-controlled media, which had backed Yanukovych through the five-month campaign, were reporting no major violations. Convinced the election was being stolen from the rightful victor, supporters of Western-leaning opposition leader Yushchenko poured into Kievs Independence Square to demand that their man be recognized as the winner. City residents mixed with swarms of protesters from across the country, all of them wearing something orange, the color of Yushchenkos Our Ukraine party. Despite heavy snow and freezing temperatures, the crowd was in a festive mood, eager to embrace Yushchenkos orange revolution against the countrys Moscow-backed old guard.
  6. 6. Orange Revolution• "Razom nas bahato! Nas ne podolaty!" The rhythmic chant spread through the crowd of hundreds of thousands that filled Kievs Independence Square on the evening of November 22. "Together, we are many! We cannot be defeated!" Emerging from a sea of orange, the mantra signaled the rise of a powerful civic movement, a skilled political opposition group, and a determined middle class that had come together to stop the ruling elite from falsifying an election and hijacking Ukraines presidency.
  7. 7. Orange Revolution• The election day rally of many thousands of supporters grew in the following days to a rally of hundreds of thousands, with some people camping out along the central street in the city. The end date for the Orange revolution was December 26th 2004. On that day Ukrainians went back to the election booths and a majority of them again voted for opposition candidate Viktor Yushchenko, this time successfully voting him into office.
  8. 8. Pictures of the Orange Revolution
  9. 9. Orange Revolution• v=PZLmE1OW2nU&NR=1
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