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Researching and planning the moving image work

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Researching and planning the moving image work

  1. 1.  Researching different case studies this year had helped me broaden my knowledge on what music video consists of. Music video consists of different elements and takes in to account things like mise-en-scene, different camera angles and the representation of the artist itself.  The three case studies I researched was narrative based which told a story to the audience. Also I had noticed that lip syncing was not used throughout the video. The artist was either narrating a story or conveying its own message to the audience. For my own music video I decided to convey its own message.  The research done at AS was fairly similar however I had to research the cover, content and the DPS page of a music magazine. This enabled me to understand certain conventions that were used. 1) Big and bold text which catches the readers attention 2) The cover star had to wear clothes suitable clothes to its context. This meant that if it was a rock magazine the artist was expected to be displayed as more gothic. The clothes worn are usually dark colors. 3) Jewellery and makeup can make a statement. As I analyzed a rock magazine I believe that piercings can make a strong statement as you would be able to know if it’s a rock magazine. 4) Also the fact that there are various different ways where you are able to use the camera. This includes a wide range of shot types. During AS I learnt various different types of shots and its key terms such as birds eye view/ over the shoulder etc… this knowledge helped me this year as I will be using some this in my actual music video
  2. 2.  With my music magazine I based my magazine on the feedback of the audience that were aged 17. I let the audience choose the title, background /( elements) that consists in a typical magazine basically make the magazine how they would visual it to be like.  However this year I thought about the music video well and presented a PowerPoint where I wanted the audience to give feedback, instead of them having the option to choose between ideas.  The feedback I received about my idea was that the music was to fast and would be hard to create a narrative story. Therefore on the bases of their feedback I changed the song and changed a bit of the storyline. ---- (Bryson Tiller ‘ Been that way’)  My target audience, is both male and females as I believe that having a wider potential audience would make my video more watchable and popular. This would be advertised in different social networking sites in order to gain popularity.
  3. 3.  This year in A2 we created calls sheets, risk assessments and recess in detail in order to make our work more easier when we shoot.  The risk assessment was done in detail to ensure that all crew members and equipment is safe. Last year I didn’t do any risk assessment as it was not needed. The shooting itself was done in LSC studio therefore there weren't any potential hazards.  This year in my recess there were pictures of few different locations where we are going to shoot. Last year I didn’t have to do this as yet again the location was the studio.  I made call sheets last year too, which clearly stated what the artist has to wear also stated important information such as, date and time of photography. However in this years call sheet it was more about planning and explaining each scene in detail. Also the characters needed in each scene is written on the side.
  4. 4.  We are very proud of our storyboard that we created as it is very visual and easy to understand. We planned each scene and illustrated how it would look like, by using (  We divided the task between me and sila and created the storyboard together.  We thought making it graphically on the computer would make it look more professional and appealing.  The storyboard is very easy to understand so our crew members don’t find it difficult. They know exactly what scene and roles they are taking part in.  For the narrative planning in AS. I used work and drew text boxes to layout where the text will be in my music magazine. I wasn’t sure at that point what picture (pose) to use for my cover page. I decided this after when the artist did her photo shoot and picked the best picture to be on the covers.
  5. 5. our time management and getting work done before the deadline is fairly good. Me and Sila have been up to date with our blogs. We have been recently blogging a lot. Any discussion or work has been blogged immediately. 1) I used creative technologies such as Prezi for my case studies. 2) For my pitch that we presented to the class we uploaded a video on to YouTube then embed the link on to blogger 3) The researching and planning the moving image work I used slide share Last year for AS I was very creative as well I used different media technologies to present my ideas. AS



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