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  • Tax credit bonds (Qualified Energy Conservation Bonds): the borrower who issues the bond pays back only the principal of the bond, and the bondholder receives federal tax credits in lieu of the traditional bond interest. For use by state, local, and tribal governments only.
  • MR Organics MassCEC

    1. 1. Organics RecyclingFunding Opportunities Amy Barad March 27, 2012
    2. 2. Agenda Types of projects Stages of project development Funding sources and opportunities Where to find more information
    3. 3. Commercial Composting
    4. 4. Anaerobic Digestion at Wastewater Treatment Plantsor Industrial Facilities
    5. 5. Farm-Based Anaerobic Digestion
    6. 6. Multi-Technology Processing Facility Harvest Power, London, ON
    7. 7. Stages of Project Development Site Assessment Feasibility Public Detailed Design Engagement Public Review/Permitting Bidding/Procurement Construction Operations
    8. 8. Many Players Developer Markets Community Investors Municipality Lenders Economic Regulatory Development Agencies Entities
    9. 9. An Array of Funding Opportunities Sited on Public Agricultural Property Private Enterprises EnterprisesProject StagePlanning: Site $$ ??AssessmentPlanning: Feasibility $$ $$ $$Design ?? $$Project Review $ $ $Construction $$ $$$ ?Operations ? $ $
    10. 10. Many Potential Funding Agencies MA Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) MA Department of Agricultural Resources (DAR) MA Department of Energy Resources (DOER) MA Clean Energy Center (MassCEC) MassDevelopmentPlus US Department of Agriculture (USDA)
    11. 11. Varied Approaches to Financial Support Grants Loans Loan Guarantees Tax Credit Bonds Tax-Exempt Financing Production Incentives
    12. 12. MA DEP Programs Sustainable Materials Recovery Program  technical and financial assistance for public and private entities involved in the collection, processing, composting and recovery of organic materials Recycling Loan Fund  flexible lending programs for working capital, refinancing and real estate acquisition, purchasing of machinery and equipment and acquisition financing with reduced interest rates for projects involved in the collection and processing of organic material Revolving Loan Fund for Clean Water  Low interest loans to assist municipalities for planning and construction of projects, which may include AD systems at WWTPs
    13. 13. Dept. of Energy Resources Programs Green Communities Grants (86 communities currently eligible)  Wide range of energy and greenhouse-gas reduction activities eligible Qualified Energy Conservation Bonds  Federally funded; state makes allocations Renewable Portfolio Standard Alternative Energy Portfolio Standard
    14. 14. Massachusetts Clean Energy CenterCommonwealth Organics-to-Energy grants Recipients must be Renewable Energy Trust ratepayers (served by an investor-owned utility or a municipal electric company that joined RET) Construction grants Feasibility studies (coming soon) Technical support for municipalities  Assistance with review of projects proposed by private developers  Assistance with development of muni-sponsored project
    15. 15. Agricultural Resources MA Department of Agricultural Resources  Agricultural Energy Grant Program  Agricultural Environmental Enhancement Program  assistance accessing USDA programs USDA  Farm Service Agency Loan and Loan Guarantee Program  Natural Resources Conservation Service’s Environmental Quality Incentives Program  Rural Development Building & Industry Loan Guaranty Program  Rural Development Energy Program  Rural Development Value-Added Producer Grant
    16. 16. MassDevelopment Brownfields Redevelopment Fund Tax-Exempt Financing  for qualifying “Solid Waste Disposal Facilities,” District Energy Systems, and small manufacturing facilities  lowers debt costs 1-2%
    17. 17. Site Assessment Assistance DEP Sustainable Materials Recovery Program  technical and financial assistance to public and private entities involved in the collection, processing, composting and recovery of organic materials MassCEC Organics-to-Energy Program  Grants for public entities in municipalities participating in the Renewable Energy Trust DOER Green Communities Program  Grants for siting a renewable energy facility on GC muni-owned land MassDevelopment Brownfields Redevelopment Fund  Grants (for public entities) and loans (for private entities) for conducting Phase I Site Assessments
    18. 18. Energy Production Incentives Available after facility is complete and generating energy Facility must be qualified by the MA Dept. of Energy Resources For every megawatt-hour of energy produced, also produce “certificate” Types  Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs) – for renewable energy  Alternative Energy Certificates (AECs) – for combined heat & power
    19. 19. Details on DEP’s CERP Website Sited on Public Private Agricultural Property Enterprises Enterprises Project Stage Planning: Site $$ ?? Assessment Planning: $$ $$ $$ Feasibility Design ?? $$ Project Review $ $ $ Construction $$ $$$ ? Operations ? $ $
    20. 20. Comments? Questions?Sign up for MassCEC Amy Barad 617-315-9310