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  1. 1. APPROVED (PAY) 4 Closed Loop Transaction Terminal Products embedded with RFID are tracked at point-of-sale using industry standard EPC and near-field communication (NFC) wireless. Manufacturer offers received by mobile handsets are redeemed at POS. The RFID reader-enabled mobile phone and POS transaction terminal use NFC instead of optical bar-code scanning and magnetic stripe. 2 Distribution SCM Product items are identified from assembly though POS. Inventory control is monitored as products are distributed from manufacturing to retail. Each item is assigned to a specific retailer, the item is checked out upon shipping and checked in upon destination arrival. 1 Manufacturing Efficiency Embed thinaire radio frequency identification in your product label or hang tag in-line with the manufacturing assembly process. The product will transmit a unique identifier (Electronic Product Code) providing supply chain transparency, security, efficiency and customer engagement throughout the product life-cycle. 3 Smart Shelf Merchandising The RFID tag embedded in the item label signals a”smart display equipped with an RFID reader. The signal identifies the product and plays the video remotely assigned to the product ID, brand and retailer. Additionally, RF is capable of connecting directly to shoppers’ handsets. thinaire AdVenture Media | | 415.419.7242 © 2011 Rights reserved Ad-Venture Media. US Patent 7739150, Lic. Harvest One Media, LLC. Ad-ID is copyright of Advertising Digital Identification LLC. EPC is a trademark of EPC Global Inc.