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Strategi Menyonsong 5G di Indonesia

Strategi Menyonsong 5G di Indonesia Oleh Dr. Sigit P.W Jarot, MSc (Ketua Forum 5G Indonesia)

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Strategi Menyonsong 5G di Indonesia

  1. 1. © Indonesia_5G_Forum Strategi Menyongsong 5G di Indonesia Dr. Sigit P.W Jarot, MSc (Ketua Forum 5G Indonesia) Mastel – Diskusi 5G @Gedung World Trade Center, Jakarta 14 Des 2015
  2. 2. © Indonesia_5G_Forum Perkembangan di ITU 5G Teknologi dan Spek Beberapa Pendekatan Usulan Pendekatan Indonesia Summary 1 2 3 4 5 Outline
  3. 3. © Indonesia_5G_Forum Perkembangan di ITU 19.11.2015 3
  4. 4. © Indonesia_5G_Forum ITU WP 5D Work Plan 19.11.2015 4
  5. 5. © Indonesia_5G_Forum Perkembangan ttg 5G di ITU • Report ITU-R M.2320 - Future technology trends of terrestrial IMT systems (November 2014) • This activity is to address the terrestrial IMT technology aspects and enablers considering the approximate timeframe 2015-2020 and beyond for system deployment, including aspects of terrestrial IMT systems related to WRC-15 studies as part of its scope. • Recommendation ITU-R M.2083 - Framework and overall objectives of the future development of IMT for 2020 and beyond(September 2015) • This activity is to address the longer term vision for 2020 and beyond and will provide a framework and overall objectives of the future developments of IMT. • Report ITU-R M.2376 - Technical feasibility of IMT in bands above 6 GHz(July 2015) • The purpose of this report is to provide information on the study of technical feasibility of IMT in the bands above 6 GHz. • Provisional Final Acts WRC-15 19.11.2015 5
  6. 6. © Indonesia_5G_Forum 5G di Forum 3GPP 19.11.2015 6
  7. 7. © Indonesia_5G_Forum Aspek Teknologi dan Spesifikasi 19.11.2015 7
  8. 8. © Indonesia_5G_Forum 5G Usage Scenarios … not only Broadband 19.11.2015 8 Source : ITU-R
  9. 9. © Indonesia_5G_Forum Shaping 5G Performance 19.11.2015 9 Source : ITU-R 20Gbps 100 Mbps < 1ms 100x 500kph 10Mbs/m2 10e6 devices/km2
  10. 10. © Indonesia_5G_Forum20.09.2014 Sigit P Wigati 10 evolution of radio access technologies source: NTT DoCoMo
  11. 11. © Indonesia_5G_Forum How much spectrum do we need ? 19.11.2015 11
  12. 12. © Indonesia_5G_Forum 5G candidate spectrum bands 19.11.2015 12
  13. 13. © Indonesia_5G_Forum Beberapa model pendekatan menuju 5G 19.11.2015 13
  14. 14. © Indonesia_5G_Forum Inisiatif di dunia menuju 5G 19.11.2015 14
  15. 15. © Indonesia_5G_Forum Pendekatan EU menuju 5G 19.11.2015 15 Non-Orthogonal Waveforms for asynchronous signaling The 5G Infrastructure Public Private Partnership • Agree on the important use cases • Develop the technology components • Holistic framework 5G system concept PHYsical Layer Wireless Security projects/moto Mobile Opportunistic Traffic Offloading (MOTO) MAssive MiMO for Efficient Transmission industry-driven research initiative • Lowering network costs • Anticipating user data needs to pre-allocate resources • Device-to-device communication • Spectrum sensing (for unlicensed spectrum)
  16. 16. © Indonesia_5G_Forum Pendekatan Korea menuju 5G • 5G Forum, an industry-academia cooperative program since May 2013 • Members: • ETRI, three major telcos (i.e., KT, SKT and LG U+) and major electronics companies such as Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics, KMW and Dio-Interactive • open not only to the communications industry, but also to small and mid-sized companies and start-ups in content and other related industries • Strategies • [1] activation of 5G R&D, [2] implementation of universal infrastructure, [3] creation of mobile service and [4] establishment of national policy • The roadmap for frequency, legislation and policies will be aligned with the direction of 5G development 19.11.2015 16
  17. 17. © Indonesia_5G_Forum Pendekatan Jepang menuju 5G • ARIB “2020 and beyond” Ad Hoc group since September 2013 • Objectives: • to study system concepts, basic functions and distribution/architecture of mobile communication in 2020 and beyond • Activities: • Identify and analyze services and system concepts of mobile communications in 2020 and beyond • Study technology trends, basic functions and functional distribution/architecture of the mobile communication system in 2020 and beyond • Cooperate/coordinate with other international (and domestic) organizations • Output: • white papers and contributions to ITU and other fora. • Members: • Both Japanese companies and Japanese subsidiaries of foreign companies 19.11.2015 17
  18. 18. © Indonesia_5G_Forum Roadmap menuju implementasi 5G di Jepang 19.11.2015 18 “Final Report from the Radio Policy Vision Council", Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, Japan, December 2014
  19. 19. © Indonesia_5G_Forum Usulan Pendekatan Indonesia ? 19.11.2015 19
  20. 20. © Indonesia_5G_Forum Collaborative Research towards Consensus Building at Early Stage 19.11.2015 20 Source : Networld 2020
  21. 21. © Indonesia_5G_Forum Aktor Inovasi Corporates Universities SMEs, Incubators Research Institutions Communities Government Start-ups SME Innovations Develop Core Technologies Fulfill National S&T Innovation Demands Leverage Global Competitiveness Adopted from Prof. Zuhal, Gelombang Ekonomi Inovasi, 2013 19.11.2015 21 Mastel, i5GF, IEEE Indonesia, indotelko, etc Kominfo, BPPT, etc Tel-U, ITB, ITS, UI, Unsri, etc Telko operator, Vendor, etc
  22. 22. © Indonesia_5G_Forum Transisi Model Inovasi Triple-Helix Quadruple-Helix Closed Innovation Open Innovation Ecosystem of Innovation Academics Business Government Academics Business Government Communities 19.11.2015 22
  23. 23. © Indonesia_5G_Forum Summary • 5G strategy is not just telcos’ agenda. • Collaborations and co-creations with many (new) stakeholders is a must. • In the current early stage, R&D and innovation will be the priority. • Collaboration with other international fora would be helpful • There are 4 (four) aspects in Indonesia strategy towards 5G: • The Clasiccal: related to radio and network technologies • The Opportunity : related to new services and applications, IoT, M2M • The Unique: related to security and privacy • The Country-specific: related to regulation and spectrum. 19.11.2015 23
  24. 24. © Indonesia_5G_Forum 2419.11.2015
  25. 25. © Indonesia_5G_Forum Additional Slides Global Initiatives towards 5G Era 19.11.2015 25
  26. 26. © Indonesia_5G_Forum Indonesia 5G Forum 19.11.2015 26
  27. 27. © Indonesia_5G_Forum Indonesia 5G Forum 19.11.2015 27 • Established in June 2015 • Chairman : Dr. Sigit P W Jarot, MSc (Telkom University) • Co-chair : Dr. Eko Fajar N, MSc (Hikari Solusindo Sukses) • Co-chair : Dr. Rudi Lumanto, Meng (id-SIRTII) • Initiatives • Research-community driven initiative • Membership • General members : Corporate, Individual, Student • Professional members : Corporate, Individual
  28. 28. © Indonesia_5G_Forum • Objectives • to activate and stimulate research and development activities in Indonesia related to 5G Mobile Communication Systems, including its surrounding technologies, its deployment scenarios and its use cases, • to foster cooperation and partnerships in 5G research and development, with national and international institutions, • to strengthen the wealth creation in fields of ICT and telecommunications, particularly related to the 5G developments, and deployments. And also, • to provide inputs and recommendations to the government and regulators regarding policies and regulatory issues related to 5G. 19.11.2015 28
  29. 29. © Indonesia_5G_Forum Organization of I5GF General Assembly Chair : Dr. Sigit PW Jarot Co-chair: Dr. Eko Fajar Co-chair: Dr. Rudi Lumanto WG Radio and Network Technologies Dr. Khairul Anwar (JAIST) WG New Services and Applications Dr. Reza Fersandaya (University of Sriwijaya) WG Security and Privacy Dr. Mohammad Salman (University of Indonesia) WG Regulation and Spectrum Dr. Rolly Purnomo (BRTI) Advisory Board . 19.11.2015 29
  30. 30. © Indonesia_5G_Forum Areas of the Working Groups • Security • Privacy-Awareness • Privacy-Preservation • QoS, USO • New Licensing Regime • Roll-out Obligation • Spectrum allocation • Spectrum flexibility • IoT • M2M • D2D • MTC • Tactile Internet • New waveform • Massive MIMO • Data rate, Capacity Density • Ultra-Low latency • Spectral Efficiency Radio & Network Technology (WG-RN) New Services & Applications (WG-SA) Security & Privacy (WG-SP) Regulation & Spectrum (WG-RS) 19.11.2015 30
  31. 31. © Indonesia_5G_Forum Indonesia 5G Forum • Activities • Technical meetings • Research promotions • Seminar and workshops • Collaboration with other fora 19.11.2015 31 MoU signing with Japan 5G Forum, Bali Sept 2015
  32. 32. © Indonesia_5G_Forum 5G Initiatives in US 19.11.2015 32 • Much of the 5G activity in the Americas has been taking place in various universities. • These research activities are often joint activities with private industry, funded through government grants, or a combination of the two. RF and mmWave technology, Advanced Spectrum Utilization, Energy Efficient Systems a new architectural design for the Internet of the near future to enable sustained innovation in the core of the network, using economic principles NSF Extreme Densification of Wireless Networks NSF funded a joint project by University of Texas (UT) Austin and Stanford to promote new architectures for dense access infrastructure. UT Austin and Stanford faculty members were awarded an NSF grant for research in 5G wireless networks using network densification where a multitude of base-stations and access points with overlapping wireless footprints and disparate capabilities pervade the physical domain Telefonica specifically calls out their joint work with Wireless@MIT as “5G and Beyond Cognitive Radio Networks, Digital Signal Processing , Social Networks , Autonomous Sensor Communication, Antennas, Very Large Scale Integration