27 ways to use gurl qrurl purl murl surl turl giftmiums freemiums guestmiums premiums promiums platmiums codes


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griffin url equals a gurl
griffmiums purl curl clurl freemiums premiums promiums

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27 ways to use gurl qrurl purl murl surl turl giftmiums freemiums guestmiums premiums promiums platmiums codes

  1. 1. 27 Ways to Use QR CodesSubmitted by Matt on Tuesday, January 4, 2011inShare10927 ways to use GURL QRURL PURL MURL SURL TURL GIFTMIUMSFREEMIUMS GUESTMIUMS PREMIUMS PROMIUMS PLATMIUMS CODESIn the past, weve blogged about what QR codes are, how to use them,what theyre being used for, and the problem with them. Here, were going toshare otheruses to get your mind thinking about how they can be used in your business.Remember, QR codes connect the real world with the digital world.1. Business Cards. MACRO CARDS==> REG BUS CARD,MAXI CARDS==> POSTCARD BUSINESSS CARD,MICRO BUS CARD ==<SLIM>==, one half the regular bizcard; a skinny cardMINI q.r.2d bar code SQ STICKER==>front side name,address,tel & emailStick a QR code on the back of your business card and have it link to your phonenumber,send a text message,link to your website, or even take someone to a Youtube video.2. Flyers. FACE2FACE WITH PURL THIER OWN FACE PAST STUDENTS MAILED OUT, MAP QRURL TO GMA,VIDEO LINK TO OFFER ON FLYERHanding out flyers door-to-door? Or maybe you want to spread the news about anevent in anew and innovative way?Slap a QR code on it and link to an event page or a video describing more aboutthe event.Check out how one clothing retailer is doing this. You can also add social mediaicons sopeople can share.3. Billboards. ONLINE BILLBOARD WITH QRURL AND SPECIAL SCAN ME OFFERThis one way communication channel just became interactive. Calvin Klein used QRcodes onbillboards inNew York and Los Angeles with their Uncensored campaign. It linked to a pagewith amobile video andTwitter/Facebook share icons. Simple? You bet. Learn more about it.4. Comics.Thats right, QR codes have been used in comics. It was done with Donald Duckfor kids!5. Education. SOLVE THE CHALLENGES WITH A QRURL CODE NEXT TO THE ITEM( ON THE WALL OF DOJANG--> TO SEE HOW SOMETHING IS DONE)Use QR codes next to math problems in math books that pull up a video thatteaches students how to complete certain problems. Lets just hope they scan the QR code afterthey answered it!I picked up this idea on Youtube.6. Articles in Magazines/ SHOWCASE THE QRURL FOR THE SOLUTION AND A HOMEWORK OUTSECTION
  2. 2. ONLINE BLOG Newspaper. QRURL CODE WITH WIIIFM SOLUTIONS FOR A SPECIFIC ITEM IN ACLASS,FOR A SPECIFIC DRILL link a price and a specific drill theme with examplesMagazine publishers can use QR codes in articles that link to more info on thearticle,a video, or even a discussion board. Wait. Stop. Think about that. Another one-waycommunication channel that is now engaging. Imagine someone reading an article,wanting to voice their opinion and leave a comment like they would on a websiteblog,scanning a QR code, and then leaving comments on an article they found in thepaper medium. Talk about in-the-moment engagement. Simply fascinating.7. For Sale Signs on Homes.Real Estate, anyone? Print a QR code on a for sale sign on a home that connectsthe mobile user to a mobile website thatshows them more info on the home and includes a video with a walk-through of thehome (which they wouldnt otherwise beable to see). Or just link to a Youtube video. Talk about point-of-experience!8. Comment Cards.Tired of paper comment cards? Want to reduce error and capture feedback at thepoint-of-experience? Or maybe there is a trust issue with the manager and youthink hestrashing some bad comment cards? Either way, mobile web-based comment cardsallow forconvenience and meet the consumer where there are. Comments can be e-mailed tosomeone andadded to an excel file if need be. Theoretically, someone can file a complaintand a manager (as well as corporate, if needed) can receive complaint via e-mail and respondto it before the customer has even left the building. Talk about real-time.9. Presentations.More and more Ive seen less of the traditional speaker presentations. Audienceswant toengage during presentations and throw in their two cents, just like they do onTwitter.The unGEEKED elite conference is built on this idea. One way to engage theaudience is tostick a QR code in a presentation. Maybe the audience can scan it and be put ona mailing list,ask a question, or give their input on the presentation at the end, all via themobile web. This would work best atconferences where early adopters are present.10. Clothing. GRIFFGEAR EQUIPMENT AND CASES, UNIFORMS, KEYCHAINS,Want to be different? How about you stick a QR code on a shirt. Hows that forstanding outagainst the crowd? Orclothing companies can use QR codes on tags to display color, style, size, andmore aboutthat item.11. Television.This is extremely fascinating. Again, a one way communication channel... is now
  3. 3. interactive.QR codes on TV allowsfor viewers to answer quizzes, sign up for a mailing list, find a Facebook fanpage, and more.Although executed poorly,FOX tried this.12. Books.How about a QR code at the end of each chapter, which links to a discussionboard where readerscan share comments on a chapter. Amazing. Or maybe you want to describe aconcept withdigital media. Video, anyone? Or maybe the author wants to link you to a pagewith errata.13. Outdoor Games.Ever participate in a scavenger hunt? With QR codes, you can leave digital tipsfor people.How about a video hint orvideo riddle?14. Direct Mail.QR codes on direct mail allows for people to scan and learn more about a productor service.15. Instruction Manual.With some products, a paper manual isnt enough. People need a video to helpvisualize howthings go together.Or maybe you just want to give that personal feeling and talk about why itsawesome.16. Interactive Menus.In restaurants, consumers can scan QR codes in the menu and watch a video on howthat dish wasprepared, see the ingredients, learn more about the executive chef with aninterview, or eventhe staff. Stop. Think about that personal connection for a minute. Thinkabout the story that someone can go tell their friends.They came to order food, but their experience was heightened because they werealso able to walk away with a recipe for their favorite dish(or something more). That is remarkable, as Seth Godin says. Again, thepossibilities are endless. Whats important is the creative process and brainstorming.17. Cereal Box. Cereal boxes already have games on them, but how about gameson a smartphone?Or maybe you want to have a "story of the day" or talk about what the brand isdoing. This is a completely new way to engage with consumers.18. Products. CERTIFICATES AT GMA BELT GRADUATIONSON STUDENT OF THE DAY AT OFFSITES LOADED WITH PIXQR codes can be used on products to connect real life to the digital world.Maybe you want to build awareness for a Facebookfan page or a Twitter account.19. Facebook Like.
  4. 4. A service called Likify allows someone to do exactly that: like your Facebookfan page. Learn more about them.20. Call/E-mail Us.Simple enough? Have a QR code that brings up your phone number so someone caneasily scan and call you or send you an e-mail.21. Coupons.Use a QR code to link to a special coupon that is shareable via social media. Itcan be tracked and turned off at any time.Goodbye paper coupons! (Did I mention this is environmentally friendly, too?)22. Name Tags.Although the idea of someone coming up and scanning your name tag at aconference sounds kind of funny, it can definitelyhelp differentiate you and be a great conversation starter. There is a standardfor storing contact info on QR codes.Use quiQR to create your virtual contact card today so someone can easily addyou as a contact on their phone.23. Website Contact Us.If you already cater to your mobile audience, you can use QR codes on yourcontact us page. Maybe you want to link them toyour mobile resource and remind them to bookmark it so they can use it on thego. Or maybe you want to make it so they caneasily scan a QR code and call you.24. Conferences.Conferences can use QR codes for speaker feedback or conference feedback andevaluation. Attendees can share theirthoughts via their mobile phone, and not a paper card with hard-to-readhandwriting.25. Event Tickets.On a printed ticket, QR codes can be used to link to a video introduction to theevent, or maybe link to a freeMP3 download for a band. This is also good for tracking tickets, whichEventbrite does.26. Window Displays.Use QR codes on windows displays to give those window shoppers one more thing tolook at (and talk about!).It can link to a video with someone talking about the product (very personal),or maybe you want to highlight certainfeatures about the product.27. Classified Ads.CS OF GMA SUCCESS COLLECTIVE GROUP BUTING SITES, COMMUNITY ED, COMEBACKSTUDENTS, CYBER CLIENTS, CODE STUDENTS, CELL COUPONSelling a car? Hiring someone? Link to a personal video on Youtube which has youexpanding on the opportunity or tellingpeople why its a good one.Mobile Marketing Column8 Great Ways To Use QR Codes For MarketingFeb 16, 2012 at 12:15pm ET by Leah Goodman
  5. 5. inShare103QR (Quick Response) codes are an awesome mobile marketing tool, and are nowpopping up literally everywhere.Some of the methods of using QR codes today make great sense, like on a businesscard, so people can scan yourinfo instead of having to type it all in.And then the placement of some QR codes make no sense at all, like on a streetbillboard where traffic moves fast.Think about it, how is someone supposed to drive and scan your QR code at thesame time (and not have an accident)?I’ve also seen QR codes on websites that brought you back to the exact samewebsite when used. Just on your phone.If you’re seeing the QR code, you’re already on your computer. Please, don’t dothat.QR codes can give a variety of different types of information. The most commonuses are internet links, links to apps,and text.How To Make A QR CodeMaking a QR code is easy. Googling ’Make QR Code for free’ yields sites likeKaywa and Qurify,both of which work.Be sure to download the QR Code image to your computer and then upload it toyour website,if desired, rather thandepending upon the QR Code maker sites to host it for you. That way, if the sitestops working,your QR code isn’t affected.Bad QR Code UseUnfortunately, there is so much bad QR code use out there that it’s hard to knowhow to useQR codes effectively.To give you some examples, I’ll let you see Scott Stratten’s take on bad QR codeuse:Here are some bad uses that he mentions:QR codes that don’t lead to mobile-friendly content.Sending a QR code by email. (You have to see the video to appreciate the follyof this fully.)QR codes on Billboards (as mentioned above).Subway platforms where there is no signal.Airline magazines ’ you’re in a plane and can’t use the internet to follow them.Scott Stratten is perhaps, a little forceful in his explanation, but he’s right.It’s clearthat not every QR code campaign is well thought out.A QR Code ChecklistHere are the keys to a well thought-out campaign using QR codes:Give people something useful on mobile with your QR code. (Don’t send people to
  6. 6. a website thatisn’t optimized for mobilewith a QR code!)Use QR codes only in locations where they can easily and safely be scanned.If the code is in a digital format (email or website),it must also be a link tothe same content.Make sure there is WiFi or 3G access in the place where the code is placed.The QR code needs to be big enough and clear enough that even the lower-qualityphones can scanit.There should be a clear indication of which types of mobile devices can use theQR code.If it’s for Android only,iPhone users will be irritated if they try to scan it and get poor results.Some Ideas For Using QR CodesWith that said, here are some great ways to use QR codes:At a conference or meetup, put a QR code on your name tag or shirt, and peoplecanscan it rather than taking your business card, which will inevitably be lost in a pile of received papers. Be sure to havebusiness cards too, though. Some people like having something tangible.For local businesses, put a QR code on the door that gives people a file withyour opening times, phone numbers, and website. APDF hosted on a website is good for this. If your business has an app, ofcourse,that’s even better, but be sure to include your hours and phone numbers in a tab in your app!If you’re having a t-shirt giveaway, you might want to put your QR code on theshirt,so that anyone with questions about yourbusiness can just scan a code and get answers. My favorite place for these codesisin the upper area of the back, between theshoulder blades. Putting the code on the front makes the t-shirt unattractive.T-shirts are more effective than keychains, because they are more visible, butif you’regiving out keychains or other trinkets, put your QR code on them. Just be sure to do it in a way that doesn’t make theitem ugly.I was recently at a conference whereone of the speakers gave out keychains with a QR code. You could scan the QRcode for achance to win a prize, too. This will,of course, dramatically increase the number of people who scan the code.Banners ’ at convention tables, in public spaces, anywhere someone might beinterested inyour app or product, have a bannerwith your QR code. (Use banners in places with pedestrian traffic.)For businesses that service cars, put a QR code sticker on the sun-visor, andhave it lead toan app where you can both trackregular car service and schedule your next maintenance online.To make it even better, offer coupons!For a restaurant, give a QR code with the receipt or on the menu.Have it lead to a place to sign up for an email newsletterthat includes coupons or freebies.In emails and on webpages, I have to disagree with Scott Stratten ’ often peopleare readingan email or webpage on their computer and want to move the information to theirmobile device.
  7. 7. Just make sure it’s also a link to the information, in case they’re reading thesite or emailfrom their phone. *And for Heaven’s sake, please don’t put a QR code on yourbelt buckle!Do you really want people photographing down there?Be sure to let us know in what ways you’ve used QR codes to power your mobilemarketing!Photo by Fluid Forms on FlickrOpinions expressed in the article are those of the guest author and notnecessarilyMarketing Land.