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RE/MAX Executive Realty Massachusetts


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RE/MAX Executive Realty is one of the top real estate firms covering home, condominium and land sales in and around the entire Metrowest Massachusetts area. RE/MAX Executive Realty has offices in Hopkinton, Holliston, Franklin, Grafton and Medfield Massachusetts. They have tremendous real estate market share throughout the region!

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RE/MAX Executive Realty Massachusetts

  1. 1. June 9, 2013Remax Executive RealtyGoogle+Share on TwitterRE/MAX Executive Realty MassachusettsRE/MAX Executive Realty is one of the most dominant real estatecompanies in Massachusetts with top market share in a number ofcommunities including Hopkinton, Holliston, Milford, Ashland,Grafton, Upton, Medway and Franklin to name a few.While being affiliated with a strong company like RE/MAX ExecutiveRealty is important, the real estate franchise you choose is far lessimportant than the Realtor® you choose to work with. Asking goodreal estate interview questions is critical in making sure you selectthe right Realtor® to work with. These kind of questions are surelygoing to weed out a real estate agent you should not be hiring!Keep in mind that every Realtor markets homes differently. Thereare some very good Real Estate agents and some that should haveno business holding a license!RE/MAX Executive Realty LocationsRE/MAX Hopkinton MA – 77 Main Street, 01748.RE/MAX Franklin MA – 445 Franklin Village Drive, 02038.RE/MAX Holliston MA – 404 Washington Street, 01746.RE/MAX Grafton MA – 68 Worcester Street, 01536.RE/MAX Medfield MA – 14 North Meadows Road, 02052.Why Choose RE/MAX Executive Realty to Accomplish Your GoalsThere is some merit however, on why an agent wouldchoose to work for one company over another. Thereason I choose RE/MAX and RE/MAX ExecutiveRealty in particular is because I wanted to have controlover my business. After working under the corporatemantra of Prudential Real Estate, when I started mycareer in 1986, I decided a change was necessary in1996, if I wanted to take my real estate business tothe next level.One of the best decisions of my life was to choose towork for RE/MAX Executive Realty. The structure ofthe RE/MAX system is much different than “traditional”companies like Century 21 and Coldwell Banker. In a RE/MAX system the individual agent is
  2. 2. empowered to make all their own business decisions. This is what I wanted…to have completecontrol over how I run my business.In the “traditional” system the agent relies on the owner or manager to call all the shots. How aproperty is marketed and advertised is up to the company and NOT the agent. In the RE/MAXsystem the individual agent you hire to sell your home will be making all the business decisions onwhat is best to accomplish your goals. The decision to join RE/MAX is what catapulted mybusiness to the next level. In fact last year I reached new heights by becoming the #1 RE/MAXagent in all of New England!RE/MAX Is A Market Share Leader in Metrowest Massachusetts RealEstateRE/MAX Executive Realty has been one of thedominant Metrowest Massachusetts real estatecompanies over the last seventeen years. In fact, yearafter year RE/MAX Executive Realty leads in theMetrowest Massachusetts real estate market sharefor many of the towns in the area for listed and soldhomes. In real estate, the goal is to always sell yourown listings. The sellers, after all are your clients andhave paid you well to perform. One of the manyreasons why RE/MAX Executive Realty lists and sellsmore homes than any other agency in the Metrowestarea is because of the skills of the agents along withthe lines of communication.The lines of communication work different at RE/MAX. When a consumer inquires about yourhome they ALWAYS speak with the listing agent i.e the person YOU hired to sell your home!Doesn’t that make the most business sense? Of course it does but yet almost all the other realestate companies that service real estate in and around Metrowest Massachusetts do not workthat way.These traditional companies have what is referred to as “office time”. During office time an agentanswers the phone waiting for calls to come in for the homes that the company has listed. When aconsumer calls, unless they specifically ask for the listing agent, they have to speak with the “onduty” agent. The “on duty” agent is not the listing agent. There are many reason why this system isnot ideal.The on duty agent may not have seen the house ~ It is difficult to represent a property wellwhen you have not seen it. If you are flipping through papers to answer a consumers questions,you are less apt to convert that call to a client. Consumers want information quick! A savvyconsumer can tell when an agent does not know their stuff. Many calls do not get converted toclients because of the agents skill level.Top agents rarely man the phones ~ The agents that typically become the office secretary arethe new agents, part time agents, and agents that don’t do much business. Can you picture a topproducing Realtor manning the phones waiting to get a new client this way? I didn’t think so!What if the agent manning the phone has a competing listing? I can tell you from experience whenI worked for a traditional company, there were many occasions when I would over hear the “onduty” agent try to steer the buyer to one of their own listings. The RE/MAX system is designed forthe listing agent to take ALL the calls on your property.
  3. 3. As mentioned briefly above, one of the other big differences in how a RE/MAX company works isthat each agent makes all their own marketing decisions. RE/MAX agents are responsible for theirown overhead. In traditional companies the owner of the company is responsible.The agent has no say in when, where, and how much a property gets marketed. At RE/MAXthe individual agent you hire is in control and does what is best for that particular property.Can you guess what happens in a system where the agent pays for all their own expenses anddoes not rely on the owner to take care of all the overhead? You guessed it… the RE/MAXsystem attracts the best of the best in the industry. The Realtors that know they will be makingsales every month regardless of what is happening in the market. RE/MAX attracts top producers!It is rare to see new or part time agents working at RE/MAX. Remember RE/MAX agents pay alltheir own expenses including rent and everything from paper clips to signs. Basically anythingassociated with running a business is paid for by the Realtor!Choose a Realtor® with a Strong Internet PresenceThe average time in the business for a RE/MAX agentis thirteen years! This is substantially higher thanevery other real estate company. Even within theRE/MAX system there are good Realtors® and thereare GREAT Realtors®. Most of the time it does notcost you anymore to work with the the best of thebest. If you are selling a home in theMetrowest Massachusetts area, picking aRealtor® with a strong Internet presence should beone of your top goals.Your home or condo should show up on all the sitesthat garner the highest amount of Real Estate traffic.The agent you choose should have a website and more importantly the website should come inrelevant online searches like the town, state, and the word “Real Estate”.An agent that can rank well for a competitive search term like this will be drawing buyer clientele!Want to see some of the sites with the highest amount of Real Estate traffic online? SeeMetrowest Massachusetts Real Estate marketing.About RE/MAX Executive RealtyRE/MAX Executive Realty in Hopkinton offers in-house mortgage services through our Alliancewith Wells Fargo. Wells Fargo is one of the topbanking firms in the U.S. Although we have analliance with Wells Fargo RE/MAX agents arefree to establish relationships with whateverlenders can get the best terms for their clients.The company has a dominant market sharein many of the towns in the BostonMetrowest area including Hopkinton, Holliston,Milford, Ashland, Grafton, Upton, Medway andFranklin among others.
  4. 4. At RE/MAX Executive Realty, sales Associates average over 10 years of real estateexperience which is over twice the industry average. Many of the agents working at ourcompetitors are new to the business.RE/MAX offers one of the most successful relocation and referral networks in the entire realestate industry.RE/MAX Executive Realty has achieved over 97% customer and client satisfaction asmeasured by our Quality Assurance Survey.The company offers 5 office locations for customer satisfaction and convenience includingRE/MAX Hopkinton MA, RE/MAX Holliston MA, RE/MAX Franklin MA, RE/MAX Medfield MA,RE/MAX Grafton MA.The company offers prospective buyers some of the largest inventory of homes available inboth resale homes and new construction homes.No one in the world sells more real estate than RE/MAX!!About RE/MAXWho We Are – What began in Denver, Colo., in 1973 as “a pad ofpaper and a dream” is now a global real estate franchise networkthat spreads across 85 countries with over 7000 offices and andmore than 70 languages.Network Size – The revolutionary RE/MAX Concept of enablingreal estate professionals to maximize their business potential hasevolved into an organization of more than 90,000 SalesAssociates in more than 4,200 offices worldwide.RE/MAX Sales Associates – RE/MAX Associates, on average, lead the industry inproduction, experience, and professional designations.The RE/MAX Balloon Logo – The red, white and blue RE/MAX Balloon, with its “Above theCrowd!®“slogan, is one of the most recognizable business logos in the world. With nearly 90RE/MAX Hot Air Balloons around the globe, RE/MAX has the world’s largest balloon fleet.An Industry Leader – RE/MAX is the No. 1 Real Estate organization in Canada and in theUnited States.Global Expansion – The first RE/MAX region outside the United States and Canada was theCaribbean Basin, opened in 1991. It was followed two years later by RE/MAX of Mexico. In1995, RE/MAX expanded into Southern Africa, Spain, Israel, Italy, and Germany. Since then,RE/MAX regions have become established in across Europe, in Asia, and in Australia.Record RE/MAX Production – In 1999, RE/MAX Associates were involved in more than 1million sales transaction sides within a single year in the United States alone – an industrymilestone. The audited production figures represent the most transaction sides in a singleyear ever recorded by any real estate network. The RE/MAX network has repeated the featever since.The RE/MAX Concept – RE/MAX stands for “Real Estate Maximums.”In exchange for paying a management fee and a shareof the monthly office overhead, RE/MAX Associates
  5. 5. keep the maximum allowed amount of theircommissions and receive the many benefits ofRE/MAX programs and services.By offering Associates maximum commissions andmaximum career freedom, RE/MAX influencedcompetitors to re-examine and adjust their ownpolicies toward sales agents, thus dramaticallychanging the industry. As the network grew, renownedfor its top producers and quality service to consumers,so did support programs, making RE/MAX a dynamicforce in real estate education and technology.The organization was one of the first real estatecompanies to have its own proprietary televisionnetwork and one of the first in the industry to developa site on the World Wide Web.Committed to real estate service In a business environment of mergers and acquisitions,RE/MAX is the only major real estate network still owned and directed by its founders.The excellence of RE/MAX Broker/Owners and Sales Associates has led to an ever-increasingnumber of accolades from the business community at large. In January 2007, “Entrepreneur”magazine ranked RE/MAX No. 6 – up from No. 9 – on the 2006 Top Global Franchises list andagain named RE/MAX “Best of the Best” for real estate services for the seventh time in eightyears. RE/MAX climbed from No. 11 of Fastest Growing Franchises to No. 7 and finished in positionNo. 2 among Top Low Cost Franchises. It’s no wonder more people look to RE/MAX to help themin the home buying process.On average, RE/MAX Associates sell more real estate than other agents. They are better qualifiedto set the right price for the homes they list, are better equipped to market those homes, and arelikely to find clients engaged in the home buying process in a shorter period of time. Thatexperience and education also means they are better qualified to find the right home for anybuyer. The home buying process can be a daunting task, but with the expertise of a RE/MAXAssociate, buyers can rest easy.More than 35 Years Above the Crowd RE/MAX – now an established industry leader –celebrated its 35th anniversary at the 2008 RE/MAX International Convention. Young in yearsbut mature in experience, RE/MAX looks ahead to even greater development and success inits next quarter century.RE/MAX Community InvolvementCommunity involvement is highly valued at all levels ofthe RE/MAX organization – from individual Associatesto RE/MAX offices, regions, and RE/MAX International.RE/MAX marketing and charity fund raising take onmany forms including:Most recently, RE/MAX has become a nationalco-sponsor of the Breast Cancer SurvivorRecognition Program at Komen Race for theCure® events.
  6. 6. The RE/MAX organization has been the officialreal estate sponsor of the Children’s MiracleNetwork since 1992.Each year, about 20 charities host fund-raisinggolf tournaments at Sanctuary, the private course of RE/MAX International co-foundersDave and Gail Liniger.RE/MAX International is the first major sponsor of The Wildlife Experience, a conservationand community center promoting understanding of the natural world and its conservationthrough art and education.RE/MAX is committed to helping the community and serving the public beyond its real estateneeds.RE/MAX Executive Realty is one of the largest RE/MAX company’s in Massachusetts. We haveabout 120 agents and have offices in Hopkinton, Holliston, Medfield, Grafton, and Franklin.If you’re thinking about selling your home, investment property or other Metrowest MA real estate,allow me to help make the transaction a smooth and pleasant experience. If you’re in the marketto buy real estate in the Metrowest MA area, you’ll find a variety of residential options to choosefrom to fit your lifestyle budget and needs.Whether you’re looking to buy or sell real estate in Metrowest MA , my goal is to provide expertadvice and exceptional customer service utilizing the latest, cutting-edge Internet marketingtechnology available.A few of my accomplishments that I am proud of include:Graduated with B.S. in Marketing and Management Northeastern UniversityBoston, MA. Active participant in the Cooperative Education Program.Full time Realtor for past 26 years servicing Metrowest MA, based in Hopkinton, MA.Member of National Association of Realtors & Greater Boston Real Estate Board.Prior to joining RE/MAX in 1996 was one of the top agents in MA for the Prudential RealEstate.Have been ranked one of the top 5 RE/MAX agents in Massachusetts each year, for twelveout of the past thirteen years.Elected to RE/MAX Hall of Fame.RE/MAX Lifetime Achievement award.Have been ranked as high as #19 RE/MAX agent in the United States.Featured in Who’s Who In Real Estate.In 2012 was the #1 RE/MAX Realtor in all of New England.I have been listing and selling homes in and around Metrowest Massachusetts for the last 26+years. Call or send me an email so we can discuss how I can best serve your Metrowest, MA realestate needs!Bill Gassett ~ Metrowest Realtor RE/MAX Executive Realty 77 Main St, Hopkinton MA 01748
  7. 7. Phone: 508.435.5356 Fax: 508.435.5550 Email: billgassett@remaxexec.comConnect with Bill’s RE/MAX Real Estate profile on Google+Map of Metrowest Area MassachusettsView Larger MapCopyright secured by Digiprove © 2013 Bill GassettShare on Twitter