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Start a blog that matters review


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Learn to build business by blogging

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Start a blog that matters review

  1. 1. Build A Business By Blogging and Be Your Own BossThere are millions of blogs on the internet today and the number keeps increasing every day. But out ofthose many, do you have any ideas which of those are running successfully? Have you thought what ittakes to run a successful blog? You may be a beginner or may have experience of blogging previously. Ifyou have previous experience then for sure you will know how hard it could be to stand out of thosemillion blogs and take the lead. We all, as bloggers, have to work harder to run a blog that really standsout of the box. The truth is that until you try n try something without giving up, you will not have a clearidea of running a successful blog. At the same time we all dont have much time just experimenting withsomething that never takes off. It is always a wise idea to learn the things or get guidance from someonewho knows exactly what it takes to succeed.And Corbett Barr is that guy who knows exactly what it takes to succeed and have a blog with rushingflow of traffic in no time. If you haven’t heard of Corbett Barr, then he’s the man behind successful, Think Traffic and Expert Enough (just take a minute to visit his site and you’ll get toknow him better). He has helped sites like Live Your Legend, Man Vs. Debt, Primer Magazine and ThePossibility of Today (Again, take a minute to look at them. You’ll love them.) to attract from 10,000 to100,000+ visitors per month.If you are dreaming of running a successful blog then he is the right person who can guide you to bringyour dream to reality. After all, we all know, a successful blog is what makes money. Success isdetermined by traffic and traffic depends on your writing and some other factors. What I myselfexperienced was, it is not easy to run a successful blog quickly. It usually takes up to 12 months ofconstant work, but what if I told you Corbett Barr can guide you through exact working 90day ActionPlan? That is 13 weeks, or 3 months of Action PlanCorbett Barr’s course “How to Start a Blog That Matters” teaches you exactly how to start a blog thatmatters starting today. This will be the first or the last course you will ever look in to, in your life. In amoment I will tell you why. He isn’t one of those guys who do fake promises to guide you make moneyonline or succeed online. He’s the most real guy you’ll ever hear from.
  2. 2. Here’s why I am saying those words: In this 90 day Action Plan you will learn exactly how to 1. Build a Business by blogging 2. Land in a Dream Job 3. Make friends around the globe 4. Explore your creativity 5. Launch a writing career & much moreWell, you might be asking what all does he cover in his 90day Action Plan (i.e. 13 weeks). You can find itpersonally on his website for full details.Here are the actions you’ll accomplish each week:Week 1: Choose the right topic for you.Week 2: Develop the perfect blog name and brand.Week 3: Design your blog to look great.Week 4: Create your social media strategy.Week 5: Develop your launch plan.Week 6: Learn how to create outstanding content.Week 7: Create your launch content.Week 8: Launch your blog.Read full on this website.Enough of what I’ve said for here. Now I’ll come with personal opinions and pros and cons of this course.The course promises to guide you through each and every step, almost spoon feeding for you.This course is half educational & half action plan. This course starts with an introduction to what makesa blog popular, so that you’ll have a good foundation. You will learn from how to setup a blog andfinally ending with success in three months. This course isn’t just about setting up a blog but instead willguide you through creating content such as articles or creating videos, podcasts & illustrations. Alsoyou will get access to 4 exclusive bonuses which I consider as “Cool”. These four bonuses are what Irefer to as one of the best bonuses that you will get for your blogging success. Forget all those otherbonus stuffs found on other courses. This one is worth every penny. That’s why I call Corbett as the mostreal guy you’ll ever hear from. Considering that if you ever fail after following his guide, you will get aguaranteed personal coaching or 60Day Money Back Guarantee.How Do I say this Course is real and worth every penny of it?
  3. 3. Yes, this is a smart question. I like it. I AM NOT SAYSING READ THE TESTIMONIALS. The persons andblogs mentioned in the testimonials are provided by real people who have been running successfulblogs. But check below for snapshots of the member’s area. Member’s area is neatly designed and wellorganized. I have the access to the product. And I am not writing this without a valid Proof for you. Alsocheck my video below.Screenshots:Video: Sorry for the blurred areas (because they are for members only)At the time of this review 10 Action Plans are ready to read & watch and the remaining 3 are scheduled.Talking about the PROS:  Well designed member’s area.  Easy access to lessons and resources.  13 weekly step-by-step action plans  Weekly reminder emails on Saturdays guiding you through the action plan.  Over 8 hours of video that is worth of every minute.  You have direct access to ask questions anytime. That means good support.  You will get access to the tools recommended by Corbett and also 25% discount for web- hosting (another bonus).  10 best resources for complete success (includes SEO tools also)  4 bonus videos. As said above, this is the only bonuses that can keep you motivated for your success.  2 Case Studies & 2 Successful Blog Interview Videos.  Guaranteed one-on-one personal coaching.  A full 60-day money-back guarantee.  Access to the live “kick-off” webinar.  Ability to connect with Corbett over Twitter, Facebook & Email.  This course is for even those who already have blog but want success. Helps you rebrand your blog (if your blog isn’t running successfully). Remember to Read “The 13 Factors that Make a Blog Successful” as s0on as you get access to the course. As a blogger those 13 factors are very critical for success.Talking about the Cons:  If you are in a hurry to kick-start your blogging then 13 weeks (3 months) could be a long time. But if you can manage your schedule, you can combine weeks together. But for best results following Corbett’s guide is wise.
  4. 4.  Honestly saying, if you miss this course then you will miss your dream life (which I refer as bad for you).You will find out why I can’t say any cons. What’s more to say for cons when you get a guaranteed 1-on-1 coaching and a money back guarantee? And I am sorry you will never have to ask your money back.Remember: I am not blindly reviewing the product but I have access to them. That is why I amconfident of what this course can do for you (watch the screenshots & videos above).This course is for both beginners and also experienced bloggers(meaning if you already have a blog)who want exact freedom and success by living their dream job, money and meeting up with peoplearound the world.Final Word:This course is the most valuable course and worth every penny. And I promise that this will be the lastcourse you’ll ever refer to. This is just real, worthy and it is something that keeps you with constantsuccess. And for those who think 13 weeks is a big time, don’t be in a hurry. For guaranteed results andsuccess, 13 weeks/3 months/90 days isn’t really a big time compared to big results.Oh, one more thing. Before you start off with the course, I recommend watching the bonus videos.Because they have everything that you need to get going. And I highly recommend watching DanielleLaPorte video first. They are the most valuable words I’ve ever heard. Very motivational. Learn How To Start A Blog That Matters