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Poet Nation Presentation


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Poet Nation is a Somali art and culture hub that engages youth from around the world through poetry, music and great stories.

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Poet Nation Presentation

  1. 1. A Somali Art and culture hub that engages youth fromaround the world though poetry, music and great stories.
  2. 2. MissionPoet Nation is an art and culture hub that engages Somali youth from around the world through poetry, music and great stories.The goal of Poet Nation is to be a platform for positive conversation that promotes peace,harmony and traditional Somali values to themodern generation in the Diaspora and Africa. Poet Nation does this by creatingprofessionally produced videos and providesan online platform for the user community to post their own videos.Poet Nation uses the power of social media toengage young Somali people around the world.
  3. 3. Poet Nation Projects Voices of Dadaab Terrorism is not a Poet Nation Live Religion Events 30+ Poet Nation-Short documentary about the 2011 Famine in Somalia This is Poet Nation’s most Poet Nation has held a live created videos filmed in Kenya. popular video. events in collaboration with American Refugee 65+ User-uploaded Committee’s I Am a Star videos by theThe film has been shown at It’s about Hersi, an Iraqi war Campaign to raise money several fundraising events veteran’s experience in US through Music for Relief community around Minneapolis other Marine Corps and subtle (founded by Linkin Park) and American cities. racisms in America K’NAAN.
  4. 4. Comments Poet Nation is inspiringSomali youth from around the world
  5. 5. Poet Nation Brand Poetry Youth “You’re Abdi Phenomenal of Poet UnityHip Nation” -Random Somali youth at 11:30 pm in Nairobi, Kenya restaurant The Change Peace Generation “We knew you were coming to Dadaab because we heard about Love Respect you on the BBC radio” Hope -Man in the Dadaab Refugee Camp in Kenya “We love Poet Nation because you are changing the Somali narrative” -Somali mother of teenagers
  6. 6. Poet Nation Collaboration Collaboration Presented and Performed America Refugee Committee- I Am a Star Campaign Phillips Exeter Academy, New Hampshire UNDP-Kenya University of Saint LouisIftiin Leaders- White House Office of Public Engagement Global Nomads from New York City Hamline University Big Mob Radio, Melbourne, Australia Saint Cloud St. University Muslim Student Association University of St. Thomas Global Somali Response (Kenya) Ubah Academy, St. Louis Park, Minnesota Somali Student Association Worldwide Somali Students Received Performance Requests: Ka Joog- Somali Youth Association, Minneapolis, MN Australia, UK, Norway, UAE, Kenya, Canada Media Al Jazeera New York Times Learning Star Tribune Network BBC Somali Minnesota Public Radio Fox 9 News Associated Press
  7. 7. Poet Nation in the Press
  8. 8. Hits/ Views Fans/ Followers AnalyticsPoet Nation 5:30 Avg Time on 200,000 450 Site Website YouTube 300,000 500 700+ Shares Facebook 700,000 2,500 50% Fans outside Average Time of User on Poet USA Twitter 600 Nation website is 5.5 Minutes Nearly all followers are non-Somali and Pinterest 450,000 tend to be concerned womenPoet Nation 500Mailing List Totals 1,200,000 454,550 87% of Traffic are ages 13-34 years old
  9. 9. Goals Internet and Social Media Increased community participation Increased attention on the positivity in Somali community Increased awareness of issues in Somali community for Non-Somali peopleFace-to-face Connection to Youth Globally: Universities Secondary, Intermediate and Primary Schools Student and Civic Associations
  10. 10. Contact Poet Nation Minneapolis, Pinterest/PoetNation