Game Day Recycling Challenge


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College Workshop- Game day Event- Brandon Geller, Harvard University shares how the university has overcome the challenges of recycling and reducing waste during sporting events with programs such as their Game Day Challenge.

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  • Game Day Recycling Challenge

    1. 1. 1GAME DAY RECYCLING CHALLENGEBrandon GellerFaculty of Arts and Science Green Program, Senior CoordinatorApril 1st, 2013
    2. 2. 2DILEMMA: Large events, like tailgates, areone of the biggest producers ofwaste, and have the lowest recyclingyields• Users not familiar with the space• Inadequate recycling infrastructureo Events often aren’t the intended use of the space• Increased dependence on single use items• Alcohol, whose containers are valuablerecyclables, impede neurological processes.o i.e. People are too drunk to think about what they shouldbe doing with their bottles and cans…
    3. 3. 3SOLUTION: Game Day ChallengeGoal: Find a fun way to engage people in recycling atathletics events and harness the competitive nature ofathleticsApproach:• Pick one football game during the fall season, andreport all of recycling, trash, and compost data, aswell as attendance• All events that happen on athletics grounds are fairgame• Schools are ranked by several different categories:Overall Diversion rate (%), Waste Minimization(lbs/capita), GHG reduction(MTCDE/capita), Recycling (lbs/capita), Organics
    4. 4. 4IDENTIFY HIGH IMPACT EVENTSHarvard targets Freshman Parents’Weekend:• Large attendance• Opportunity to do composting practicewith the freshmen• Raise awareness of sustainability effortsamong parents and alumnae• Partnership with Freshman Dean’sOffice and Office of Student LifeBONUS: Composting at FreshmanParent’s Luncheon and Alumnaeluncheon• Volunteers watch the bins and helpguide people on composting
    5. 5. 5KEEP IT SIMPLEHave volunteers walk around the tailgates giving outrecycling and trash bags.• Provide tailgaters with simple instructions: Leave it on the ground andthe grounds crew will pick it up after the game.• Frame as a favor to the tailgaters: “To make it easier for you to cleanup, here are free trash and recycling bags”• Doing it game after game, and frequent tailgaters start to expect you
    6. 6. 6EXPAND INFRASTRUCTURESet up as manyrecycling and trashstations as you haveavailable.Problem: Knocked over by wind or otherwise, no one bothers to set it back up.Solution: Anchor into the ground as best you can (weights, hooks, etc)Problem: Don’t have enough to cover every possible location/eventSolution: Target high traffic areas and do the best you can!Problem: In a crowd, trash andrecycling containers are hard to findSolution: Tie a blue balloon tothem, or raise a flag over them (doneat Yale).
    7. 7. 7TARGETED MARKETINGVideo reminders on the stadium jumbotron during gamesCaptain of the Harvard Football team Fast facts about Harvard AthleticsTeam 2009, promoting recycling. commitment to sustainability.
    8. 8. 8KEYS TO SUCCESSThe Game Day Challenge is an excellent tool forengaging those who aren’t normally engaged• Get exposure to athletes, coaches, andathletics staff, as well as alumnae and vendors.• Unique opportunity to drum up enthusiasmfor waste reduction and recycling.Harness the power of:• Volunteers• Grounds Crew• School SpiritAND MOST IMPORTANTLY…
    9. 9. 9HAVE FUN WITH IT!FAS Green Program Teams Up withHarvard Athletics