How To Create Successful Mobile Email Marketing Campaigns


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These are the presentation slides from the Mass Transmit Webinar "How To Create Successful Mobile Email Marketing Campaigns."

The webinar covered the following topics:
1. Why You Need Effective Mobile Email Campaigns
2. How To Design Mobile Email Messages
3. The Technical Challenges Of Mobile Email
4. Responsive Email Design
5. Generating Conversions Through Mobile Email

More info including webinar video available here:

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How To Create Successful Mobile Email Marketing Campaigns

  3. 3. Mass Transmit Mass Transmit provides professional marketers withMass Transmit = email tools, services and expertise. We create emailEmail Marketing communications, manage data integration, deliver email campaigns and measure campaign performance. We produce email marketing that generates measurable results. Mass Transmit
  4. 4. About Mass TransmitWe re headquartered in New York City with officesin Charlotte NC and Seattle WA.Our 22-person team is comprised of strategists,creatives and techies; all of whom are thought-leaders in their respective specialties.We ve been neck-deep in online marketing since1996 and along the way have provided services toa wide range of clients including…. Mass Transmit
  5. 5. We Work With
  6. 6. Twitter hashtag: #mtwebinar Mass Transmit
  7. 7. Why You Need EffectiveMobile Email Campaigns Mass Transmit
  8. 8. The Rise Of The Smartphone •  234 million mobile users in the US •  119.3 million smartphone users •  51% of all mobile users use smartphones (up from 38% last year) •  2 out of 3 new purchases are smartphones •  Smartphones will outsell PC s by end of this year Mass Transmit
  9. 9. Mass Transmit
  10. 10. 82% of smartphone userscheck and send email with their device. Mass Transmit
  11. 11. 38% of all emails are opened on a mobile device,an increase of 80% over the past 6 months. Now more than desktop (33%) or webmail (31%). Source: Litmus, September 2012 Mass Transmit
  12. 12. Source: Litmus, September 2012 Mass Transmit
  13. 13. Smartphones: Platform Market ShareSource: Nielsen, July, 2012 Mass Transmit
  14. 14. Email Opens By DeviceSource: Litmus, October 2012 Mass Transmit
  15. 15. Most Popular Email Clients Apple iOS (iPhone & iPad) 35% Yahoo! Mail 10% Outlook 20% Gmail 8% Live Hotmail 14% Google Android 5% Apple Mail 11% Windows Live Mail 2% Mass Transmit
  16. 16. 90% of smartphone ownersaccess the same email account on mobileand desktop. Mass Transmit
  17. 17. 10% of consumers use mobile astheir primary device for checking email. Mass Transmit
  18. 18. 39% of companies said their mobile strategy was non-existent , and 48% don t know if their emailsare read on mobile devices. Mass Transmit
  19. 19. Tweet-worthy Takeaway: 38% of all emails are opened on a mobile device.#mtwebinar Mass Transmit
  20. 20. How To DesignMobile Email Messages Mass Transmit
  21. 21. The Mobile Inbox Front-load subject lines 35 characters or less for iPhone Pre-headers are important Keep them short (under 80 characters) Use to supplement subject line Mass Transmit
  22. 22. Content Considerations •  Keep it short and to the point •  Direct, easy to see calls to action •  Divide content into sections •  Prioritize content blocks by stacking •  Remove low priority content or link to it on your mobile-friendly web site Mass Transmit
  23. 23. Simplify Layouts Mass Transmit
  24. 24. Plan For iPhone ScalingEmail widths at 640px will scale evenlyto the iPhone standard of 320px Mass Transmit
  25. 25. Design for touch •  Buttons should be 44x44px minimum with 10px padding to accommodate touch •  Design entire sections to be clickable •  Consider adding additional clickable space around buttons •  Longer text links work better as they provide more room for touch Mass Transmit
  26. 26. Avoid MistapsThese items are nottouch-friendly atscaled display Mass Transmit
  27. 27. Text To Win •  Headlines should be at least 30px •  Body Copy should be 14px minimum •  Try to avoid using font sizes below 13px •  iOS will auto-scale small text sizes up to 13px. This may break your layout! •  Can eliminate auto-adjust for iPhone and Android: -webkit-text-size-adjust: none; •  Remember iOS devices will change dates, times and addresses to blue links. You can use styles to override that. Mass Transmit
  28. 28. Mobile Design Best Practices •  Think about mobile first •  Stack content, avoid columns •  Make content areas fluid, not fixed •  Simple, bold images are the most clear and readable •  Keep file size at a minimum Mass Transmit
  29. 29. Special Considerations For iPhone 5 •  More content above the fold •  Consider adjusting media query settings to (max-device-width: 568px) vs. 480px for the iPhone 4. Mass Transmit
  30. 30. Tweet-worthy Takeaway: When designing mobile emails, minimize content,reduce file size and plan for scaling and touch. #mtwebinar Mass Transmit
  31. 31. Mobile Email Coding Mass Transmit
  32. 32. Understand Your Audience •  Use email client detection services to understand how much of your audience is on mobile devices and their platform breakdown. (Services available from Litmus and Return Path) •  Optimize your emails based on mobile detection reporting. Mass Transmit
  33. 33. Scalable vs. FixedScalable emails are designed and programmed so thelayout adjusts to the width of the environment where itis read. Fixed emails are usually designed at 320px to displaynicely on a mobile device, but look skinny whendisplayed on desktop clients. Don t go fixed, go scalable. Mass Transmit
  34. 34. HTML•  All leading mobile platforms support HTML, but images are blocked in some platforms •  There is little need for a Text or mobile friendly version message Mass Transmit
  35. 35. There Are No Standards Mass Transmit
  36. 36. Viewport Meta Tag<meta name= viewport content= width=device-width,initial-scale=1.0 >Add the Viewport Meta Tag to assure the email scalesand fits the width of the iPhone. Without the Viewport tag, the email is initially zoomedout too far with extra white space on the side. This will only help with scaling on iPhone but it doesn tadversely affect the way your email displays on otherdevices. Mass Transmit
  37. 37. Tweet-worthy Takeaway: Optimize email messages for mobile by usingflexible HTML layouts. #mtwebinar Mass Transmit
  38. 38. Responsive Email Design Mass Transmit
  39. 39. What Is Responsive Design?One HTML file that uses CSS and media queriesto display certain content and layout based onthe device displaying the email. Mass Transmit
  40. 40. Responsive Design Benefits •  Creates a truly mobile optimized message •  Allows you to reformat content specifically for mobile users •  Allows you to hide and/or reveal content for mobile vs. desktop audiences Mass Transmit
  41. 41. Responsive Design Challenges •  Doesn t work everywhere •  Requires designing at least two versions of the message •  Programming can be complicated Mass Transmit
  42. 42. Non-Responsive Email Responsive EmailContent Scales Down Content Reformats Mass Transmit
  43. 43. Media Query Support Mass Transmit
  44. 44. Responsive Design Options •  Change font styles for better legibility Hide, move or wrap blocks of content Resize an image Hide or move an image Swap, crop or hide a background image Mass Transmit
  45. 45. Is Responsive Design Right For You? •  If your recipients are reading your emails on both Apple and Android devices, consider responsive design. •  If you have content heavy newsletters, consider responsive design. •  If you have a large mobile audience and have the budget, consider responsive design (try it and test results). Mass Transmit
  46. 46. Tweet-worthy Takeaway: Use responsive design to create a customized mobileemail experience. #mtwebinar Mass Transmit
  47. 47. Generating ConversionsThrough Mobile Email
  48. 48. Have A Great Call-To-Action •  Unique offer (email only offers work great) •  Very visible call-to-action copy and button •  Put call-to-action at top of message (and maybe bottom too) •  Make call-to-action easy to click Mass Transmit
  49. 49. Plan For Mobile Beyond EmailMobile marketing is not limited to email. Your email willlikely link to your web site, landing pages, blog or socialmedia channels. Are they optimized for mobile? Consider responsive design for your web site too! Mass Transmit
  50. 50. Track And Analyze •  Track conversions from email to web by using tracking pixel •  Review the mobile stats in your web site analytics Mass Transmit
  51. 51. Mass Transmit
  52. 52. Tweet-worthy Takeaway: A complete mobile email marketing experienceincludes a mobile optimized destination. #mtwebinar Mass Transmit
  53. 53. Takeaways: •  Mobile email is here and growing fast •  There s no standardization between mobile devices •  Users will flip-flop between desktop and mobile •  A mobile optimized email can work for desktop, tablet and smartphone •  Coding emails for specific devices is possible but challenging Mass Transmit
  54. 54. Q&A Ask questions in chat window or via Twitter using #mtwebinar Mass Transmit
  55. 55. For Webinar Attendees Only: Free Mobile Readiness Assessment •  See how your email renders across devices, full report•  Get specific suggestions for improvements Email (please include a copy or link to your email) Mass Transmit
  56. 56. Slideshare: Presentation can be viewed at Mass Transmit
  57. 57. Thank You! Adam Q. Holden-Bache 704-706-2670 Mass Transmit