Implementing the Waste Ban, A Hauler's Perspective


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Organics Workshop- Implementing the Waste Ban: Paul Degnan, E.L. Harvey demonstrates the challenges and ways to overcome the barriers that haulers face as a result of the waste ban.

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Implementing the Waste Ban, A Hauler's Perspective

  1. 1. Paul E. DegnanE. L. Harvey & Sons, Inc.Westborough,
  2. 2. Outline Awareness Education Customer Reaction Compliance/Contamination Conclusion
  3. 3. Awareness Communication MassRecycle, MassDEP, RecyclingWorks, SWANA, others Dining Services Food Prep Plate Scrapings Waste Load Audits (“Dumpster Dives”)
  4. 4. Education Dining Services Facilities EH&S Behavior/Process Changes Safety Feedback/Engagement
  5. 5. Customer Reaction Dining Services or Facility-wide Reusable or Disposables ASTM 6400-12 – Plastic Items ASTM 6868-11 – Plastic Films Desk-side or Stations Housekeeping Odor Cleanliness Liners Material Storage Increased Service Levels
  6. 6. Compliance/Contamination Partnership Generator – Hauler – Processor Communication Waste Load Audits On-Going & Comprehensive Inspections Failed Loads >10% Organics by Volume >40% All Banned Materials by Volume
  7. 7. Conclusion Markets Competing with Disposal Capacity Concerns Logistics Frequencies Required Travel Significant Opportunity!