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Reducing Discarded Usable Items in Residence Halls


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College Workshop- Major Event, Game Day and Move Out Programs: Erica Mattison, Suffolk University shares best practices in establishing a university Move Out program in an attempt to prompt reuse.

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Reducing Discarded Usable Items in Residence Halls

  1. 1. This spring, reduce the amount of usable itemsdiscarded in your residence hallsErica MattisonSustainability CoordinatorSuffolk University, Boston
  2. 2. Key question:At the end of the school year, whathappens to the stuff students dontwant to keep???
  3. 3. Make it easy for students togive, and many of them will!
  4. 4. Spike in outputat residencehalls inApril/May your campushas anopportunity.
  5. 5. What you need:Structure• A system, known to all key players• Res Life, Facilities, Program Staff,Janitorial Staff• Promotion (in advance and during)• Housing for staff• Convenient drop-off locations• Temporary storage spaces• Plans for pick-ups or deliveries
  6. 6. People Power• Staff (paid or unpaid)• Community partners (charities)
  7. 7. Materials• Collection hampers (chained together)• Signage indicating what goes where &reminder signage (i.e. waste closet doors)• Hundreds of boxes (same size; donated),tape/dispensers, bags, labelsWAIT!CAN THAT BEDONATED?!If you have clean items ingood or fair conditionplease donate them toDump and Run!Location:10 West LobbyWhen:Now through the end of move-out
  8. 8. Lessons Learned• Timing: Set up collection points two weeks before move-out• Efficiency: Uniform sized boxes• Time saver: have labels ready to go for each org• Info: Promote the orgs that will benefit• Don’t let your hampers pull a disappearing act –chain together sostudents moving out don’t borrow them• Staffing: Can Res Life assign some student staff to sort and pack?• Lack of storage? Have organizations conduct pick-ups throughout
  9. 9. Ken Hung, Suffolk UniversityProfessor of OperationsManagement, for lending hisexpertiseABM Janitorial Services staff,for their many years of helpingensure a smooth programJim Wallace, Suffolk UniversityFacilities Operations, for his supportof the programBob Mullin, Casey & HayesMovers, for generous donation of500 boxesCaroline Davis, Suffolk UniversityResidence Life, for integrating Dump& Run into Move-OutThe many Suffolk students whohave contributed to the program andstaffed the programLisa Heller Boragine, Dump andRun, for her manyyears of partnershipThank you!
  10. 10. Erica MattisonCampus Sustainability CoordinatorSuffolk University, Boston, us reach500 Likes!