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Municipal Workshop- Free Online Resources to Promote Your Program: Louise Dinsmore from MassRecycle shows how municipalities can utilize the forum as an information portal to ask questions, share information and post upcoming events.

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MassRecycle Forum How-to

  1. 1. The MassRecycle Forum:A How-To Guide
  2. 2. MassRecycle Website How-toThe MassRecycle ForumThe MassRecycle Forum is a hybrid listserv which unlike atraditional listserv, acts as an information repository searchable byall members of the public.MassRecycle members have the benefit of contributing to the forumwith information and questions pertinent to recycling and wastereduction.
  3. 3. MassRecycle Website Forum How-toMassRecycle members are in control of how muchinformation they want to receive. Subscribe to one topic orall categories and receive e-mail updates like a listserv.How the Forum Fits Your Needs:Subscriptions
  4. 4. MassRecycle Website Forum How-toHow to Access ForumAccessible via the menu bar or drop down menu under ‘Resources’.Click on ‘Forum’
  5. 5. MassRecycle Website How-toHow to Log-InLog in using your MassRecycle member username and passwordNot a member? Thats OK, you can still read the forum, you just wont beable to post. Please consider joining to gain access to all benefits likethe forum.
  6. 6. MassRecycle Website How-toHow to Create MassRecycle MemberUsername & PasswordClick Create An AccountThis box will appear.Create a username andpassword. Your account will beapproved within 24 hours. If youare still unable to login, contactan administrator
  7. 7. MassRecycle Website How-toThe Forum Main PageA selection of forumcategories:Lets click on Upcoming Events toview the threads in that category.
  8. 8. MassRecycle Website How-toThe Forum- Viewing a TopicLets view SingleStream IndependentSelf Funded Filmand post a reply.Select a category, a list of topics will appear. You will be able to see whoposted each topic when and how many times its been viewed.
  9. 9. MassRecycle Website How-toThe Forum- Posting a ReplyThere are two ways to reply to a thread. If your response is forexample, to let the poster know youll be attending the event-click Quick Reply.
  10. 10. MassRecycle Website How-toThe Forum- Posting a Quick ReplyA small box will appear underneath original post. Enter replyand click submit.You will receivee-mailnotificationwhen peoplerespond to thisthread if you dono uncheck thisbox.
  11. 11. MassRecycle Website How-toThe Forum- Posting a ReplySelect ReplyPost reply hereOr to post a longer response...
  12. 12. MassRecycle Website How-toThe Forum- How to Add New TopicClick New Topic to make a new post.Type messageCheck box is youwhat to be notifiedof replies to yourpost.
  13. 13. MassRecycle Website How-toSubsciption- Dont Forget to Subcribe!Subscribe to all postsabout all events hereOr just select eventsby checking theseboxes here
  14. 14. MassRecycle Website Forum How-toDo you still have questions?Contact a MassRecycle Forum administrator